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Understanding Cults and New Age Religions by Irving Hexham, Karla Poewe, Regent College Pub; ISBN: 1573831212; May 1998, $21.95

This book was originally published as Understanding Cults and New Religions by Wm. B. Eerdmans in 1986.

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  New Religions As Global Cultures: The Sacralization of the Human, Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe. Westview Press; ISBN: 0813325080; (May 1997) USD $31.00
Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements.Irving Hexham . Inter-varsity Press Publication Date: 2002 ISBN: 0830814663 .Price: $6.99  
  Concise Dictionary of Religion Irving Hexham, Regent Publishing (1993) Format: Softcover (252 pgs) ISBN: 1573831204 Price: CDN$27.95(USD$18.45)
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Charismatic Christianity As a Global Culture edited by Karla Poewe. University of South Carolina Press, ISBN: 087249996, 1994; USD $34.95.