ENCM 369: Computer Organization
Home Page for the 2017 Winter Session

Last modified: Wed May 24 14:45:02 MDT 2017

Welcome to the home page for Computer Engineering 369 in Winter 2017 in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, part of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary.

Please note that this Web page will be the main online location of class announcements and documents—they will not usually appear on D2L. D2L will be used mainly for recording of lab, midterm and final exam marks.

Your course instructors are Steve Norman and Norm Bartley, from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Information about final exam scores and course grades

Here is the scale used to convert overall course scores to letter grades …

minimum mark      letter grade
  96.0                 A+
  91.5                 A
  87.0                 A-

  82.5                 B+
  78.0                 B 
  73.5                 B-

  69.0                 C+
  64.5                 C 
  60.0                 C-

  55.0                 D+
  50.0                 D
As stated on the course outline, a score of less than 40% on the final exam would result in a course grade of F, no matter what the term marks were.

At this point a grade can only change if you can show your instructors that we have made a mistake in computing your course score, or if you are successful with a request for reappraisal of your final exam. Copies of exam papers are available at the Engineering Student Centre. Please see the Engineering Student Centre (Science B 149) for more information about getting a copy of your exam and about how reappraisals work.

NEW, May 24: There is a page with links to PDFs of the question paper and solutions.

Information related to the final examination

Information about midterm tests

For both lecture sections, Midterm #1 took place from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Wed Feb 8.

Index page for old midterms and solutions

Advance information about midterm #1

Solutions for midterm #1

For both lecture sections, Midterm #2 took place from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Mon Mar 13.

New Mar 9: advance information about Midterm #2

New Mar 27: Midterm 2 Solutions

Official course outline

Students must be aware of all of the content in the course outline, which specifies course textbooks, rules for tests and exams, grading policies, and so on.

Pages with lecture or tutorial content

Lab Information