Steve Norman's Homepage

Last modified: Thu Jan 4 14:02:15 MST 2018

Welcome to my Home Page on the webserver. I'm Steve Norman, an instructor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Calgary.

Here is some contact information:

Upcoming Office Hours

I have a really irregular schedule of committee meetings in Winter 2018, which makes it difficult to have the same office hours every week. I've decided to plan out office hours a week or two in advance, then update as necessary.

Office hour plans, most recently updated Jan 4 ...

[Check again soon for office hours for the week of Jan 8, 2018]

2017–2018 teaching

2016–2017 teaching

2015–2016 teaching

2014–2015 teaching

2013–2014 teaching

Teaching from prior years

As some of you know, there used to be links to many years' worth of my teaching material on the web server. I have saved all of it and will be posting some of it on this server in the future.