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by Irving Hexham                                                               


The Oral History of the ibandla lamaNazaretha

by Hans-Jürgen Becken                                                          .



Oral Church History                                                                   

Petros M. Dhlomo's Achievement                                             

Ecumenical Cooperation                                                      

Why Oral Church History?                                                   



translated by Hans Jürgen Becken


1 The tradition of the Beginner of the Way of the Nazaretha

2 How the forefathers came to Ntabamhlophe

3 How God prepared the birth and the call of His Servant

4 Sitheya the Mother of Shembe

5 How Shembe was raised from death in his early childhood

6 The stolen belt

7 Shembe feeds the fishes

8 Prayer experiences by the young Shembe

9 The youth of Shembe

10 Shembe in the Wesleyan Church


11 Shembe gets married                                 

12 Shembe's dream on the mountain                      

13 Lightning experiences                                 

14 Shembe relates how he separated from his wives        

15 Shembe's farewell from his family                      

16 Shembe's ministry before his baptism                   

17 The baptism of Shembe on 22 July 1906                 

18 The commission of Shembe                            

19 The Prophet Nkabinde announces the coming of Shembe 

20 Shembe comes to Natal                               


21 Shembe's early ministry in the Durban region                     

22 Shembe visits the grave of the prophet Mfazwe                   

23 Shembe's second mission journey in the Durban region        

24 Shembe acquires the village of Ekuphakameni                   

25 The rules of Ekuphakameni                                                 

26 The purchase of Ekuphakameni                                         

27 The old and the new Ekuphakameni                                    

28 Early healings of Shembe                                                     

29 More healings                                                                    

30 The conversion of Gertie Mbambo                                      


31 The burned love-letters                                                      

32 Esther Zungu remembers early experiences with Shembe     

33 Shembe heals a White child                                                 

34 The parable of the ten Virgins                                              

35 Early accusations against Shembe                                   

36 Shembe exposes apostates                                                

37 Shembe comes to the home of Jan Dambuza                 

38 Shembe's call to Mount Nhlangakazi                                

39 The woman of the Phewa family gets children                      

40 How the congregation was allowed to come to the mountain  


41 The rules of the mountain Nhlangakazi                                   

42 Pastor Johannes Mlangeni becomes the right hand of Shembe  

43 Shembe ordains pastors on the mountain Nhlangakazi             

44 The trespass of a girl at the mountain Nhlangakazi              

45 The fountain of water on the mountain Nhlangakazi             

46 Early events on the mountain Nhlangakazi                             

47 Snake bite stories                                                                      

48 The delay of the Nhlangakazi permit in 1922                     

49 The restoration of the Sabbath day                                          

50 Prayer for rain                                                                              


51 The sermon of Shembe on the mountain Nhlangakazi in 1932   

52 The death of Benjamin Shembe in 1934                                      

53 A maiden refuses the invitation by Shembe                                  

54 The Lord's Supper on the mountain Nhlangakazi in 1935   

55 The rolling stone at the mountain Nhlangakazi                            

56 The burning bush on the mountain Nhlangakazi                            

57 The procession from Nhlangakazi back to Ekuphakameni          

58 Shembe's vision of the bright spark                                        

59 Shembe helps a barren woman                                                

60 The conversion of a diviner                                               


61 Shembe prepares a girl for a peaceful death                           

62 The story of the two girls at Ekuphakameni                        

63 A deceased man dances at Ekuphakameni                        

64 Shembe speaks to a fowl                                                                 

65 Why Shembe did not eat chicken's meat                                      

66 The domestic animals of Shembe                                                        

67 A donkey accuses its owner to Shembe                                              

68 The donkey of Shembe                                                                   

69 The dogs at Mikhaideni                                                                 

70 The birds at Ekuphakameni                                                


71 The story of the monkey cub                                                           

72 A snake accuses Bukhosini to Shembe                                              

73 A snake reports its sufferings to Shembe                                               

74 No Nazaretha Christian will be killed by a snake                        

75 Baptism in snake pools                                                                 

76 The well of Samaria at Ntanda                                              

77 The reality of the Lord's Supper                                                

78 Retaliation for treason to a fish                                                      

79 The two sons of Shembe                                                                     

80 Segregation also in heaven                                                  


81 The healing of a crippled woman                                                

81 Shembe scolds the disease                                                

82 The vocation of pastor Jeremiah Thabethe in 1911               

83 Shembe raises a dead child                                                 

84 Prayers influence a court case                                                     

85 The story of Mafolo                                                            

86 The story of Dalekile Nxumalo                                                         

87 The purchase of the site of Bhekinqola                                       

88 Shembe is the Ark of Noah                                                  

89 A healing service at Ekuphakameni in the year 1926               

90 Shembe heals a crippled boy from Zululand                               


91 The vaccination controversy at Ekuphakameni in 1926          

92 A White manager asks Shembe for a child                        

93 The child of Mafukuzela at Inanda                                   

94 Shembe's discussion with Mafukuzela                                        

95 Shembe builds a house for the Zulu king at Ekuphakameni         

96 The Zulu King Solomon comes to Ekuphakameni in 1930

97 Shembe gives his daughter Zondi to King Solomon                     

98 The Cornerstone Ceremony at Ekuphakameni                      

99 Liberation by peaceful means                                                

100 The sermon of Shembe in July 1931                                    


101 The story of Manembe who was jumping like a toad               

102 The story of Mantombi Mlungwana                                    

103 The story of Senzelabanye Mkhize                                   

104 The story of Manqondo Magwaza                                     

105 The stolen carrying-skin                                                          

106 The call of Abednego Ngcobo                                                      

107 The call of Muntuwezizwe Buthelezi                                          

108 The graves of the saints at Ekuphakameni                        

109 Evidence by a visible sign                                         

110 The lost donkeys of Shembe                                                      


111 Shembe raises a dead child                                                    

112 Pastor Ngidi comes to Ekuphakameni                                     

113 The case of Luthuli from Ngqayizivele                                 

114 An angel washes Shembe                                                         

115 The experience of the Indian lady Nozinkobe                      

116 Nothing is hidden before Shembe                                              

117 The call of Nokwanela Mdluli                                             

118 Two maidens from England came to Ekuphakameni             

119 The two sons of Shembe: The Sun and the Moon              

120 Ezra Mbonambi's plan to kill Shembe                                        


121 The conversion of the witch Nomadlekedle                        

122 The rescue of a horse                                                                

123 A deceased mother was raised from the dead                      

124 Shembe brings his people to heaven                                    

125 Dancing uniforms for the women of the Nazaretha Church

126 The parable of the mighty guardian spirit                            

127 Shembe speaks about his departure from this earth            

128 The parables of Shembe                                                                      

129 The parable of the ten Virgins                                                      

130 The parable of the mighty guardian spirit                           


131 The parable of the two sons, to whom cocks were given         

132 The parable of the man who loved his fields                               

133 The parable of the stubborn boy Mkhandumba                        

134 The parable of the mother who had courage of faith                 

135 The parable of the perilous sweets                                    

136 The parable of the heart of Nomasaka                                           

137 The parable of the woman who had an evil heart                

138 The parable of the bundle of sticks                                    

139 The parable of the fertile field                                                

140 The parable of the donkey that was beaten                           


141 The parable of the love-charm of the Mpondo                         

142 The parable of the grandmother who did not care                

143 The parable of the letter                                                            

144 The parable of the fine girl who played the jew's harp                  

145 Sermon on the ordeal - 1 Kings 18                                             

146 Parable of the bride who distributes gifts                         

147 A stone hit Shembe=s eye                                                

148 The order of the virgins in the temples                                   

149 The parable of the ten sons                                                          

150 The parable of the two young men at the gate of heaven 


151 The parable of the faithful wife of a chief                            

152 The parable of the liberating Bible                                     

153 The parable of provisions for the journey                              

154 Sermon on the ordeal - 1 Kings 18                                        

155 A stone hit Shembe=s eye                                              

156 The order of the virgins in the temples                                         

157 Demons are spirits of dead persons                                       

158 Shembe's last stay on the mountain Nhlangakazi                

159 Shembe passes his last judgements                                        

160 Shembe cares for his little bride                                                      


161 J.G. Shembe's last visit with his father                                       

162 Shembe announces his death                                                  

163 Guidelines for the treasurer                                                        

164 Shembe's last mission journey to the North                         

165 Shembe's last days at Mikhaideni                                          

166 The death of the prophet Shembe on 2 May 1935                  

167 The burial of Isaiah Shembe on 5 May 1935