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POV-Ray, or The Persistence of Vision Raytracer, is a free program, available at, which creates amazing 3D graphics from a text file written in the POV-Ray scene description language. For examples of some of the best work done with POV-Ray (or POV for short), check out the Hall of Fame at Incidentally, POV-Ray is also my HTML editor, since it supports syntax hightlighting of the HTML language.

This website contains a gallery of images and animations that I have made with POV, and a downloads page with two POV include files I have written as well as a DOS utility for use with CMPEG. I hope to one day add a section containing “making of” type tutorials for various elements used in my scenes. This site is a member of the POV-Ray Ring and the POV-Ray New Ring.


November 25th, 2003 - New Images

Two new images, Birthday in the Clouds and In Remembrance is Hope have been added to the gallery page. Both were submissions to the IRTC.

July 27th, 2003 - New Image

My submission to the Mystery IRTC round, The Prize has been added to the gallery page. This image placed 21st.

February 23rd, 2003 - New Image

Crystalline Dreams has been added to the gallery page. This image is still a work in progress, but is mostly complete. Most changes that will be made to this image will likely only involve small details.

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