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Compiled by Irving Hexham.

Originally published by Inter-Varsity Press, Downers Grove, 1993, pp. 245.

Republished Regent College Press, Vancouver, 1998.


Comments from selected reviews of Concise

Dictionary of Religion:

  • William M. Johnston, Recent Reference Books in Religion, Downers Grove, InterVarsity, 1996, p. 52-53:
  • this glossary and who's who is one of a kind Few glossaries specify the nub of an issue so deftly Trained by Ninian Smart Hexham wants religious studies to highlight "dissenting views." He dissects problem-laden categories like "Animism," "Dualism," "High Gods," and "Myth," by sketching scholarly debates for and against A skilled taxonomist, Hexham emphasizes differences where others see similarities For all its argumentativeness, this intorduction to persons and concepts sparkles, particularly in the classroom. No other glossary combines range, incisiveness and outspokenness so dexterously.

  • C.M. Kern, Wiccan Information Network, letter 26 July, 1993:
  • To be truthful, I was dreading the task of reading your dictionary, because so many books written by non-Witches about Wicca/Witchcraft and other aspects of the Occult have been hopelessly inaccurate. Christian writers often tend to define terms with a profoundly fundamentalist stance However your book was a refereshing change. You seem to have a well balanced description of all religious groups

  • R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Report, August 1993, p. 34:
  • ... not only a `handy' reference work but a very judicious one as well. To define over 2,000 terms and movements can lead one to a mechanical listing of data in an abridged form. This work, however, is surprisingly thoughtful ...

  • John Kohlenberger III, Bookstore Journal, November 1993, p. 101:
  • ... isn't just for college students but for anyone who reads regularly in religion and philosophy. I recommend it to all bookstores.

  • James A. Beverly, Christianity Today, 3 October 1994, p. 40-41.
  • ... provides essential seldom obscure...Mistakes are rare...illuminating and informed...His entries show sustained and wide learning...and this scholarship is displayed with finesse.


  • John Drane, Scottish Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. 15, September 1994, p. 60:
  • The strength of this small volume is undoubtably its accessibility to those who are coming new to the subject ... A quick sampling of the entries reveals a wide breadth of knowledge ... The entries are generally factual rather than critical, though they employ an extensive system of cross-referencing ...

  • Donald G. Mackay, Monthly Record of the Free Church of Scotland, February 1994:
  • Hexham...strives after total neutrality...The entries are, however, clearly amazingly easy read.


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