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ACADEMIC WEB SITES dealing with cults, sects, and new religions: Jeffery HADDEN at the University of Virginia has created a great Web site. Institute for American RELIGION. University of STIRLING an excellent academic resource with links to many web sites set up by different New Religions. BATH COLLEGE information about the Religious Studies program in Bath where there are several scholars with a strong interest in new religions. SCOTT THUMMA'S sociology and maga-church site. University of SOUTH AFRICA UNISA Press publishes some little known, but very useful books on new religions. Also the journal Missonalia often carries usful information and articles on new religions world-wide. The Archiv für Religions- und Weltanschauungsfragen: RELIGIO. Another useful site is REMID hosted by the University of Leipzig. Finally, CESNUR, the Center for Studies on New Religions, has created an international network of scholars working in the field of new religious movements which is directed by the Italian scholar Massimo Introvigne

SECULAR WEB SITES WHICH PROVIDE INFORMATION ON NEW RELGIONS: Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. This is a very useful resource. It is organized by a Unitarian and others interested in civil liberty and religious freedom is also really great site FACETS OF RELIGION . There are also some press Web Sites like THE OBSERVER. Set up by one of England's leading newspapers. This site contains a good article by William Shaw on observing cults plus a good index ofvarious groups active in th UK.

CHRISTIAN COUNTER-CULT WEB SITES DIALOG CENTER avaluable web site set up by members of the Lutheran Church in Denmark and Germany. It is closely associated with Prof. Dr. Johannes Aagaard, of the Dialog Center at Aarhus University. BERLINER DIALOG alist of articles from one of Germany's leading mainline Church journals. Evangelische Zentralstelle für Weltanschauungsfragen led by Dr. Michael Nüchtern WELTANSCHAUUNGSFRAGEN A Web Site organized by former members of the Christian Research Institute called APOLOGIA REPORT TheCHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE a useful web site belonging to a leading counter-cult organization. The strong fundamantalist bias is very clear. THE SPIRITUAL COUNTERFEITS PROJECT is another veryuseful web site from a well known evangelical counter-cult organization with a Christian perspective. See also the AMERICAN RELIGION INFORMATION CENTER A newer evangelical anti-cult group. and ONLINE GUIDE a sophisticated site by Larry Ingram. Another very useful Web Site is provided by the TRUTHQUEST Institute which is similar to the WATCHMAN Fellowship and Evangelical Ministry to NEW RELIGIONS, ANSWERS in Action and the ANKERBERG Institute.

SECULAR ANTI-CULT WEB SITES THE SINGER FOUNDATION from Professor Margaret Singer the leading advocate of the brainwashing thesis. The AMERICAN FAMILY FOUNDATION(AFF) its executive Director is psychologist Dr. Michael Langone. See also: STEVE HASSAN Mr. Hassan is a well known anti-cult activist and former member of the Unification Church and KILLER CULTS. The name speaks for itself.

SITES CREATED BY NEW RELIGIOUS GROUPS For New Age sources see ROWAN TREE. NEW RELIGION SITES provides a list of sites about new religions many of which were created by members of the religions discussed.