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Scurfield Hall


Micah Lexier
One For Each Day He Lived, 1995
laser cut stainless steel

Located in the Scurfield Hall atrium, suspended from ceiling.

A portrait of the artists grandfather; each of the 29064 elements represent a day is his life.

Shamis Malik
Lifes Journey, 1990
welded steel and bearings, kinetic

Located in the Scurfield Hall lobby, main entrance.

This artists first kinetic sculpture.
Also on rotating exhibition in Scurfield Hall are works of Art purchased through the Committee for Art in Scurfield Hall (C.A.S.H.). This programme is designed to assist and support young student artists at The University of Calgary through the purchase and display of their work in a public venue. Works are purchased, displayed for up to a year and then auctioned to provide funds for new purchases.