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Engineering Complex


Stephen Cruise
Firetell, 1986
environmental installation, wood, resin, granite.

Located in the Engineering Building centre, outdoor court.

The winner of a national, juried competition for a site specific sculpture, Firetell has become a favourite place for students to congregate, simply lounging on its grassy hills.

Katie Ohe
Conic Free Form, 1967
aluminum and steel

Located in the Engineering Building, main foyer.

Commissioned by the Engineering Institute of Canada Wives Club as a centennial project. Several works by this artist are on display throughout the campus.

Engineering Students
Untitled, 1970
kinetic, various metals, concrete

Located in the Engineering Building, main foyer.

Designed by Bill Mah and presented by the 1970 graduating engineering students.

Cherry Fewell
Heliote, 1994
silicon, sand, rocks, oil on board.

Located in the Engineering A Block lobby, main floor.

Jason Hunter
Castle, 1994
oil and acrylic on board and paper

Located in the Engineering E Block, second floor.