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Arctic Institute of North America :

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A very thorough site. Contains extensive publication info, much of which can be accessed from the site, and there is also information regarding submissions, scholarships and grants. Lots of information on research projects from various disciplines (Earth Sciences, Social Sciences, etc.) Very extensive site, easy to navigate Links to other relevant sites provided. Contains list of artwork in collection, no pictures unfortunately.

The Canadian Architectural Archives

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This site provides information on the archives, publications as well as a list of architects in the collection, which cannot unfortunately be accessed from this site.

Faculty of EVDS

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This site consists of information about the faculty of Environmental Design. It includes program information,student, faculty, staff and alumni lists and links,current projects, available facilities and links to related sites.

Faculty of Fine Arts

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An overview of the faculty of Fine Arts and its departments. This site also provides a link to the Culturenet web page. Make sure you check out the Art Departments searchable database for the slide library.

Minor program in MHST

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A Description of the Museum and Heritage Studies Minor program and course requirements.

Dr. Simmins Home page

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The home page of Geoffrey Simmins, Professor of Art History at the University of Calgary. A useful page for students interested in Architecture. Contains links to other resources at the U of C, study aids and research tools. Extensive links to related sites and resources.

Special collections

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This site contains information on the Special Collections department at the U of C, How to access the collections, as well as an online catalogue and resource page providing links to other archives and Collection. Items in collection consist of books, periodicals and music.

The University of Calgary Archives

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Essentially, this site just provides information on the archives; its location,
history and policies. It has hardly any research value.

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