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The following papers, all of which are protected by copyright, are to be found on this Web Site:


"Towards a definition of Religion" by Fred Welbourn

"A Sacral Kingship in Buganda?" by Fred Welbourn

"An Empirical Approach to Ghosts" by Fred Welbourn

"What is Fundamentalism?" by J.I. Packer

"UFO Religion: Making Sense of the Heaven's Gate Suicides" by Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe

"A discussion of Witchcraft" by Steven Hayes

"Responses to the Hayes' Article" from Nurel-l

"Reflections on Reformed Epistemology" by Terence Penelhum

"Is Christian Socialism Possible" by Irivng Hexham

"Christianity and Call-Girls" by Irving Hexham

"Is Scientology a Religion" by Irving Hexham

"Selected Sayings of the Prophet Shembe"

"Is the Study of New Religions Important?" from Nurel-l