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Swann Mall


George Norris
Untitled, 1975
stainless steel

Located in the centre of Swann Mall, outside of the Registrars office.

Affectionately known as The Prairie Chicken by the students, this sculpture has become almost synonymous with The University of Calgary. It has graced several publications and forms part of the logo of the Alumni Association.

John Nugent
Pipesicle, 1975

Donated to the University by Internationally known Saskatchewan artist John Nugent, the sculpture is installed on the east part of Swan Mall between the Administration and Science buildings

Katie Ohe
The Garden of Learning, 1996
steel, kinetic

Located at the south end of Swann Mall, near the Professional Faculties Building.
Commissioned with funds donated by Robin and Fred Terentiuk, The three forms of the sculpture are symbolic of the University itself; the roots, cradle and tree of knowledge.
See other works by this artist in the Engineering Building, the Science Theatre Comlex and in the permanent collection at The Nickle Arts Museum.

Mark V. Marshall
The Calgary Herald Gargoyles, 1913

Located in the Science 'B' courtyard
These gargoyles were produced by the craftsmen of Royal Doulton in England and once graced the facade of the Calgary Herald Building (demolished in 1972). The gargoyles are caricatures of the newspaper staff of the time as well as more traditional fantastic figures.