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ABSTRACTS: Ph.D & Master's Theses - Full Text Dissertations Available Online are listed Below. Full Text Papers Available Online are on Another Webpage.

Full Text Dissertations

Northeast Asia

Behringer, Karen (2008). HIV/AIDS Prevention: Factors Affecting Risky Sexual Behaviors among MSM in Shenzhen, China. UCHC Graduate School Masters Theses 2003 - 2010. Paper 144. Master's Dissertation, Public Health, University of Connecticut. PDF Download Download Page.

Bourne, Jenny (2007). Korean Lesbians and Heteronormativity: From the Experiences of Six South Korean Lesbians. Master's Dissertation, Athabasca University. PDF Download.

Caldart, Regina E (2010). Lesbians and Transgenders in Japanese Media. Undergraduate Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. PDF Download. Download Page.

Chew L P-l (1989). Female homosexuality in Hong Kong : a psychosocial investigation. Master's Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed.

Ferguson, Joshua M (2010). Queer Japanese Cinema: A Rich and Diverse Cultural History’s Challenge to Hegemonic Ideologies of Gender and Sexuality. Master's Dissertation, University of British Columbia. PDF Download. Download Page.

Haochu, Li (2006). Homosexuality in Contemporary Chinese Society: Implications for HIV/AIDS Prevention. Master's Dissertation, Mahidol University, Thailand. Abstract. PDF Download.

Hidaka T (2006). Corporate Warriors or Company Animals?: an investigation of Japanese salaryman masculinities across three generations. PhD Dissertation. School of Social Studies, Unievrsity of Adelaide. PDF Download. Download Page. Abstract/Content:: PDF Download.

Hirano, Yuki (2003). Interrupting polarities of gender and sexuality: consumption of same-sex pornography by Japanese women. Master of Arts' Dissertation, University of British Columbia. Full Text. Download Page.

Ho JK-h (2006). Reinterpreting a queer experience : a study of Stanley Kwan's films and their reception. Master's Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed.

Ho HTK (1996). Gender Benders: The Kabuki Onnagata Heroines as Performers of Femininity. PhD Dissertation. The Department of Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong. PDF Download. Download Page.

Ito, Daisuke (2007). College Students' Prejudiced Attitudes toward Homosexuals: A Comparative Analysis in Japan and the United States. Master's Dissertation, Department of Sociology, Georgia State University. PDF Download.

Kim, Shin-Young (2010). Narrative case study : unheard life story of a senior gay Korean man. Master's Dissertation, Social Work, University of British Columbia. PDF Download. Download Page.

Lam C-p (1998). Sexuality in formation of lesbian identity : an exploratory study in Hong Kong. Master's Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed.

Mak AH-s (2000). BI AII means : the trouble with Tong Zhi discourse : beyond queer looks in the East is red and Swordsman II. Master's Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed.

McLelland MJ (2000). Male homosexuality in modern Japan : cultural myths and social realities. PhD Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed. Related Book: Amazon. Google Books.

Mulky, Virginia (2011). Shaping a New Identity: Increasing Visibility of Lesbian Desire in Chinese Cinemas. Honors Dissertation, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh. PDF Download. Download Page.

Normington K (2004). Under the skin: theatrical cross- gender performances of Japan and the West. Masters' Dissertation. Theatre Arts, San Jose State University. Full Text.

Shaw R K-w (2002). Gay desire and the politics of space. Master's Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed.

So SM-p (1996). An exploratory study of the myth and reality of male homosexual in Hong Kong. Master's Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed.

Stickland LR (2004). Gender Gymnastics: Performers, Fans and Gender Issues in the Takarazuka Revue of Contemporary Japan. PhD Dissertation.  Asian Studies, Murdoch University. Download Page.

Suen P-k (2001). Filming gay representations : male homosexuality in Hong Kong and Taiwanese cinema. Master's Dissertation, Hong Kong University. Download Page. Note: Must accept agreement before dissertation is accessed.

Tang, Tse-shang Denise (2008). Conditional spaces and infinite possibilities : Hong Kong lesbians and urban spatialities. PhD Dissertation, Sociology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. PDF Download.

Testa, Amy (2010). Changing Attitudes: The Male Homoerotic Tradition in Late Imperial China through Present Day. Honor's Dissertation, Robins College. PDF Download.

Ting, Ming-hao (2009). The study on the male to male sex workers in Shanghai China. Master's Dissertation, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University. Download Page.

Wang, Chun-Chi (2007). Lesbianscape of Taiwan: Media History of Taiwan's Lesbians. PHD. Dissertation, University of Southern California. PDF Download.

Wang, Jinjie (2007). Chinese university students' perspectives toward their gay and lesbian peers. Master of Education Dissertation, University of Saskatchewan. PDF Download. Download Page.

Wong, See-huat (2008). Cosmopolitan consumption of sexualized space : Hong Kong's gay bar/club/sauna. Master of Sciences (Urban Planning) Dissertation, University of Hong Kong. Download Page.

Wu KK, Leung EY, Leung AY (2008). A survey on same-sex attraction in secondary school adolescents: prevalence and psychosocial factors. Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, 18: 15-22. PDF Download. Full Text.

Zhang, Jennifer Q (2011). Tongzhi Today, Tomorrow: Homosexuality in Modern China & the Emerging Gay Identity. Senior Dissertation, Trinity College, Hartford, CT. PDF Download. Download Page.

Zhao, Jin (2010). Imagining Queerness: Sexualities in Underground Films in the Contemporary P. R. China. Communication Theses. Paper 73. Master's Dissertation, Georgia State University. PDF Download. PDF Download.

Southeast Asia - Mekong Region

Boonnimitra, Sopawan (2006). Lak-ka-pid-lak-ka-perd: contemporary urban conditions with special reference to thai homosexuality. PhD Dissertation, Malmö Academies of Performing Arts, Lund University, Sweden. PDF Download.

Canotal, Eugene Espejo (2009). An Overseas Example of "Lighter is Better": The Implications of Colorism Among Male Sex Workers in Thailand. Master of Social Work Dissertation, Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, Mass.. PDF DownloadDownload Page.

Grieger, Matthew T (2011). Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Sex Work, Exploitation, and Labor Among Young Akha Men in Thailand. Master's Dissertation, George Washington University. PDF Download.

Intamool, Sura (2011). Meditations on Thai Queer Identity through Lakhon Nok. Master's Dissertation, Department of Theatre, Miami University. PDF Download. Download Page.

Pongpanit, Atit (2011). The bitter–sweet portrayals of expressing and maintaining “non‐normative” genders and sexualities in Thai mainstream cinema from 1980 to 2010. PhD dissertation, SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London. PDF Download. Download Page.

Son, Dinh Thai (2007). Commodification of pleasure: A Study of Male Migrant Sex Workers in Hanoi, Vietnam. Master's Dissertation, Health Social Science, Mahidol University, Thailand. PDF Download. PDF Download. Abstract.

Suwatcharapinun, Sant  (2005). Spaces of Male Prostitution: Tactics, Performativity and Gay Identities in Streets, Go-Go Bars and Magazines in Contemporary Bangkok, Thailand. PhD. Dissertation, University of London. PDF Download. Download Page.

Southeast Asia - Not Including The Mekong Region

Crisovan, Piper Lauren (2006). "Risky" business: Cultural conceptions of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia. PhD. Dissertation, Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh. PDF Download. Download Page.

Lizada, Miguel Antonio Nograles (2011). Gay Poets and the Urbanism of Manila and Singapore. Master's Dissertation, Department of English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore. Download Page.

Tan, Kok Kee (2011). Stand up for Singapore? Gay men and the cultural politics of national belonging in the Lion City. PhD. Dissertation, Antropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. PDF Download. Download Page.

Widyaningsih, Eka (2010). The Social Movement of Gay Community in Gus Van Sant Film Entitled The Tome of Harvey Milk. Undergraduate Dissertation, Strata-1 Degree in Literature, English Department, Diponegoro University, Semerang, Indonesia. PDF Download. Download Page.

Ho, PS-Y (1997).Politicising identity: decriminalisation of homosexuality and the emergence of gay identity in Hong Kong. PH.D. Thesis, DAI Vol. 58:04C, p. 1182.

Abstract by author: This thesis is a re-presentation of movements contemporaneous with the emergence of gay identity in Hong Kong. Such movements can be traced, within the particular history marked by a multiplicity of events ranging from the MacLean Incident (1980) to the decriminalisation of homosexuality (1991), and to the more recent development of the Equal Opportunities Bill (1995-6). These movements involve the simultaneous transformation of the subjects and their social situations. Subjects who are seen as driving the movement are constantly being re-invented, they are ‘homosexual’ (----), ‘gay’ (--), ‘gei-lo’ (---) and ‘tung-ji’ (comrades, ---). They also find themselves in a social situation which is constantly transformed with  regard to these ‘new’ identities through discourses interweaving gender, sex, love, family, race, religion, nationality, and so on.

This investigation into gay identity constitution develops a way of theorising identity. The processes of identity constitution conceptualised differently by Derrida, Laclau/Mouffe, Foucalt, Bhabha, Deleuze and Guattari are drawn together to articulate a theory of movement elucidating the continuous dynamic processes which constitute identity. It is through movement that identity emerges. Movement is a conceptualisation of the political moments of the subject in creating and recreating himself.

The moment an individual becomes a member of gay collectivity, he simultaneously initiates a process of individual identification and participates in the re-creation of a group identity. There are also moments., when groups of gay men create new socio-political spaces by forming new alliances. At the moment of self-invention, interpersonal engagement, and creation of new communities, new space emerges and sedimented social concepts are re-activated. When moments like these are put together through processes of articulation, movement is created. Analysis of these moments produce articulations of movements which open up new space for political engagement and expand contestational possibilities.

Publication No C606730

Howard RS (1996).Falling into the gay world: manhood, marriage, and family in Indonesia. PH.D. Thesis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, DAI Vol. 57:11A, p. 4801, 369 pages.

Abstract by author: This thesis examines conceptions of homosexuality among lower income gay men of various ethnicities in Jakarta, Indonesia. The primary focus is on the relationship between homosexuality and conceptions of male gender, and it is argued that sexuality plays a minimal role in defining adult male identity in Indonesia which is instead achieved through marriage and reproduction. While the significance of family in defining individual identity is well demonstrated in the literature for many Asia countries, this thesis examines the problematic incorporation and resistance to local and national cultural conceptions which define men as necessarily married and integrated into a ‘traditional’ family structure. Particular focus is on Jakarta’s first gay organization, the Associated Brotherhood for People of the Same Heart (IPOOS), which now draws over a thousand people to its monthly meetings and weekly drag performances. Within daily organizational life and during public performances, the men of this study creatively reformulated dominant Indonesian conceptions and family and male identity by incorporating them into an gay social domain.  Though analysis of over 100 life narratives collected over a three year period (1991-1994), this thesis argues that Indonesians hold a somewhat distinct conception of homosexuality as a social produced phenomena initially formed in early childhood family relationships and later reinforced through social and sexual interaction with other ‘gay’ men. Indonesians, therefore, often envision homosexuality as a socially malleable phenomena which is negotiated, contextual, and subject to change through the life-course. Nonetheless, the introduction of Western-European conceptions of homosexuality and gay identity have opened up new conceptual spaces for reconceptualizing homosexuality and its relationship to male identity.

Publication No. . 9712312

Kapac JS (1992). Chinese male homosexuality: sexual identity formation and gay organizational development in a contemporary Chinese population. PH.D. Thesis, University of Toronto, DAI, Vol. 53-12A, p. 4380, 507 pages, ISBN:  0-315-73726-3.

Abstract by author: The thesis examines some cultural, historical and political elements in the development of homosexual identities and communal formations among contemporary Chinese men. The analysis derives in part from an anthropological exploration of various theoretical issues in the historical and social development of sexual identities, drawing upon these perspectives and upon fieldwork conducted with homosexual Chinese men in a North American setting. Various features of male gender and sexuality among contemporary Chinese populations and their relevance to an understanding of the development of a homosexual or gay consciousness among Chinese men are examined.

One part of the analysis is historical in nature, examining cultural patterns of male homosexual behaviour in nineteenth-century Chinese populations. It is argued that these older patterns express a fundamentally different cultural organization of gender and sexuality than contemporary realities.  These older patterns are organized through definitions of gender which show little similarity to contemporary models of sexual orientation or types of desire differentiated on the basis of biological sex. It is also proposed that the widespread development of a homosexual or gay consciousness and identity among Chinese men is a fairly recent historical development. Various aspects of this proposal are examined through life histories conducted with homosexual men of Hong Kong and Malaysian backgrounds. I argue that such men constitute a part of the “first generation” of gay-identified Chinese men, a generation whose political and organizational activities have led in the 1980’s to the emergence of a Chinese gay liberation movement in various regions. Developmental and organizational features of these social formations are also discussed.

Publication No NN73726

Salti RM (1997). Exploring Arab concepts of homosexuality. PH.D. Thesis, University of California, Riverside, DAI Vol. 58:02A, p. 448, 227 pages.

Abstract by author: The aim of this study is to examine key texts in the discourse on Arab male homosexuality-works that have helped shape contemporary Arab thoughts and attitudes towards male ‘homosexuality.’ The exploration of an Arab ‘homosexual identity’ will not only be examined through the articulations between homosexuality and homosociality, colonialism, nationalism, traditional gender roles, and various social sanctions (including but not limited to Islam), but also in relation to potentially empowering writings by various postcolonial feminists and western queer theoreticians.

Publication No 9723701

Vitiello G (1994). Exemplary sodomites: male homosexuality in Late Ming fiction.  PH.D. Thesis, University of California, Berkeley, DAI Vol. 56:05A, p. 1785, 216 pages.

Abstract by author: This thesis is a study of male homosexuality in late Ming fiction based primarily on three collections never previously the subject of scholarly investigation: Longyang yishi (The Forgotten Stories of Longyang), Bian er chai (Cap and Hairpins), and Yichun xiangzhi (Fragrant Stuff from the Court of Spring). Before turning to a detailed analysis of these three works, in Chapter One I discuss the emergence of the pornographic genre in late Ming China, suggesting its connection with the contemporaneous philosophical reappraisal of feelings (qing) and desire (yu). Based on various erotic sources, I then attempt to provide a diagram of late Ming sexual culture, aiming to identify the position male homosexuality occupied in it. Having shown that the principle underlying such a diagram is the distinction between sexual activity and passivity, I discuss its moral implications. Chapter Two is devoted to the collection Longyang yishi.  The focus of this chapter is male prostitution in the late Ming and the connoisseurship that it involved. I describe the criteria of such connoisseurship by discussing the issues of a male prostitute’s age and appearance, pointing out the related gender and sexual ambiguity. The collection Bian er chai is the object of Chapter Three. I relate its discourse on homosexuality to the broader one on love and romantic morality in late Ming fiction. I then show how the romantic heroes that this collection presents are such by virtue of their fulfilling the standards of both male and female morality. I also show how the hybrid nature of such heroes is further confirmed by their mastering more than one moral system, namely the Confucian, the chivalric, and the romantic. Chapter Four consists of a study of Yichun xiangzhi. I concentrate on the question of the ambivalent nature of passion (qing), susceptible of degenerating into dissipation (dangqing). In discussing the collection’s final story, I focus on the thematic interrelation between dreams, journeys and the erotic experience, as well as on the notion of desire as an instrument of self-knowledge and of spiritual emancipation.

Publication No 9529539 (Not Available through UMI)

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