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General Information About The Nickle Arts Museum


Located on The University of Calgary Campus, The Nickle Arts Museum (NAM) was founded in 1979 with a generous donation by Mr. Samuel C. Nickle, matched by a grant from The Province of Alberta. There were also a number of founding patrons whose donations contributed to the start up. Although The Museum receives it's base operating budget from The University of Calgary, we still rely heavily on the contributions of our donors and patrons.

Since its opening in 1979, The Nickle Arts Museum has championed Contemporary Art and Numismatics in Western Canada . Since September of 1996, The Nickle Arts Museum has also been the coordinators and focal point of the Minor program in Museum and Heritage Studies . This is a minor programme providing students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the Cultural and Heritage sector.

Arguably the best exhibition space in any Canadian University and certainly the best exhibition space in Calgary, The Nickle has an established tradition of mounting provocative exhibitions and informative programmes.

We work with the other departments and faculties at The University of Calgary, the community in general, and specifically the Art and Numismatic communities to promote learning, research and discovery.

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