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The Scriptures of the amaNazaretha of EkuphaKameni, translated by Londa Shembe and Hans-Jürgen Becken, with an introduction by G.C. Oosthuizen, edited by Irving Hexham (Calgary, University of Calgary Press, 1993) pp. 144.

This unique book is the first book length translation of African sacred texts to be translated into English. It provides the reader with unique insights into what is arguably the best known of all African Independent Churches, the amaNazaretha of the Zulu prophet Isaiah Shembe. Anyone who teaches Religious Studies or Anthropology who has used the BBC film Zulu Zion is familiar with this important new religious movement. Now one can read the teachings of its founder.


Introduction, by Irving Hexham

The Theology of Londa Shembe and the amaNazaretha of EKuphaKameni, by G.C. Oosthuizen

Part One

Some Prayers and Writings of the Servant of Sorrows Isaiah Shembe, translated by Londa Shembe

Part Two

Preface, by Londa Shembe

The Hymns of Londa Shembe, translated by Hans-Jürgen Becken

What the critics said:

a. Several features combine to make this book probably the best collection of primary sources about any African independent church movement...Rarely do we find such a cluster of able scholars enjoying such a good working relationship with the leaders of an African religious movement over such a long period of time.

Stan Nussbaum, Review of African Independent Churches, Vol. 5, No. 3, September-December 1994, pp. 19-20.

b. ... einen Standard ... in der editorischen als auch in der guten Kombination von hervorragender wissenschaftlicher Analyse und Dokumentation ...

Ulrich van der Heyden, Zeitschrift für Mission, Vol. XXII, No3, 1996, pp. 198-199.

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