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Part B (This Page): - Prisons. - Small Cities & Rural Areas. - Substance Use / Abuse. - Child Sexual Abuse. - Barebacking & Public Sex. - Continuing HIV Epidemic / AIDS related Drugs / Vaccine. - Drug Resistant HIV. - HIV Situation Worldwide. - AIDS & Related Problems. - Internet Resources. - Books.

Part A: - Adolescents & Young Adult Males. - Ethnic Minority Males. - Intergenerational Issues. - Transgender. - Bisexuality. - The Elderly. - Lesbian / Bisexual / Heterosexual Women.


HIV/AIDS in Prison: Crisis of the Confined: "According to CDC report authored by Dr. Robert Greifinger, formally the Department of Correction's chief medical officer, and cited by Fox Butterfield in a New York Times article ["Infections in Newly Released Inmates Are Rising Concern" dated January 28, 2003], an inordinate number of inmates are leaving prison with one infectious disease or another. In 1996 alone, 1.3 million releasees had hepatitis C; 155,000 had hepatitis B; 12,000 had tuberculosis; 98,000 had HIV; and 39,000 had AIDS. Presumably, the numbers for 2003 are considerably higher..." - HIV Transmission and Prevention in Prisons. - Few Men Found to Get HIV in Prison: "About 90 percent of HIV-positive men in Georgia's prison system -- the nation's fifth largest -- were infected before they arrived, the study found. Over a 17-year period, 88 men became infected in prison by the virus that causes AIDS, chiefly through same-sex intercourse. Georgia prisons currently house about 45,000 men..." - HIV/AIDS in Prison: Crisis of the Confined.

HIV/AIDS and Men in Prison (Canada): "There are several risk behaviours that men are exposed to while in prison: unprotected sex; tattooing; and sharing needles and other drug equipment. Methadone treatment should be available in all prisons. Prevention tools (such as condoms and clean needles) and educational HIV/AIDS material must be made available to all inmates in a discreet manner. - HIV/AIDS in the Male-To-Female Transsexual and Trangendered Prison Population: A Comprehensice Strategy (Canada: PDF Download).

Gay Prisoners and HIV/AIDS. (Must Scroll) - Rape Crisis in U.S. Prisons: First-Ever National Survey Finds Widespread Abuse, Official Indifference. "Certain prisoners are targeted for sexual exploitation the moment they enter a penal facility: their age, looks, sexual orientation, and other characteristics mark them as candidates for abuse. Human Rights Watch's  research revealed a broad range of factors that correlate with increased vulnerability to rape. These include youth, small size, and physical weakness; being white, gay, or a first offender; possessing "feminine"  characteristics such as long hair or a high voice; being unassertive, unaggressive, shy, intellectual, not street-smart, or "passive"; or having been convicted of a sexual offense against a minor." - HIV in Prisons is 5 Times the Rate of General Population (PDF Download).  

(Ir)relevance of condoms in prisons. - Prison Rape. - Prison Rape andthe Spread of  HIV. - AIDS, Prison, and Preventative Medicine: Society's Debt to its Debtors. - The problem of prison rape. - Victims of Prison Rape Rally for Legislation. - HIV health promotion in prisons (UK: PDF Download) - HIV Education Strategies within Correctional Services: The South Australian Experience (PDF Download) - Safe sex play staged in jail (Bangkok) - Michigan HIV News: Incarcerated populations. - Contamination par le VHB en prison. - Le VIH en prison.

Sex, Sexual Violence and Coercion in Men's Prisons (South Africa: Paper presented at the 2001 "AIDS in Context" International Conference. "Members occupy a position either in the hierarchy of the Private-Line or the Blood-Line. The specified role of the Blood Line members is to commit violence, and to protect the camp and their 'wives' while the Private Line positions are distinctly feminised. This is especially the case for those situated at the lower rungs of the private line hierarchy. Members in these positions are known as 'wyfies' and must provide sex and domestic services to the fighters... The little available information on how the career path of a new recruit in the 28s is established, in particular, the gendered and sexual role of 'wyfie', suggests that physical attributes and age play a role. A young man with feminine qualities will likely be regarded as a potential 'wyfie'." 

Jail and HIV Risk: (Women) "What makes a person likely to acquire HIV? Serving time in prison is one risk factor among many. The Bureau of Justice reported in 2003 that the rate of confirmed AIDS cases was more than three times higher among the prison population than in the United States overall. But that’s not to say that prison time is the cause; it’s much more complicated than that..."

Prisoners & HIV/AIDS Resources. - Women With HIV in Prison: Resources. - HIV/AIDS Jails and Prisons Resources.

Small Cities & Rural Areas

Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention: A Joint Project of Indiana University & Purdue University. - HRSA Hosts Southeastern Conference on Rural HIV/AIDS - Rural HIV Best Practices Series Released. - Wyoming: AIDS Forum Focuses on Prevention in Rural Areas.  - Extra Burdens for Rural HIV/AIDS Patients. - Small Town, Big Misperceptions: "t's not like city folks don't poke their noses into each other's business. But the fear of being found out, where everyone knows who you are, and there's nowhere to hide, adds stress to the lives of rural people living secretly with HIV. Meanwhile, the need to hide adds a false sense of invulnerability to the rest of the local population, who don't realize that HIV exists in their community."

What are rural HIV prevention needs? - Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Small Cities—At Risk for HIV? - AIDS Lifeline at Risk; Funding Shift to Rural Areas Will Hurt New Jersey Agencies: "Changes Congress made in December to the Ryan White Care Act, the main source of federal HIV/AIDS funding, will cause Bergen and Passaic counties to lose some 41 percent of their funding, say local advocates. The cut, from $3.6 million to $2.1 million this year, will affect 20 local agencies that served 2,000 HIV/AIDS patients last year. Congress added five metropolitan areas to those receiving Ryan White funding. The intent was to shift more money to rural communities affected by HIV/AIDS. But more communities are drawing on the funds, which remained basically unchanged. - Increased Ryan White CARE Act Funding to Rural Areas Should Not Come at Expense of Urban Areas, Editorial Says.

Gay Men's HIV Prevention Strategy: Environmental Scan for Rural Southwestern Ontario Elgin-Huron-Lambton-Middlesex-Oxford-Perth (AIDS Committe of London, 2006: PDF Download): "Theoretically, this environmental scan intended to investigate the potential need to expand services to rural locations considering several local statistics: Gay men and MSM account for 69% of all HIV diagnoses in Ontario, 73% of diagnoses in London-Middlesex, and 92% in Oxford County (Remis et al, 2004). Ontario: 690 new MSM infections in 2003 (Remis et al, 2004). Estimated prevalence rate amongst MSM in southwestern Ontario is 13.4%, after Toronto (19%) and Ottawa (18%) (Remis et al, 2004). 2003: MSM account for 41% of all HIV diagnoses in southwestern Ontario (Remis et al, 2004). In addition to these statistics, results from the Ontario Men’s Survey of 2002 indicated that of the positive test samples, prevalence was 12.7% in Toronto, 7.7% in Southern Ontario, 4.9% in Ottawa and 3.7% in Northern Ontario (HIV/AIDS Epi Update, 2005). This project reviewed existing support, social groups or community services and programs that exist to serve MSM in the rural counties that surround London. Contact was made through public health nurses, county health services, community centres, public secondary schools, organizations, and counsellors. The research revealed there is an extremely limited amount of services offered to the MSM populations..." - Al McNutt: Fighting HIV/AIDS in small-town Canada: Truro man receives award for courageous AIDS and human rights efforts. - Rural Women and HIV/AIDS Information Exchange in Canada. - Rural Newfoundland no longer Canada’s “AIDS capital” (PDF Download).

Young Gay Men and HIV/AIDS: "For rural and isolated young gay men, getting information on safer sex is often their most pressing issue. Services are often severely lacking or non-existent in their communities. Where they exist, youth serving agencies, local lesbigay organizations and local AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) can be good resources for this group. These services are often more effective when partnerships are developed in order to best assess and address the needs of lesbigay youth in their region. It is important for these agencies/organizations to reach out specifically to young gay men... For rural youth and youth in smaller communities it is important to recognize the fear of disclosure of one's sexuality. This information can make life in smaller communities difficult or impossible for some young gay men. Access to testing, counselling and AIDS education may involve such obstacles as (potentially costly) travel and unexplained absences from home." - Gay Men With AIDS in Rural America.

HIV/AIDS Among American Indians and Alaskan Natives - United States, 1981-1997: "Compared with all persons who have AIDS, a lower proportion of AI/ANs resided in metropolitan areas with populations greater than 1,000,000 (56% versus 77%, respectively), and a higher proportion resided in rural areas with populations less than 50,000 (19% versus 6%, respectively)... Editorial Note: The incidence of AIDS among AI/ANs increased through the early 1990s and leveled off during 1995-1996. Compared with all persons with AIDS in the United States, AIDS among AI/ANs was geographically clustered in selected areas in the West and in smaller cities and rural areas. - American Indians and Alaska Natives and HIV/AIDS in the United States: "Most Indian Health Service (IHS) providers live near tribal lands in rural areas; however, 62 percent of AI/ANs do not live in those areas. Frequent travel to visit family and friends and to participate in ceremonies and religious events can further complicate consistent adherence and access to health care." - Almost Half of Rural Indian Women Have Not Heard of HIV/AIDS, Report Says.

HIV/AIDS in the rural United States: epidemiology and health services delivery (1995). - HIV in predominantly rural areas of the United States (2005). - Factors predicting continued high-risk behavior among gay men in small cities: Psychological, behavioral, and demographic characteristics related to unsafe sex. - Risks for HIV Infection Among Persons Residing in Rural Areas and Small Cities - Selected Sites, Southern United States, 1995-1996.

Sex in silence: the national survey of young gay males (Australia). (Alternate Link)

Rural AIDS and HIV resources via the Rural Assistance Center. - Rural HIV/AIDS Information and Resources.

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Substance Use / Abuse

HIV/AIDS and drug use among adolescents. - Substance Abuse and HIV. - Women, HIV, and substance abuse. - Substance Abuse and HIV Risk Behaviors among Transgender Women in the San Francisco Bay Area. - What Are Substance Abusers' HIV Prevention Needs? - Drug Abuse in Gay Males. - CDC Report Highlights Link Between Drug Abuse and Spread of HIV. - Statistics for drug use by heterosexual and non-heterosexual adolescents. - Opinion: "Don't get me wrong; I have no problems with the clubs in Buffalo. I like to go out sometimes myself. The problems I have are all the people who go out there to just get drunk and do drugs. Too many times lately I've seen my gay friends drown their sorrows in a bottle of their favorite alcohol or just get drugged up to forget things." - A Dialogue with John Preston: "...alcoholism and drug abuse are clearly out of control problems in the gay community, No one gets a handle, comes close to, or wants to deal with them. Socially, the urban gay world continues to revolve around bars." - Drug Use & HIV Risk Among Gay Men in the Dance/Club Scene in Toronto: How Should AIDS Prevention Programmes Respond? - Up to 20 per cent of gay men have tried crystal meth (UK). - How much of a concern is methamphetamine use by London's gay men?

The AIDS epidemic is soaring in the gay community, blamed this time on drug abuse. Crystal meth is behind the rise in HIV infection. - Drugs and Alcohol: Use or Chemical Dependence? - Party drug use. - Club Drugs. (Alternate Link)- Worrying About the Dark Side of 'Circuit Parties'. - Circuit party planners meet to discuss unsafe sex, drugs. - As New Years' weekend approarches...: "Gay City is concerned about how little information is available to gay and bisexual men on the risks associated with the combination of certain common club drugs. To respond to this problem, Gay City is launching a new media campaign to address the use of recreational drugs among Seattle's gay and bisexual men." - Gay City urges Gay and Bisexual men to party smart for New Year’s Eve: "'Obviously the most healthy choice is for people not to use party drugs,' said John Leonard, Gay City executive director. 'But for many in the Gay community, drug use is a big part of our culture.' - Why? "It was about 4:00am, January 1, 1990. I was reeking of alcohol..." - The Alcohol and Drug Wildcard: Substance Use and Psychiatric Problems in People with HIV.

CRISSY Campaign. Make Room for the New Girl in Town - CRISSY has Arrived! New STOP AIDS Project campaign talks about the relationship between sex, crystal meth (speed) and HIV. - Who's that girl? Crissy is the new meth in your neighborhood. - Making Everything Crystal Clear. - Tina Rules: "Easy as it may be to say that crystal is a problem that belongs solely to the circuit crowd, it's actually far more insidious and is used by gays of all socio-economic levels." - From the LGBT Health Channel: Party Drug Use. - "This website contains information for gay and bisexual men who use methamphetamine." -'s resources. - Is L.A.'s gay community suffering a crystal epidemic? It depends on who you ask. - Meth and the Gay Community. - The Gay Community's New Epidemic: "the epidemic of drug use in the gay clubs. The use of the drugs is so tied to the place they are consumed that they have been nicknamed "club drugs." Among the favorites are crystal, GHB, ketamine and ecstasy." - Methamphetamine and HIV.  - Unknown odds: Mixing party drugs & HIV cocktails.

Suddenly, Everybody's Talking About Crystal and Sex: (Alternate Link) "I believe we gay men have always used drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with the issues of gay oppression: we drink or take drugs because life is difficult, dating is dangerous, and relationships are frightening. And the drug that is most popular now, back from the 70s, is crystal, used among gay men as a sexual enhancement." - Crystal meth is an intensive stimulant with disinhibitory qualities: "Once very big amongst some of the US gay community but now spreading fast into mainstream culture, meth was originally used by bikers and truckers to stay awake on long journeys." - Crystal Meth & Sex: What's love got to do with it? - Fact Sheet: Crystal Meth and HIV. - Crystal Meth, HIV and the Gay Community.

Battling H.I.V. Where Sex Meets Crystal Meth. - Crystal Meth Use Fuels Rise in HIV Cases Among White MSM. - L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Data Show MSM Five Times More Likely To Test HIV-Positive If They Used Crystal Meth. - HIV in Gay Men - The Role of Crystal Meth and ED Drugs. - Fighting crystal meth: Drug blamed for HIV rise in local gay men. - Crystal meth: what’s the real story?

Substance use and high risk sexual behaviors among rural gay men: "A total of 770, sexually active, gay/bisexual men were included in this analysis. 88% were white, 63% were 30 years-old or older. Among young gay men, 43% reported having sex with alcohol, 22% had sex with drugs, 34% used marijuana, 11% cocaine, and 5% amyl nitrate in the last three months. Among older gay men, 49% reported having sex with alcohol, 21% had sex with drugs, 29% used marijuana, 9% amyl nitrate, and 6% used intravenous drugs. Among young gay men, 56% reported inconsistent condom use during anal sex, 33% had anal sex with multiple partners, and 48% received semen in their mouth during oral sex in the last three months. Among older gay men, 50% reported inconsistent condom use during anal sex, 25% had anal sex with multiple partners, 45% received semen in their mouth during oral sex. Twenty-five percent of the younger gay men had never been tested for HIV antibody as compared to 16% of older gay men.

The Context of HIV Risk Among Drug Users and Their Sexual Partners (NIDA Research Monograph, Number 143). - Building culturally sensitive substance use prevention and treatment programs for transgendered populations. - $16 Million in Substance Abuse  Treatment Funds Available to Treat Minority Communities Affected by HIV/AIDS.

Pride Institute (gay, lesbian, mental health, alcoholism, drug addiction, AIDS, HIV, chemical dependency, treatment centers, counseling, gay). - HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse: Making Connections with Cross-Training (PDF Download).

HIV and Drug/Alcohol Use: Resources. - Reports & Studies: Substance Abuse and HIV. - ADAI Bibliographies on Substance Abuse. - Substance Use & HIV: Resources For Specific Communities. - SubstanceUse and HIV: Specific Drugs.

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Child Sexual abuse

Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse More Likely To Engage In Risky Behaviors. - Childhood Sexual Abuse Predicts Female HIV. - Domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse in HIV-infected women and women at risk for HIV. - Sexual Abuse Linked To HIV Risk. - Vancouver's Vanguard Study of Young Gay and Bisexual Males: "A growing body of literature suggests that past sexual abuse may contribute to increased vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Common long-term sequellae of sexual abuse are depression, sexual compulsivity, substance abuse and prostitution. All of these factors can be directly or indirectly linked to the risk of HIV transmission, and were supported by the results of our sub-analysis." - Men and Sexual Trauma. (Alternate Link)

HIV infection and risk behaviours among young gay and bisexual men in Vancouver. - Childhood Sexual Abuse Among Homosexual Men: prevalence and association with unsafe sex (abstract). - Sexual Abuse of Children: Intersection With the HIV Epidemic. - HIV and Sexual Assault. - Men, Too, Can Be Victims. - Homophobia in Childhood Predicts Childhood Sexual Abuse among Latino Gay Men (PDF Download) (Abstract). - How does childhood sexual abuse affect HIV prevention?

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Risk Behaviors Among Men at High Risk for HIV Infection: American Journal of Public Health, 2002, 92(2): 214-219 (Full Text). - UC San Francisco Study: Gay/Bisexual Men Who Were Sexually Abused as Children More Likely to Engage in Unsafe Sex. - Sexual child abuse and homosexual men. (Alternate Link)

Childhood Trauma and HIV: Women at Risk. - Childhood Sexual Abuse as an HIV Risk Factor in Women.

Sexual Abuse & HIV/AIDS Resources. - Sexual Violence & HIV: Related Resources.

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Barebacking & Public Sex

Blind Spots: A review of the literature on men who make social and sexual encounters in public sex environments and their HIV-related risks. - Cottaging and Cruising in Barnet, Brent and Harrow: Final Project Report. - Gay men and unsafe sex. - Bareback Sex & HIV:  A Young Man's Choice. - Augmentation de pratiques sexuelles à risque et recrudescence de gonococcie rectale. - Inconsistent condom use by UK's gay men, with many putting themselves or others at risk of HIV: "Approximately 50% of sexually active gay men in the United Kingdom had unprotected anal sex in the last year, according to the results of the 2005 Gay Men’s Sex Survey, Consuming Passions, which has been published by Sigma Research. The survey also revealed that over 40% of gay men in the UK are unaware of their own HIV status and most sexual encounters occur between men who have not disclosed their HIV infection status."

National Sex Panic Summit, November, 1997,  San Diego. - The Emerging Sex Panic Targeting Gay Men by Eric Rofes.Response to "Sex Panic" by Gabriel Rotello, author of the book Sexual Ecology. - Book Review by Chandler Burr.  - Related article.  - (Book Review Excerpts) - A summary of the "Sex Panic" debate: Queer theorists and gay journalists wrestle over the politics of sex.Subculture as killer: review of Michelangelo Signorile's book.  - Life outside: the Signorile report on gay men: sex drugs, muscles, and the passage of life. - Growing Sexual Divide in Gay Community N/A.

SexPanic! - is a pro-queer, pro-feminist, antiracist direct action group. Our multi-issue agenda aims to defend public sexual culture and safer sex in New York City from police crackdowns, public stigma and morality crusades. Eric Rofe's 1998 Keynote Address: Building a Movement for Sexual Freedom During a Moment of Sex Panic. - The Barebone Truth about Bareback Sex N/A. (Alternate Link). - Articles Listing Related to the Barebacking Issue. - Lets Talk About Sex Without Condoms. - Sex Sex Sex Sex Summit 1998: Two Writers Tell What Mainstream Gay Organizations Ignore. - The State of Gay Sex: 1998: Tired of risks and warnings, S.F. men  having sex their way.

Barebacking: - Protease Dis-Inhibitors? The Gay Bareback Phenomenon. (Alternate Link) - Bareback Sex: Implications for the Future of HIV Prevention. - Bareback. La fin du safer Sex? - Barebacking. - A 1999 report on barebacking.- Barebacking is a cherished act: A younger generation takes a new approach to HIV & AIDS. - Searching for a rubber: Some bathhouses are ignoring safer sex. - Risky business: Barebacking celebrates unprotected sex and raises difficult issues about AIDS prevention. - Barebacking and the New AIDS Hysteria. (Alternate Link)

Barebacking: - Why do men bareback? Barebacking and Transgressive Sex.- Why Do Men Bareback? No Easy Answers. - HIV negative men play Russian roulette with HIV positive men as a new trend in thrill seeking in North American gay communities.- Barebacking Roulette: Gay boys just wanna have fun, and say they know the risks. But are they really ready to pay the ultimate price? - Barebacking: Stop The Madness. It's Not Chic, It's Not Rebellious: It's Suicide. - Barebacking: A Sex Panic! Comedy.  - Barebacking: A Different View. - Safer Barebacking Considerations by Michael Scarce. - "Safer Barebacking" is in the grassroots, take-charge-of-your-own-life tradition pioneered by Michael Callen.

POZ Magazine Cover Stories: A Ride on the Wild Side: An HIV negative prevention activist goes through the latex looking glass to discover who's doing it raw, and why, - They Shoot Bare Backers, Don't They? Responses: What's Wrong With This Picture? - Russian Roulette. - From Journal of the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care: Editorial: The "anarchy" of bareback sex. - Managing unprotected anal intercourse (PDF Download).

The Studies Reporting Increasing Unsafe Sex: - CDC Study (1999). - Related News Story - Unsafe Gay Sex More Common. - The Bottom Line: CDC report on risky sex.... - ACT UP 1998 Golden Gate Survey (with references to data from "SIDS Project Survey): Published in April 16, 1998 edition of San Francisco's Bar Area Reporter. - HIV infection rate in San Francisco triples in two years. - S.F. HIV Rate Surges: Alarming incidence of new infections raises fears of scourge to come. - Study: 14% of MSM Intentionally Have Unprotected Anal Sex

"Bug Chasers": Russian Roulette (CBC, Disclosure: Related Resources). - 'Bug Chasers': The Men Who Secretly Long To Be HIV+. - Magazine's HIV claim rekindles “gay plague” row. - Bug Chasers. - 'Bug chaser' AIDS story disputed - The Washington Times. - The Michael W. Connett Living Trust: Related Articles. - HIV 'bug chasers': Fantasy or fact?

Controversial Film on Deliberate HIV Sero-Conversion: One of Only Eleven Documentaries Accepted to Prestigious Berlin Film Festival; 'The Gift' Explores Subculture of Gay Men Seeking HIV Infection. (FilmDescription/Review) - Spreading HIV/AIDS As A Gift.. - Deliberate HIV Infecting? - Bareback 'outings' spark debate over well-known secret. - Du Relapse ou barebacking : une autre guerre ... - About Barebacking: Slogans are not enough: "The following is a frank, explicit discussion of unprotected anal sex, or bareback sex.". - The Seminal Truth?

HIV: A Gift Not Worth Giving: "Although Otani has only been asked three times to be a gift giver online, his positive status profile on has filled his inbox with strange requests to send his semen in containers or used condoms from other members... "This is something that's underground. You wouldn't be able to find one person who is an actual gift giver or bug chaser willing to admit that they do these things, especially the ones who intentionally infect their partners without telling them about their positive status," says Harb. He explains that gift givers are usually angry about contracting the virus from another sexual partner, and that bug chasers are even more complex, and possibly dealing with the social pressure of being gay."

Do some gay men want to contract HIV? Researchers grapple with bug chasing: "He said a gay young man today has a 50 per cent chance of being HIV positive by the time he reaches his late 40s. "If there are people who are so impacted psychologically, emotionally by the existence of HIV in their communities that they feel they would be better off to become (infected) and just have it done with, then that's a significant issue that needs to be addressed." Michael Graydon, a researcher at Carleton University in Ottawa, studied the bug chasers and gift givers via online newsgroups for his master's thesis which he presented to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta in 2004. "Sometimes it was described as the gift of death," Graydon said in a recent interview. "Other times, it was described as the gift of the positive brotherhood." He said one gay man told him he wanted to contract the virus sooner rather than later so "he could feel more like a gay man, which to me, kind of summed up everything. "These are guys that are the products of a virulently homophobic culture, who've been viciously stigmatized because of HIV for 25 years. They believe being gay means death. Being gay means getting AIDS. Being gay means dying early. This is what's supposed to happen."

Intentional unprotected anal intercourse among sex who have sex with men: barebacking - from behavior to identity. - Intentional unsafe sex (barebacking) among HIV-positive gay men who seek sexual partners on the internet. - Barebacking, the Internet, and Harm Reduction: An Intercept Survey with Gay and Bisexual Men in Los Angeles and New York City. - Bug chasing and gift giving: the potential for HIV transmission among barebackers on the internet. - Barebacking websites: electronic environments for reducing or inducing HIV risk. - Condomless sex: gay men, barebacking, and harm reduction.

Resources: - Article List. - Bareback Resource Links.

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Continuing HIV Epidemic / AIDS related Drugs / Vaccine

The continuing HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men. "A probability sample of MSM was obtained in 1997 (n = 2881; 18 years and older) from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, and HIV status was determined through self-report and biological measures... HIV prevalence was 17% (95%  confidence interval = 15%, 19%) overall, with extremely high levels in African Americans (29%), MSM who used injection drugs (40%), "ultraheavy" noninjection drug users (32%), and less educated men (< high school, 37%)." - A Call for Change: Rethinking HIV Prevention Education Approaches in Toronto's Gay Community (1994). - Negotiating 'Open Space': The importance of cultural context in HIV/AIDS communication models (Word 97 Download N/A) (Abstract). - HIV men 'having unsafe gay sex: More than one in three gay men with HIV have unprotected sex, a survey says... "The rate of HIV infection was highest in Brighton, at almost 14%, and lowest in Manchester, at 8.6%. Across the entire sample, one in three men who was HIV positive did not know they had the infection - a figure which tallies with previous research."

HIV rates skyrocketing among men who have sex with men: Studies have found that infection rates are growing among men who have sex with men in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and less than 5 percent of those men have access to HIV-related health care, according to a statistics released by the American Foundation for AIDS Research, or amfAR. - Emerging and Re-Emerging HIV Epidemics among Gay and non-Gay Identified MSM: PowerPoint Presentation Downloads Available.

The Second Wave Will Drown Us [American Journal of Public Health, 93(6): 872-881, June 2003 - PubMed Reference. Full Text]: "Two years ago, in these pages, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) forecast a resurgent HIV epidemic among US men who have sex with men (MSM)... Earlier this year, the CDC announced that its forecast already had come true: new HIV diagnosis increased by 14% among US MSM between 1999 and 2001..." (p. 872) "Despite such warning from the CDC and the Institute of Medicine, prevention efforts fall prey to political opportunism, misplaced moralism, stigmatization, and homophobia... Most schools continue to refrain from even the meekest adaptation to gay adolescents' needs for safety and mutual affiliation, much less and authentic respect that might nourish self-respect..." (p. 878). - When plagues don't end [American Journal of Public Health, 93(6): 861-2, June 2003 - PubMed Reference. Full Text]. - HIV returns [American Journal of Public Health, 93(6): 860, June 2003 - PubMed Reference. Full Text]. - Increasing proportions of Australian gay and homosexually active men engage in unprotected anal intercourse with regular and with casual partners [AIDS Care, 14(3): 335-41, June 2002 - PubMed Reference]. - HIV infections soar among gays. - The VOICES/VOCES success story: effective strategies for training, technical assistance and community-based organization implementation.

Reconceptualising behaviour change in the HIV/AIDS context (PDF Download, Download Page): "In this chapter the authors look closely and critically at the concept of ‘behaviour change’, a concept which has been much used in programmes designed to reduce HIV transmission. It is argued that approaches to behaviour change are for the most part based on cognitive models of action and it is suggested that this is a problematic foundation for developing programmes of behaviour change, and particularly HIV/AIDS intervention programmes. Models of behaviour change often do not address the contingencies which bring intentions to fruition."

Does HIV prevention work? - Does HIV prevention work? - Are Condoms Enough? - Can HIV Prevention Make a Difference for Men Who Have Sex With Men? Have we made any progress in the gay community?- Calculating risks: ACT has a wad of money to promote safe sex; where should it start? - Counselling men who have sex with men. - UW panel speaks out loud about sex ed. - Les homosexuels et le sida. Sociologie d'une épidémie. - Prise de risques et évolution des comportements dans la population homosexuelle. - La gestion des risques chez les couples homosexuels. - Séropositivité et sexualité entre hommes.

Surveys reveal more unsafe sex. Good news about anti-AIDS drugs sends many younger gay and bisexual men back to old practices. GayNet News Service. - Nine Years and Counting: Will We Have an HIV Vaccine by 2007? - Dying For A Vaccine. (Alternate Link) - HIV Vaccine. - AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition. - AIDS vaccine predicted 'in 10 years' - October 7, 2001. - Les essais vaccinaux en France.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/Human Immunodeficiency Virus Risk Behavior Among Gay Men in Small Cities: Findings of a 16-City National Sample. - HIV/STD Prevention and Young Men Who Have Sex with Men. - Gay Men and HIV Disease (PDF Download).

Morning After HIV: Experts Worry It Will Erase Preventive Gains. - Morning-After AIDS Treatment. - New, experimental 'morning-after' HIV treatment. -  How to lose the fight against AIDS among gay men: Declare victory and leave the field. - You've tested positive. Now what? Health / Get information & support fast, without overloading yourself.

Is the era of "safer sex" ending in San Francisco... and nationwide? - Rise in gay men having unprotected sex: Australian survey. - Call for national health strategy to curb rise in sex infections [in Australia]. - Safe-sex fatigue worries Aids lobby (New Zealand). - Men in relationships with men [NZ Study] (PDF Download) - Campaign targets 'Aids fatigue' (New Zealand). - Unsafe sex reported on the rise among gays. - Sex and Sensibility: Why are some guys losing the  latex? by Eddie James. - HIV Transmission Up in Germany: "Many developed nations are reporting stepped-up HIV transmission. Health officials have blamed safe-sex fatigue and deliberate "barebacking" among gay men for some of the increase."

Study Urges Safe Sex to Prevent Epidemic in Gay Community. - PWAs often keep HIV status secret N/A: "Forty percent of HIV-positive individuals who are sexually active do not disclose their serostatus to all of their sexual partners, according to a report in the February 9th issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine." - Lovers often don't disclose HIV status. - Should I tell people I’m HIV positive? a guide to help you think about why, how and when to let people know you are living with HIV. - Sexual Ethics: Disclosure of HIV-Positive Status to Partners (Archives of Internal Medicine, 158: 253-257, 1998): "Study patients were black (46%), Latino (23%), white (27%), and the majority were men (69%). Regarding risk of transmission, 41% were injection drug users, 20% were homosexual or bisexual men, and 39% were heterosexually infected. Sixty percent had disclosed their HIV status to all sexual partners. Of the 40% who had not disclosed, half had not disclosed to their one and only partner."

Compelling HIV prevention study by SFAF sheds new light on sexual risk-taking among gay and bisexual men. - HIV Study Sheds New Light On Sexual Risk-Taking Among Gay Men. - Safe sex: Why isn't the message getting through? - Safe sex message targets rise in HIV. - AIDS still mainly strikes men; 'safe-sex fatigue' a problem. - A discussion of safer sex fatigue (PDF Download) - Health experts win grant to boost safe sex. - Safe Sex Sucks. (Alternate Link).

HIV Prevention Resources.

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Drug Resistant HIV

Transmission of Drug Resistant HIV: Researchers at the University of California have published the first evidence of the transmission of multi-drug resistant virus from an HIV-positive person to a person previously uninfected (1998). - JAMA (1998): Drug-Resistant HIV-1: The Virus Strikes Back.  - Drug-Resistant HIV More Common: "The study, conducted by Daniel Boden, MD, and colleagues at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York and published in the September 22/29, 1999 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), looked at 80 men newly infected with HIV. The researchers found that 13 men (about 16%) had HIV strains that were resistant to at least one of the antiretroviral drugs commonly used as part of combination treatment regimens." - Drug-Resistant HIV Strain on the Rise: "Two recent medical studies indicate that between 4 and 5 percent of newly diagnosed patients with HIV are infected with highly drug-resistant strains of the virus believed to cause AIDS." - Recent Transmission of HIV Drug Resistance Increases in 8 Cities in the US and Canada. Significant increases occurred in San Francisco and New York City; NYC also had two persons who became infected with "multi-drug resistant" HIV. - Primary HIV Anti-retroviral Drug Resistance in Canada. - How does HIV become resistant to drugs?

Drug Resistant HIV: - Study Finds Drug-Resistant HIV in Half of Infected Patients (2001) (Alternate Link) - Related paper (2001), PDF Download: Predicting the unpredictable: Transmission of drug-resistant HIV. - High prevalence of drug-resistant HIV identified in US: "Nearly 80% of HIV-infected adults in the US harbor a viral strain that is resistant to one or more antiretroviral agents, according to study findings..." - UC researchers study drug-resistant HIV N/A (2002): "[Our research] shows that the  [Human Immunodeficiency Virus] is really able to mutate dramatically" ..."The virus can completely change its form to avoid the effects of these drugs, particularly protease inhibitors," Craik said. He added these results are "quite disturbing." - Researchers Predict Future of Drug-Resistant HIV Epidemic: (Alternate Link) "The number of drug-resistant HIV cases has already reached epidemic proportions in San Francisco, but transmission of drug-resistant strains is not to blame, reports a new UCLA/UCSF study in the September issue of Nature Medicine." - Drug-resistant HIV increasing in UK (2001): "The risk of being infected with drug-resistant virus increased over time and the estimated prevalence of transmitted drug-resistance in people infected with HIV in 2000 was 27 per cent." (Full text of paper at - Emergence de variants du VIH-1 résistant aux anticorps neutralisants. - Résistance primaire aux antirétroviraux. - Resistances aux antirétroviraux : Les méthodes virologiques d'analyse de la sensibilité des souches virales. - Résistance primaire aux antirétroviraux contre le VIH au Canada

Multi-drug-resistant HIV strain raises alarm: "A highly resistant strain of HIV linked to rapid progression to AIDS has been identified in New York City, US, but AIDS experts have cautioned that it may just be an isolated case and not the harbinger of a "superstrain" outbreak..." - Drug-Resistant HIV Can Be Transmitted From Mother To Child, Study Says. - As Drug-Resistant HIV Spreads, Its Implications Are Still a Mystery: It's far from clear how much alarm is warranted for the HIV "superbug." - Research leads to first treatment for drug-resistant HIV: "There are many treatments for AIDS on the market, but none are able to combat drug resistance...". - Drug-resistant HIV battled in a new way. - Significant fall in transmitted drug-resistant HIV in UK; may be due to better treatment. - One in 10 Infected with Drug-Resistant HIV: "New surveillance data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that approximately one in 10 individuals diagnosed with HIV in recent years was infected with HIV strains resistant to at least one available antiretroviral.  The report, presented today at the 14th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, mirrors other recent drug-resistant HIV transmission studies." 

Multidrug-Resistant HIV Transmission Resources.

HIV Situation Worldwide

A Summary of the HIV-AIDS situation worldwide: The companion Web site to "Surviving AIDS," originally broadcast on NOVA on February 2, 1999. - White Spot; How gay men's activism gets written out of AIDS prevention by Peter Scott. - Ignoring the real threat: "AIDS groups depend on governments & big drug companies... Most observers agree that AIDS activism is now at a low ebb, even as the virus spreads ever more widely into vulnerable communities and the limitations of current drug treatments are becoming obvious." - Youth and HIV/AIDS: Can We Avoid Catastrophe? - Phil Johnson Attacks "All Are At Risk" - Adolescent Sexuality, Gender and the HIV Epidemic. - The tip of the icerberg: the global impact of HIV/AIDS on youth (PDF Download). - Enjeux de la prévention chez les homosexuels et bisexuels masculins au Sud et au Nord. - Homosexuels et VIH: Sur la voie de la "santé sexuelle"? - Mouvements homosexuels et lutte contre le sida. The Origin of AIDS & HIV, and the First Cases of AIDS

Evolutions récentes de la sexualité des gays en France : apports et limites d'une enquête. - Les principaux résultats de l'enquête. - Des homosexuels réagissent aux résultats de l'"Enquête presse gay" - Réflexions d'un adepte des relations non protégées. - Questions sur la prévention du sida chez les homosexuels. - Usage de drogue, sida et exclusion sociale en France. - Evaluation de la politique de lutte contre le sida en Suisse. - Classes défavorisées, migrants et minorités ethniques : Un bilan plutôt décevant. - Stigmatisation et discrimination des personnes atteintes: pour des recherches qualitatives sur les phénomènes d’exclusion. - L'influence des caractéristiques des réseaux sociaux sur la dynamique de la transmission du VIH. - Nouvelles thérapies et comportements préventifs des homosexuels masculins. - A propos des lieux de rencontre homosexuels. - Comment étudier les sexualités masculines?

HIV risk behaviour among gay and bisexual men in Budapest, Hungary: "This study surveyed 469 MSM recruited in Budapest gay community venues in June 2001. Half the men (50%) engaged in unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) in the past 3 months. Of these, 40% of men's insertive and 50% of their receptive acts were unprotected, and 25% had multiple AI partners in the past 3 months. 17% of MSM exchanged sex for money, 26% had female partners in the past year..." - Men having sex with men and HIV/AIDS prevention in Switzerland: 1987-2000.

HIV risk behavior among male sex workers in Budapest, Hungary (XIV International AIDS Conference, 2002): "A total of 469 men who have sex with men surveyed in Budapest gay community venues in 2001... We analyzed separately the sub-sample of 80 males who exchanged sex for money.... High-risk behavioral practices were common, about 40% of men engaged in unprotected anal intercourse at least once in the past three months. With respect to the past year, 41% said that they had female partners."

KABP study of male sex workers and masseurs in Mumbai Metro-India (XIV International AIDS Conference, 2002): "A total of 120 MSW`s were interviewed... Ever been forced to have sex with a man: 87% frequently forced. Conclusions: need to adopt safe sex practices, trained in condom negotiations skills. To develop a model for continuum of care for MSW and malishwalas who are HIV positive."

A Walk in the Park: Frames and Positions in AIDS Prevention Outreach among Gay Men in China (Word 97 Download).

Report of the First Brazilian Symposium on Basic Research in HIV/ AIDS. - Helping Gay Men in A Provincial Vietnamese City to Protect Themselves from AIDS. - Fighting AIDS in Asia: "What this session confirmed is that the Western gay model into which is lumped all men who have sex with men, is not appropriate to much of Asia. I'm convinced that gay men are fewer in number than men who have sex with men and bisexual men in many Asian countries from India to the Philippines, and that if we are to reach them we need to develop different HIV/AIDS messages, delivery routes and services." - AIDS knowledge, condom beliefs and sexual behaviour among male sex workers and male tourist clients in Bali, Indonesia. (1993, PDF Download) - HIV and AIDS in Thailand.

The Zorro Report: An Assessment of the HIV prevention needs of gay men in Brighton and the adequacy of local HIV prevention services in meeting those needs. - Research related to Gay Men in the UK. - Gay Men, AIDS and Safer Sex: Reports for Download.

The Fourth International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, Manila, October, 1997 N/A. - The Sixth International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, Melbourne, October, 2001 N/A. - The Xth International Conference on STD/AIDS in Africa. - Conference Official Web Sites/Abstracts Listing by HIV InSite.

Academic Info - Health & Medicine: HIV / AIDS Studies.

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AIDS & Related Problems

Gay community problems related to AIDS. - The Cost of Community-based Care for Persons with HIV/AIDS. - Positive Living Newsletter 7/98: Moving Beyond the Crisis. - Psychiatric Morbidity in HIV Patients. - My Friend Rob (More Papers by Margaret Nichols).

Critical Tolerance Report: A gay community led model of needs assessment investigating the needs of HIV positive gay men, their partners and surviving partners. - HIV-infected patients with certain sociodemographic characteristics are less likely to take antiretroviral therapy. - HIV/AIDS Bureau's Special Projects of National Significance on topics of Innovative Models of HIV/AIDS Care 1994-1999.

Scientists Find Viral Link to Cancer in AIDS Patients. - Adolescent AIDS Program: Medical and Psychosocial Services.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services.  - AIDS Education Must Consider Mental Health. - Depression Linked to Death Risk Among Gay/Bisexual Men with HIV. - The Impact of HIV on Caregivers (PDF Download).

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Internet Resources "AVERT is an international HIV and AIDS charity based in the UK, with the aim of AVERTing HIV and AIDS worldwide. AVERT has a number of overseas projects, helping with the problem of HIV/AIDS in countries where there is a particularly high rate of infection, such as South Africa, or where there is a rapidly increasing rate of infection such as in India.We also take education and information to people in almost every country in the world through our highly successful web site,

Medline Plus: AIDS. - Transcriptase: Revue critique de l'actualité scientifique internationale sur le VIH et les virus des hépatites. "Le projet Transcriptase est né de la nécessité d'une approche pluridisciplinaire du sida."

Socioeconomic Influences on the Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. -

Managing Desire: HIV Prevention Strategies for the 21rst Century. - Theorizing Desire (Multiple Articles and one section on barebacking. 

GMHC: Index of Articles From Gay Men's Health Crisis.Safe Sex / HIV Prevention.   - Gay's HIV/AIDS Resources.

HIV-Negative: How the Uninfected Are Affected by AIDS (book). - Contents with links to online full text version

The response to HIV/AIDS In Canada , HIV/AIDS in Canada law, resources, advocacy, agencies.  - Gay and Lesbian Issues and HIV/AIDS: A Discussion Paper (1997/1998: PDF Download) - Canadian AIDS Society / Société canadienne du sida. - ACT: AIDS Committee of Toronto. .

Medical Advocates for Social Justice: MSM - Transgender. - Sex Workers. - A resource guide on HIV Health Promotion with Gay Men

- An overview of AIDS controversies, and links to more sources.

Abstracts From the Journal Risk, Decision and Policy - Vol 1(2): Recent developments in the sociology of HIV risk behaviour. - Unprotected sex in gay men's HIV non-concordant regular relationships. - Perceived risk for HIV among young White, African American, and Hispanic heterosexuals in the National AIDS Behavioural Survey.

Australian HIV/AIDS Projects/Studies. - Progress Report No. 3, February 1997 BASELINE STUDIES Sidney Men and Sexual Health (SMASH)..... - Reflecting on Practice: Current challenges in gay and other homosexually active men’s HIV education (2001, PDF Download). - Living Safer Sexual Lives: Final Report (2001, PDF Download). -  HIV and AIDS in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: 1992-1998.

HIVdent resources: - Commonly Used Medications for HIV & AIDS Patients. - Mental Health Considerations. - Medical Considerations & Medical News Updates. - Public Policy & News Updates. - CDC News & Resources. - Links to Other Web Sites. - Do People living with HIV/AIDS Receive and Want Specialised Dental Care? (PDF Download)

Sigma Research (UK): Journal Articles Listing and Related Information. - AIDS/HIV Articles at - Gay men miss out on Aids funding: "Some health authorities in England are failing to protect gay men from the threat of HIV infection, according to a survey. Institutionalised homophobia is blamed for the failure to make proper resources available for public health measures." - Aids in the UK. - Gay Men, AIDS and Safer Sex: Reports for Download

The American Foundation for AIDS Resarch (amfAR).  

Selected abstracts by Herek, GM. et al.Adolescent HIV Conference Abstracts.Upcoming AIDS Conferences Listing. - Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Service.

Peer Education and HIV/AIDS: Past Experience, Future Directions (2000, PDF Download).

AIDS-related articles by Michael Shernoff.  -  AIDS-related articles by Mark King.  - Articles from POZ Magazine (Large Archive). -  Peter Scott's Pages: Gay Men, AIDS and Safer Sex : AIDS-related Research Projects, Reports, and Writings (England). - Focus [Magazine]:  A Guide to AIDS Research and Counseling - Listing of Issues from 1986 to Present. Recent full text articles. Titles of articles in back issues.

The Body: A Multimedia AIDS and HIV Information Source (Extensive archive of articles). - Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS). - CAPS - En Español. - HIV inSite: Gateway to AIDS Knowledge. (Many abstracts & articles available.) - Gay City: "Living through an epidemic is a complex task and daily challenge. We all need support at one time or another. These people can help." - The Canadian HIV/AIDS Information Centre.

Centre canadien de documentation sur le VIH/sida. -  le site interassociatif français de lutte contre le sida (Liens). - USinfo's "La lutte contre le sida et les maladies infectieuses." - Overture Santé Sida: Liens.  - Dossier prévention: Liens. - Act Up-Paris: liens vers les associations de lutte contre le sida. - Multisexualités et sida: prevention. - UNAIDS. - StopSida: liens. - Transcriptases: Revue critique de l'actualité scientifique internationale sur le VIH et les virus des hépatites.

AIDS/HIV - Doctor's Guide to the Internet- Search the QRD. - HIV insite Resources. - AIDS and Sexology Links Page. - Dr. Jim Weinrich's AIDS and Sexology page. - AIDS Info BBS Database. - fastfax: News That Matters to People with HIV/AIDS. - HIV/AIDS Program Resources. - HIVNET/AEGIS. - Gay/Lesbian/HIV/AIDS Sites. - Vancouver's Vanguard Project: Publications, Many Full Text Papers.

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UCSF AIDS Health Project: FOCUS [magazine]: A Guide to AIDS Research and Counseling. - University of New South Wales Publication Bibliography - Gay and other Homosexually active men. - Links: Gay Men & MSM. - AIDS Book Review Journal: Number 1 to 43, 1993-1998, University of Illinois at Chicago. - The Living for Tomorrow HIV/AIDS bibliographies. - HIV/AIDS related book. - Books on HIV/AIDS: Excerpts / Reviews. - Johns Hopkins AIDS Service: Literary Corner. - SIECUS Annotated Bibliographies: HIV/AIDS Prevention Resources. - Risks in the Context of Same-Sex Behavior.


Books: - AIDS: Rage and Reality; Why Silence is Deadly - 1993 - by Gene Antonio (Abstract). - Queer and Loathing: Rants and Raves of a Raging AIDS Clone - 1994 - by David B. Feinberg (Review). - We Must Love One Another Or Die: The Life and Legacies of Larry Kramer - 1997 - edited by Lawrence D. Mass (Abstract). - Things Shaped in Passing - 1997 -  edited by Michael Klein and Richard McCann (Abstract). - Social Work and HIV: The Canadian Experience - 1999 - edited by William Rowe and Bill Ryan: Table of Contents. - Social Workers Speak out on the HIV/AIDS Crisis - 1998 - by Larry M. Gant (Editor), Patricia A. Stewart, Vincent J. Lynch. - Readings in the Sociology of AIDS - 2000 - edited by Anthony J. Lemelle, Jr., Charlene Harrington and Allen J. LeBlanc (Review / Excerpt). - EveryBody - Preventing HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Young Teens - 2001 (Revised Edition) -  by Deborah Schoeberlein (Reviews). - The After-Death Room: Journey Into Spiritual Activism - 2006 - by Michael McColly. Review

Books: - Acts of Intervention: Performance, Gay Culture, and AIDS - 1998 - by David Roman (Abstract). -  AIDS, Identity, and Community: The HIV Epidemic and Lesbians and Gay Men (Psychological Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Issues Vol. 2) - 1995 - edited by Gregory M. Herek and Beverly Greene (Abstract). -  T-Cells & Sympathy: Monologues in the Age of AIDS - 1995 - by Michael Kearns (Abstract). - On Watch! Views from the Lighthouse - 1996 - by Christopher Spence (Abstract). - Voices from Within: An Anthology of Prisoners' Expressions on HIV & AIDS - edited by Anthony Rozzell and Larry Wilson, with Associate Editors Charles Ridgway, Charles White, Larry Vaughan, and Gill Brown. - Bisexualities & AIDS: International Perspectives - 1996 - edited by Peter Aggleton

AIDS & AfricanAmericans; A guide for substance abuse, sexuality and care - 2000 - by Pamela Blackwell-Johnson  ( Link to Editorial Reviews) - The Boundaries of Blackness: AIDS and the Breakdown of Black Politics - 1999 - by Cathy J. Cohen (Link to Editorial Reviews). -  Honey, Honey, Miss Thang: Being Black, Gay, and On the Streets - 1996 - by Leon E. Pettiway (Editorial Review, 9 Sample pages). - Fighting Words: Personal Essays by Black Gay Men - 1999 - edited by Charles Michael Smith (Link to Editorial Reviews). - The Boundaries of Blackness: AIDS and the Breakdown of Black Politics - 1999 - by Cathy J. Cohen (Excerpt)

One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America - 1998 - by Keith Boykin (Link to Editorial Reviews, 27 Sample Pages). - Are We Not Men? Masculine Anxiety and the Problem of African-American Identity - 1998 - by Phillip Brian harper (Review). - The Greatest Taboo: Homosexuality in Black Communities - 2001 - by Delroy Constantine-Simms (Interview with author) (Table of Contents) (Review: Black Gay / Gay Black). - A Whosoever Church: Welcoming Lesbians and Gay Men into African American Congregations - 2001 - by Gary David Comstock (11 Sample Pages)  (Review).

Books: - Lessons from the Damned: Queers, Whores, and Junkies Respond to AIDS - 1998 - by Nancy E. Stoller (Abstract). -  Between the Sheets: Sexual - Diaries and Gay Men's Sex in the Era of AIDS - 1996 - by Anthony P. M. Coxon (Abstract).

Books: - Reviving the Tribe: Regenerating Gay Men's Sexuality and Culture in the Ongoing Epidemic - 1996 - by Eric Rofes (Review) (Review). - AIDS Narratives: Gender and Sexuality, Fiction and Science - 1996 - by Steven F. Kruger (Review). - EnGendering AIDS: Deconstructing Sex, Text and Epidemic - 1997 - by Tamsin Wilton (Abstract). - HIV/AIDS and Sexuality - 1995 - edited by Michael W. Ross.

Books: - International Cooperation in Response to AIDS - 1995 - by Leon Gordenker, Roger A. Coate, Christerc Jönsson and Peter Söderholm (Abstract) - .Loco afán: Crónicas de sidario ["Crazy Effort: Chronicles from AIDS," in Spanish] - 1996 - by Pedro Lemebel (Review).

Books: - My Rose: An African American Mother's Story of AIDS - 1997 - by Geneva E. Bell (Abstract). - Unbound: A Book of AIDS - 1997 - by Aaron Shurin (Abstract). - Vamps, Virgins, and Victims: How Can Women Fight AIDS? - 1996 - by Robin Gorna (Abstract).

Books: - Healthy Sex: 99 Tips to Prevent HIV Infection - 1997 - by D. Thomas Partner, R.N. (Review). -  Positive: HIV Affirmative Counseling - 1996 - by Craig D. Kain (Review). - Risky Sex: Gay Men and HIV Prevention - 1997 - by Dwayne C. Turner (Abstract). - In the Shadow of the Epidemic: Being HIV-Negative in the Age of AIDS - 1995 -  by Walt Odets (Abstract)  Abstract/Contents/Introduction. - Face to Face: A Guide to AIDS Counseling  edited by James W. Dilley, Cheri Pies, and Michael Helquist (Excerpts). - Risk and Recovery: AIDS, HIV and Alcohol by Marcia Quackenbush, JD Benson, and Joanna Rinaldi (Excerpts).

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