Steve Norman's Fall 2017 ENEL 353 Home Page

Last modified: Wed Oct 18 17:05:25 MDT 2017

Most important site for ENEL 353 information

Please see Norm Bartley's main Course Home Page for ENEL 353.

Important: Date changes for the midterm and Lab 2 for B03

This information is also posted on the main Course Home Page for ENEL 353, but I thought it would help to post it here too.

The midterm test has been moved to Wed Oct 25 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. The original date of Thu Oct 26 conflicted with the midterm in ENGG 209 for a really large number of students.

Students in lab section B03 will do Lab 2 starting at 8:00am on Wed Oct 11. The original lab schedule had B03 students doing Lab 2 on Wed Oct 25; that's been changed so that B03 students won't have a morning lab and and evening midterm on the same day.

Office hours

See my homepage for information about office hours.

Material related to section L02 lectures

Here's a link to a page with lecture slides and related documents.

Material related to section T02 tutorials

In Fall 2017 we'll have twelve Tuesday tutorial periods, starting on Tuesday, September 19. Five of them will be used for quizzes, six will be used for informal, unmarked exercises, and the last will be used for final exam review.

Use this link to the index page for T02 tutorials to find slides, scans of document camera pages, and other related documents.