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July 1998

Place of Birth: Whitehaven, Cumbria, England.
Marital Status: Married: to Karla Poewe.
Nationality: British/Canadian
English - fluent.
Afrikaans and German - good working knowledge.

Present Post: Professor of Religious Studies.

Address: Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4, Canada

Home: 01-403-241-1059
Work: 01-403-220-5886
Fax: 01-403-547-2933
Web Pages:

City & Guilds (1962)
Gas Technology Diploma's (1963, 1964)
B.A. (Hons.) Lancaster University, 1970
M.A. "with commendation," Bristol University, 1972
Ph.D. Bristol University, 1975.
Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Research: Religion, Theology and Society since the Enlightenment in a global perspective.


1. Five books and five short monographs including: Yoga and UFO's, 1973:18; The Irony of Apartheid, 1981:239; Calvinism and Culture, 1982:16; Understanding Cults & New Religions, with Karla Poewe, 1986:170; Ideas: Africans and Afrikaners, with Karla Poewe, 1989:18; A Concise Dictionary of Religion, 1993:245; New Religions as Global Cultures, with Karla Poewe, 1997:180; Kompaktlexikon Religionen, translated and edited by R|diger Hauth, (Wuppertal, R. Brockhaus Verlag, 1998) pp. 372

2. Seven edited books: Religion and Economics, ed., with Walter Block, 1987:573. Zulu Religion: Texts and Interpretations, 1987:455; Afro-Christian Religion & Healing in Southern Africa, ed., with G.C. Oosthuizen, 1989:432. Afro-Christianity at the Grassroots in Southern Africa, ed., with G.C. Oosthuizen, 1991:412. Empirical Studies of African Independent/Indigenous Churches, edited, with G. C. Oosthuizen, 1992:345. The Scriptures of the AmaNazaretha of Ekuphakameni, translated by Londa Shembe and Hans-Jürgen Becken, 1994:143. The Sacred History and Traditions of the amaNazaretha. Volume One: The Story of Isaiah Shembe, 1996:258; Consulting editor: New 20th. Century Encyclopaedia of Religious Knowledge, 1991:896; General editor of three other books.

4. Sixty-three refereed journal articles and chapters in books

5. Various popular articles

6. Ninety book reviews.