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Alberta Society of Artists

Contains great information on the members of the Alberta Society of Artists and their work. Requires a graphic browser with frames. Will not work with text only browsers.

Archives Society of Alberta

text friendlysearchable databaseresearch valueenglish text only

A list of all available items in Alberta archives. Has keyword and name search. a useful and in depth resource. Provides a description of the artifact and a descriptive synopsis. Gives instructions on how to use site which is nice.

Art Museum Network

A searchable database of Art museums and their exhibitions, forums, acquisitions and discussion groups. Searches apply only to museums which are AMN members. Requires frames but can be used with text only browsers if you are persistent.

Calgary Public Library

Outlines the services and resources supplied by the Calgary Public Library. Access to searchable databases for Library Cardholders. Resources for new Canadians, genealogy, biography, bibliography resources. Lots of Kids Stuff.

The Canada Council

text friendlysearchable databaseresearch valuebilingual text

This site contains, information on the Canada Council and Grants, news concerning arts and culture issues in Canada and information on the `artbank', an art rental service. Some artists Bios and pictures. Grants and endowments information, and annual report information is the selling point of this site.

The Canadian Conservation Institute

text friendlygraphic intensivesearchable databaseresearch valuebilingualtext

This is an excellent site. Some of its features include; issues in conservation, techniques and practices, internships, publications, newsletters, reports available services, library services. Includes many specific examples of conservation which are discussed in detail. also links to related sites.

Canadian Cultural Properties Export Review Board

text friendlybilingual text

Basically, this is just an information page describing the nature of the organization. Very text heavy with no graphics whatsoever. Provides a link to Government of Canada home page, but that's all. A rather disappointing and limited page.

Canadian Heritage Information Network

text friendlysearchable databaseresearch valuebilingual text

A research tool which in theory supplies links to museums and galleries in Canada. At this time, very few sites are provided, but this may change as time goes on, and may be worth checking up on.

Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art

Searchable information on a limited number of Canadian artists (but the list is growing). Searchable by both artist name and media. Good links to other sites.

Coin Link

A directory of numismatic related sites including commercial sites and academic resources. A little difficult to Navigate

Conservation On Line (COOL)

text friendlysearchable databasereseach valueenglish text only

A resource page focusing on issues of conservation. Information provided is extremely in depth and factual. This is an easy site to get around in. Lots of links to other related sites provided.


text friendlygraphic intensivesearchable databaseresearch valuebilingual text

This site contains a wide variety of information relevant to people involved in any aspect of Canadian arts and culture. Job opportunities, message boards and relevant organizations. Also provided are quite a few links to related sites.

Cultural Resource Management Program

text friendlyresearch valueenglish text only

This site provides information on learning opportunities for museum and Heritage professionals through the University of Victoria division of Continuing Studies

Museums Alberta

Museums Alberta is the professional organization for museum and cultural workers within the province of Alberta. The site provides information on the services offered by the organization and a list of museums in the province.

Museum Security Network

An excellent resource for museum and cultural institution security with a great set of links to other sites.


"An interactive directory to museum's collections...providing links to their educational, entertainment and shopping features". Requires frames, don't even try with a text only browser

Tickets Live

Purchase tickets on line for major museum and art gallery exhibitions

World Wide Art Resource

text friendlysearchable databaseresearch valueenglish text only

A Resource page providing links to other sites. Lots of different categories to choose from, all art related, easy to navigate...If you know what you're looking for. Not a big help on more obscure artists or art related topics.

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