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General Information

Queer, Isn't It?: Bi the Way: Bisexuals are the oft-overlooked segment of the GLBT and straight communities. -  What is Bisexuality? Who is Bisexual? - Bisexuality - what is it? - What is bisexuality? Assume nothing! (PDF Download) - Is bisexuality a third sexual orientation? - Bisexuality Notes.  - Bisexuality. - Soc.Bi FAQ  -  Women and bisexuality. - University of Toronto: Bisexuality. - Heterosexual privilege. - Heterosexual privilege and bisexual visibility. - Who's Bi? - Bisexuality is Valid. - girls who like boys... and girls: being bisexual. - An Introduction to Bisexuality. - Bisexuality: Beyond the 3rd Term. - Bisexuality: the state of the union. - Queer vs bi identity. - Goodbye to Gay? Overcoming homophobia will result in more people having gay sex but fewer people claiming gay identity. - Diverse desires by Roger Garland. - Bisexuality and Transgenderism. - The Journal of Bisexuality: "InterSEXions of the "Others": Bisexuality and Transgender."  - Drawing the Line: Bisexual Women in the Lesbian Community. - Bisexuality not a transitional phase among women, according to new research. - Gary Lynn reports on his life as bisexual and related religion problems.

Straight, Gay or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited - New York Times. (Alternate Link)  - Sexual arousal patterns of bisexual men. - J. Michael Bailey attacks the identities of yet another sexual minority group: He claims that the plethysmograph proves bisexual men are "lying", and that most are just gay men after all. - Report on bisexuality study angers gay activists: Critics say New York Times ignored methodology, author’s past. - Bailey's Bisexuality Study. - Is bisexuality real? - The Bees and...the Bees: A Homosexuality and Bisexuality Primer.. - Patrolling the Borders of Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Refugee Claims in Canada.

More Light on Bisexuality and Transgender (PDF Download) - Panel discusses fact, fiction, views about bisexuality. - Bisexuality: A Complex Reality. - A Sexual Orientation Worksheet. - Re-Visioning Bisexuality. - A Sexuality Beyond the Labels. - Being Bisexual. - Japanese male gay and bisexual identity. - Bisexuality as a Concept in Finland. - Inescapable Essentialism: Bisexually-Identified Women's Strategies in the Late 80s and Early 90s. - Genetics and bisexuality (PDF Download): "A population-genetic model indicates that if there is a gene responsible for homosexual behaviour it can readily spread in populations. The model also predicts widespread bisexuality in humans." - Related Vews Item: The Genetics of Bisexuality. - What Happened to Bi Activism?

FAQ - Bisexuality and Bisexuals What is "bisexuality" anyway? - What is "a bisexual"? -  Is there a difference between "a bisexual", "bisexual" and "bi"? -  So if I've never slept with a MOTSS/MOTOS, but I feel attracted to one, am I bisexual? -  Aren't bisexuals just just going through a phase of being confused about their sexuality? -  Aren't bisexuals really denying their homosexuality? - Are bisexuals equally attracted to both sexes? -  Do bisexuals have to have lovers of both sexes to be bisexual? -  Are bisexuals capable of monogamy? -  But if they're monogamous, how can they be bisexual? -  Isn't everyone really bisexual? -  Why do you think bi issues are different from gay issues, since all your problems come the same source: homophobia? -  Why would lesbians/gay men discriminate against bisexuals? -  Why CAN'T you choose one sex over the other? -  I've discovered that I'm bisexual - should I tell my family? -  Is there really a bisexual community? -  Are there any bi-friendly places in real life? -  Does anyone know of any good books with bisexual characters? -  What is the Kinsey scale? -  What other resources are available on bisexuality? -  What is "bisexuality" anyway? - Bisexuality as a cultural norm is in fact the natural next step for our society to take.

The bisexual test. - Is bisexuality a third sexual orientation? - Bisexuality: Neither Homosexuality nor Heterosexuality.- Bisexuality as seen by Newsweek. (Related Information) - Some notes on bisexuality. - Is everyone bisexual? (Part of a film review) - Fat and Bi. - What is the Bisexual Network BiNe e.V.? - Was ist BiNe? - Bisexuality is not a Phase. - The Challenges and Rewards of Life as an Outspoken Bisexual Elder. - Bisexual Students Face Tension With Gay Groups. - The more they like sex, the more women like women: Bisexuality is on the rise - but only on one side of the gender gap

Les Bisexuels: - "Après les gais et les lesbiennes, c'est maintenant au tour des bisexuels de sortir de la garde-robe et de revendiquer leurs droits. Accrochez-vous à votre tuque: cette troisième révolution sexuelle risque de choquer autant les gais que les hétéros. - La bisexualité : corps et âme?  La bisexualité dans tous ses états. - Le premier manifeste français des hommes et des femmes bisexuel/le/s. - Antenne d'information bisexuelle Romande (Suisse). - Le niveau de tolérance sociale envers la bisexualité et l'homosexualité. -  Le manifeste bi italien Identité bi.

Qu’est-ce que la bisexualité? - Sur le vif, quelques réflexions sur la sexualité. - Bisexualité: le dernier taboo? - Manifeste pour une bisexualité radicale. - Dossier Orientations, identités Sexuelles. - Les bisexuel-le-s et l'échangisme. - La bisexualité, vous pratiquez? - La bisexualité au royaume des mâles. - Vivre sa bisexualité. - Us et coutumes fictives des bisexuels. - Soirées bisexuelles / Le meilleur des deux mondes. - Bisexualité en Suisse. - Les Français et les tabous sexuels. - Tous bi or not tous bi? - Lever le voile sur les pratiques bisexuelles. - Pas facile d'être bi.

Everybody Wants You When You're Bi. - Theorizing the bisexual: bisexuality and the politics of invisibility. - Being Bi in a Mono-Culture: Towards A More Inclusive Perspective on Race and Sexuality. - Playing Safe With Both Teams: Bisexuality and HIV Prevention, Bisexuality In The Media. - Data are emerging on the psychology of bisexuals (APA) - Bisexuality's appeal is freedom of choice.- GLAAD's Bi Visibility Project. - On bisexuality -- and the suppression of feelings N/A. - US girls embrace gay passion fashion: "Some see it as the latest cool trend among girls in America's high schools. Others claim it is just teenagers doing what they do best - being rebellious. Either way, a wave of 'bisexual chic' is sweeping the United States."

A Brief History of the Bisexual Movement. - A Brief History of the Movement. - A different "A brief history of the bisexual movement." - Bisexual Movement (A history). - Brève chronologie du mouvement bi américain. - The Problem with Today’s Bisexual Movement (PDF Download). - Voici une liste quasi exhaustive des clichés sur la bisexualité. - Le choix homo ou hétéro m'apparaît comme une restriction N/A

I've never had a bisexual client... Can a therapist help if she believes you don't exist?. - Bi Community News (England). - The London Bisexual Women's Group. - Manchester Bisexuals Homepage. - SM Bisexuals home page. - Bifrost was the UK's only bisexual news letter from July 1991 to July 1995.- Coming Out for Bisexuals. - Bisexuality in Switzerland. -  Being Bi at Amherst. -  Advice For Coming Out as Bisexual. - UK Bi Youth. - Sidney Bi Youth. - Bi Youth Manchester.

So, your friend has recently come out as a proud bisexual, but now he's convinced that you’re bi, too.  -  Factor influencing sexual orientation: "On the basis of anthropological & child development evidence, it would appear that most human beings are born with a bisexual potential (PFLAG). - Bisexuality: Double the Phobia, Double the Fun. - Bisexual Fools in Love - All Acts of Love & Pleasure in Her Name.

Finding asylum: after he was arrested for sodomy and tortured in Uzbekistan, bisexual reporter Ruslan Sharipov escaped to the United States:  Were you out as a bisexual man in Uzbekistan? I wasn't advertising it. But people knew because for several years, besides general human rights work, I was defending sexual minorities. After I saw how the police torture and use [laws against homosexuality in] the criminal code to blackmail people, I decided I had to defend sexual minorities. Nobody was doing that kind of work in Uzbekistan. Everybody is afraid and says, "We can't talk about that."

Dr. Klein's Home for Everything Bisexual. -  Bi Married Men of America's Home. - Homosexualité masculine dans le couple, le dur apprentissage de la bisexualité au quotidien. - Loraine Hutchins: Expert on bisexuality, sacred & radical sex, and inter-related oppressions issues. - The Vogue Sexuality: "Loosely interpreted, bisexuality is not only the possession of attraction for members of more than one sex, but also the potential to feel so. For some individuals, bisexuality is a life-long commitment. For others, it is a step on the continuum between homosexuality and heterosexuality. Recent research is even suggesting the intriguing idea that heterosexuality and homosexuality are phases on the way to bisexuality."

L'association Bi Unité Montréal: Ce site a pour but de fournir des renseignements sur l'association Bi Unité Montréal et ses activités, et de diffuser l'information visant à permettre une meilleure connaissance de la bisexualité. - Articles divers. - Internet Resources.

BiWorld International News (Listing by countries). - First European Bisexual Conference. The Second European Bisexual Conference will be held in Dublin and is to be organized by Bi-Irish. - Sexualities: Studies in Culture and Society (Vol. 2-3. 1999): Postmodern Bisexuality. - Postmodern Bisexuality.

Bisexuality and how to use it: toward a coalition identity politics. - Bisexuality in Ancient Rome with Notes on similar situation in Ancient Greece. - Bisexuality Politicised: Radical Bisexuality and the Politics of Choice. - BiWomen: The Newsletter of the Boston Bisexual Women's Network. - Bisexuality; rhetoric and reality. (Page begin with Sarah McLachlan quote: "I find people in general sexually attractive. But then, I find trees sexually attractive too."

Search GLBTQ: The Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Culture. - Search BGLAD. - Search the QRD. - Search all GLBT Resource Directories. - Search - Search Google Scholar. - Search Google's G:LBT Directory. - MSN Search. - Search many full text articles and papers.

Academic Searches: Search IngentaConnect: The most comprehensive collection of academic and professional publications. - Search Project Muse: Scholarly Journals Online. - Search JSTOR: The Scholarly Journal Archive. - Search The National Library of Medicine.

Bisexuality in Communities of Color

Color Bi Numbers. - Bisexuality in South Asian Communities.- Silahis: Looking for the Missing Filipino Bisexual Male.(A part of the book "Bisexualities and AIDS: International Perspectives") - Confessions of a Tantric Androgyne, by Ganapati Sivananda Durgadas: Androgyny, bisexuality, and the many sexes of the Hindu deities. - Power and Sexuality in the Middle East: Sexual relations in Middle Eastern societies have historically articulated social hierarchies, that is, dominant and subordinate social positions: adult men on top; women, boys and slaves below." (Alternate Link) - It's What You Think You See That Counts: True Tales from the Edges of the Bi-Trans Continuum. - Identity Politics: "Besides being mixed race, I am also bisexual. I came out when I was seventeen, and it was a two year struggle." - Being Bi In The Monoculture: Towards a More Inclusive Perspective on Race and Sexuality.

Bisexuality in the African American Community. - Bisexuality and lesbianism in black culture. - Pushing Queer Boundaries What does it mean to be bisexual and black? - You can only give up 'identity' once you have one Marlene Ellis looks at where we are in the creation of a Bisexual identity. - Who's gay, and who cares? (Alternate Link) - 'Secret' Bisexuality Among Black Men Contributes to Rising Number of AIDS Cases in Black Women. - On the Down Low. - The Danger of Living "Down Low"; Black Men Who Hide Their Bisexuality Can Put Women at Risk. - St. Louis: Some Gay Black Men Are Keeping a Deadly Secret. - "The Deadly Secret" - Secret Bisexuality Threat to Women. - Men who sleep with men: Brothers on the down low pose a serious AIDS risk to Black women. - Why AIDS Is Rising Among Black Women. - Afro-American Studies 124: Constructions of Identity. - We Are Family? "Blacks call each other "brother" and "sister". Queers call each other "family". Where does that leave a black bisexual?" - The Hidden Epidemic: "It's called the 'down-low' - the lifestyle of black men who have sex with other men but keep it secret from the women in their lives. Men on the down-low risk more than rejection if they're found out - they face blame for fanning the flames of the AIDS epidemic." - The Low Down on Down Low Culture. - Sex, Lies and Magazines: "...many African Americans are unwilling to acknowledge homosexuality in their communities, and many black males, even those who sometimes engage in homosexual sex.."

HIV Disproportionately Affects African Americans: " Two new studies suggest that bisexual risk behaviors among African-American men may be fueling the spread of HIV infection to African-American women in some parts of the country. A survey of 7,065 men in gay venues in New York City, conducted by Tracy Mayne, PhD, and colleagues from the New York City Department of Health and Gay Men's Health Crisis, found 20% of African-American men reporting bisexuality, compared to 12% of Hispanics and 4% of white men." - Differences in disclosure of sexuality among African American and White gay/bisexual men: implications for HIV/AIDS prevention. - The (Re) Construction of African-American Masculinity: Homosexuality. - The truth about bisexuality in black America: AIDS epidemic and social problems create explosive situation. - "State Study Links Bisexuality to HIV Spread Among Minority Women." - "Bisexuality, Abuse, Drugs Behind AIDS Spread Among South's Rural Blacks, Researcher Says."

The extent of bisexual behaviour in HIV-infected men and implications for transmission to their female sex partners: "The proportion of MSM who reported having sex with women (MSM/MSW) varied by race: 34% of black MSM, 26% of Hispanic MSM, and 13% of white MSM. While 14% of white women acknowledged having a bisexual partner, only 6% of black and 6% of Hispanic women reported having a bisexual partner. Most behaviourally bisexual men identified as either bisexual (59%) or homosexual (26%)..."

Male 'Homosexualities' In India / South Asia: Excerpts from - Khan, Shivananda (2001). Culture, sexualities, and identities: men who have sex with men in India. Journal of Homosexuality, 40(3/4), 99-115. & Asthana S, and Oostvogels R (2001). The social construction of male 'homosexuality' in India: implications for HIV transmission and prevention. Social Science & Medicine, 52: 707-21. - India’s wings of desire. - Bi today, gay tomorrow? The Times of India wonders. - Bisexuality: the sudden reveal. - An Asia Society and South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association Panel Discussion: "There are virtually no prevention programs for men who have sex with men which is an enormously dangerous error in India given the vast extent of male bisexuality." - News Media Articles about the Sexual Practices in the Pashtun Region of Afghanistan - Pakistan.

HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean: Big Problems Among Small Islands: "Zacharias said that in some Caribbean countries, up to 17% of men have sex with other men. "Many don't consider themselves gay because they are the active partner," he said." - La bisexualité arabe (PDF Download N/A). - Prévention de proximité auprès des hommes impliqués dans des rapports de prostitution au Maroc.

Gary Leupp' Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan. "...Leupp traces the origins of pre-Tokugawa homosexual traditions among monks and samurai, then describes the emergence of homosexual practices among commoners in Tokugawa cities. He argues that it was "nurture" rather than "nature" that accounted for such conspicuous male/male sexuality and that bisexuality was more prevalent than homosexuality." (Book Review)

Oppression, Biphobia & Binary Thinking

Are bisexual oppressed?  - Keynote Speech (1994): "What's So Funny About Bisexual Separatism?" (Alternate Link) - Why would lesbian & gay organizations include bisexual? Oppression and Community. - Bisexual clients may feel extreme alienation as they confront pervasive unacceptance in both the heterosexual and the homosexual communities. - Bisexuality, Not Homosexuality: Counseling Issues and Treatment Approaches.. - Bisexual Internalized Oppression. (Alternate Link). - Bisexuality (The binary problems). - The Binary Oppositions of Inclusive Identities. - Survey finds less tolerance of bisexuals than of gays or lesbians. - Bisexuality: Politics and Community. - Bisexuality as asexuality: biphobic people, biphobia. - Bisexuality and the atigmatization enountered from those in the heterosexual and homosexual communities (PDF Download).  

Movies Reflect the Undefined Sexuality of Youth  ...Although Many Filmmakers Fear Using the Word 'Bisexual' N/A: "Bryant founded Biversity in Boston, a mixed-gender network of 500 bisexuals and is on the board of the Bisexual Resource Center. He insists movies help influence people into believing what is acceptable and films help young people find role models. "The lack of positive role models contribute to the increased suicide rates of queer youth," Bryant explains. "Kids don't see characters on the screen they identify with, and now they may." Characters may not be labeled by the filmmakers, but Bryant sees "a new trend toward young people just not taking a label or caring about label." However, it's not just young characters, and it's not just an American phenomenon..." - Bisexuality in Films. - Male Bisexuality on the Big and Small Screen: Is Visibility Slowly Improving

In Gay, Straight Circles, Bisexuals Are the Outcasts (Keith Bowers, San Francisco Chronicle, 2000). - Bisexual women rejected by lesbians? - Lesbians biased against bisexuality? - Straight Lesbians Or Denying Bisexuality? - Tight Spots: Bi Acceptance. - Kinky Bisexuals: Ultimate Switches or Outcasts? - The Burden of Bisexuality And How The Gay Community Shuns It. - 2 distinctive items separating bi-affirmative spirituality from gay affirmative spirituality: "Often times when I read about 'gay-affirmative' spirituality, there is two elements I would like to see but usually do not. These same two items are often missing from most gay activist rhetoretic, but I feel the acceptance of the following two items are necessary if faith communities are to welcome bisexuals into their midst: ... - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Forces Bisexuals Back Into the Closet.

What Does Biphobia Look Like? -  The theme, "Biphobia Makes Us Blue", underscores two key political points simultaneously.  First, the term "Blue" accurately and synonymously describes the sadness, disappointment, and frustration we all feel when we are demeaned, rejected, excluded as bisexuals amongst our lesbian and gay peers. - Biphobia - Biphobia. - Internalized Biphobia. - Biphobia and Transphobia: Intellectual Ammunition from the Lesbian Avengers/SF. - Biphobia: It Goes More Than Two Ways. - Bisexuality Awareness and Bi-phobia: Afraid of Bisexuals? We are afraid of bisexuals. - Survey finds less tolerance of bisexuals than of gays or lesbians (PubMed Abstract). - The Prevalence and Nature of Biphobia in Heterosexual Undergraduate Students: "Although there was a high degree of correlation between biphobia and homophobia, negative attitudes about bisexuals, men in particular, were more prevalent than negative attitudes about lesbians or gay men. Biphobia and homophobia should be considered related, but distinct, phenomena."

Dobinson, Cheryl (2003). Improving the Access and Quality of Public Health Services for Bisexuals: A position paper and resolution adopted by the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA). PDF Download. Excerpts: "When asked about the unique issues, experiences and challenges facing bisexual people one of the most common responses was to list the kinds of myths and stereotypes that exist around bisexuality, and which bisexuals must deal with. These include: that bisexuals must have a 50/50 attraction to men and women, that they are dishonest and cheat on their partners, that they can’t be monogamous, that it’s a phase or a transition, that bisexuals are wild and sexual, that they spread STDs/AIDS, that they are selfish, that they’re playing the field, that they can’t make up their
minds, that bisexuality doesn’t really exist and isn’t a legitimate sexual identity, and that bisexuals stay in the closet and live a mainly straight life. The existence of such stereotypes and myths about bisexuals is outlined in current literature as well (Bisexual Resource Centre 2002, McLean 2001, McInnis and Kong 1998, Richters 1997a, CLGRO 1997). Participants also talked about feelings of not belonging in either the straight or gay world, and about experiencing biphobia from gays and lesbians. They pointed out that bisexuals are largely invisible and that there is a lack of bisexual groups or a bisexual community to be part of. They mentioned isolation and loneliness, confusion, and mental health and self-esteem issues. Many felt that bisexuals experience pressure to choose to identify as gay or straight and also others being confused about what bisexuality means or why it is important. These feelings and experiences are also mentioned in the existing literature (Dennis 2003, Vargas 2002, Fallas and Landers 1999, Taghavi 1999, Vanasco 1999, McInnis and Kong 1998, Cornelson 1998, CLGRO 1997, Richters 1997a, Ochs 1996, Fox 1996, Alley 1996, Weinberg, Williams and Pryor 1994).

A hatred of bisexuality in gay communities? - Life as a Social Outcast: (White Print on White Background) "The first time I told someone I was bisexual there was silence. The second time I mentioned it women distanced themselves from me. Eventually, I was studiously avoided. I apparently didn't belong there because... I'm not a lesbian. - Highlights on the development of the Attitudes Regarding Bisexuality Scale.

Bisexual... la sola palabra despierta pasiones y agudos enfrentamientos; para unos es sólo una condición transitoria en el paso de la heterosexualidad a la homosexualidad, un estado "por superar"; también se habla de ella como una homosexualidad solapada, la de aquellos que temen asumirse y terminan envueltos en relaciones con personas del sexo opuesto para demostrarle a los demás (y a sí mismos) que no son "eso". Por su parte una fracción de la comunidad gay ha llegado a satanizar al bisexual, calificándolo de cobarde por su "negativa" a definirse como "homo", un hijo de la opresión, un indefinido, nada. Además, en ésta, la era del sida, este personaje ha conseguido ganarse una muy mala reputación siendo culpado de "propagar" el virus por fuera de la comunidad homosexual (!); en fin el bisexual crea un vaivén que nadie parece soportar.

Skott Freedman: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance of Virginia Tech brought a speaker to campus last night to address the issue of bisexuality in the gay community. Skott Freedman, a 22-year-old Ithaca College graduate, spoke on combating biphobia and bringing bisexuals closer to the LGBTA community. Freedman said people often assume that either you are gay or you are straight." - Queer Enough For Ya?: (White Print on White Background) "I have, at times, experienced biphobia amongst lesbians. In fact, many bisexual women fear going to lesbian spaces because we know it's possible that our sexuality will be questioned or denied outright. However, I've never been able to illustrate that experience with perfect clarity ... until now."

Being Bi in a Binary World. - Bisexuality [and Related Issues]: Review.- Bisexuality and the Queer Community. - Most of my experiences with bi-phobia have been from the lesbian & gay communities. - Oppression Exists Within BLGT Movement As Well.- The gay community would do well to change their 'Bi-phobic' attitudes N/A. - Bisexuals Given Message to LIE iin Sidney N/A. - Must Bisexuals Lie? - BI-ntroduction: Epistemologies of the Fence. - Inescapable Essentialism: Bisexually-Identified Women's Strategies in the Late 80s and Early 90s. - In-Between. - Is Bisexuality "The Wave Of The Future?" - Discourses Of Bisexuality In Finnish Newspapers and Magazines.
Bisexuals face oppression from both sides of coin New community strugggles to establish cohesive coalition 30 years after beginning of gay rights' movement. - Bisexuality and Youth - A document prepared by Project 10 of Montreal to examine issues related to counselling and bisexuality N/A (Access for a PDF Download). - Beyond Equality. - Redefining Bi Politics.

Kurt Cobain's suicide note. Cobain self-identified as bisexual and, during adolescence, he would write "God is Gay!" on parked cars.  (The Dark Side of Kurt Cobain). Pfaff, the female bassist in Cobain's wife (Courtney Love's) rock group, Hole, also committed suicide. She  identified as bisexual and they both had been an intimate part of a human collective which strongly denied that bisexuality existed. Both were therefore constantly reminded that they "should not exist," and Courtney Love was in the category of. vehemently denying that bisexuality existed. (Cobain-Related Information) - The Suicide of Kurt Cobain: Bi, Biphobia & The Binary. (Alternate Link).

Bisexuals Excluded From Mardi Gras: Sidney, Australia, 1999 (Many related articles). - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Forces Bisexuals Back Into the Closet.

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Everyone Bisexual?

Sexual Intelligence by Marty Klein: "We could simply call everyone "bisexual," but once the term applies to everyone, it loses its value." - Bisexuality Myths & Misconceptions: "I question saying “Everyone is bisexual” or “Nobody is bisexual.” Both deny some people’s experience & make “bisexual” a meaningless distinction." - Why am I writing this book? N/A "I now believe that being bisexual is natural, and I will go further and say that I believe bisexually is the human norm! I do not believe everyone is bisexual, yet, I have no doubt the majority of men are. There are definitely a wide range of feelings, beliefs and behaviors, many of which people do not call or will not admit being bisexual. I understand there are those who are totally straight and those who are totally gay." - Tous bi or not tous bi? - Robert Downey Jr. N/A: ""It also helps that everybody is bisexual by nature. It's the part of us that allows us to have close friendships with people of the same sex without necessarily having or wanting to have sex with them." - Down & Out in Beverly Hills

Sinead: "Everyone is Bisexual N/A" She reveals, "I'm not a lesbian. I'm bisexual. I believe everyone is bisexual, there's no such thing as gay or straight." -  Were here, we're... uh... straight? "I'm not one of those obnoxious people who go around saying, "Everyone's bisexual," either. I think most people are actually mostly heterosexual, and some portion of the population is exclusively so. I also think a significant percentage of people are mostly homosexual and a portion of them exclusively so. It's the mostly that interests me, because within that lies the possibility of surprise and change and something not at all like conversion." - New Haven Advocate: Both Ends Against the Middle: How gays and straights make bisexuals invisible.(Interview with Kenji Yoshino, author of 2000 paper "The epistemic contract of bisexual erasure." Stanford Law Review 53(2), 353-461: "Some people have this really utopian vision of bisexuality: Twenty years from now, we're all just going to wake up and realize that we're all bisexual." (Related Comments) - I believe we’re ALL inherently bisexual. Yes, you. Yes, me N/A. - Everyone-Is-Bisexual Yahoo Group. - Everyone is bisexual in a way. - Sexual Partner Preference in Female Japanese Macaques: "Whether animals ever exhibit a preference for same-sex sexual partners is a subject of debate... Thus, in some populations of Japanese macaques, females prefer certain same-sex sexual partners relative to certain male mates, and vice versa. Taken together, this evidence suggests that female Japanese macaques are best characterized as bisexual in orientation, not preferentially homosexual or preferentially heterosexual."

Press the right buttons: "But Tim, Jackie, Bob and the others still describe themselves as gay - though Tim thinks he may have been "a lazy heterosexual". Not one of them, interestingly, will go near the B-word. And typically, even that old fraud David Bowie, who had a whole generation parroting "Everyone's bisexual!", has recently been banging on about what an effort it was to fancy men for all those years. When did bisexuality stop being the belle of the ball and become the love that dare not speak its name? Since we realised that, with a few honourable exceptions, those who rally under its banner tend to be more than usually dim, dull and desperate." - Where to start? So many good things to choose from this month: "Vice Versa goes on provoking discussion - it's amazing how many column inches some good PR and a book on a trendy topic will get you. Over in London's Time Out, Sophia Chauchard-Stuart uses it as the starting point for a deft dissection of why Garber's "everyone's bisexual really" line is proving such a big hit..." - Marjorie Garber on Bisexuality.

Vice Versa: bisexuality and the eroticism of everyday life - 1995 - by Marjore Garber: "This is a five hundred page tome that ploughs through a bisexual history of the western world: Stephen Spender, D.H.Lawrence, Frieda Kahlo, Virginia Woolf .... The list is virtually endless, and all your favourite bisexals turn up somewhere. Indeed, almost everyone turns up somewhere, which is Garber's problem. She knows enough about politics to know that identities are self-chosen, and that you shouldn't go around telling people that they are bisexual. But on the other hand, her devotion to Freud's notion of an original bisexuality is so complete that she can't help implying at every turn that everyone is bisexual, really. (Which is presumably why she has been so well received by the bi comunity in the USA, and is likely to get the same reception here). Much as she strenuously avoids saying it, it's hard to tell what other conclusion she is reaching." - Do you see yourself bisexual or just sexual? If you want my personal opinion, I think that everyone is bisexual. Some people act on it, some don't.

Anti-Gay, edited by Mark Simpson (1996): reviewed by Terry Sanderson. "The anti-gay movement, for those who don't know, is a collection of people who are homosexual (or who at least have homosexual sex), and claim to be sickened by the way the "gay community" has evolved. They think that we have contrived to create a lifestyle for ourselves that is devoid of spontaneity, and that in order to be considered "gay" you have to conform not only in dress and hairstyle, but in thinking too. Any criticism of the gay "lifestyle", however justified, say the leaders of this movement, is now immediately, and unthinkingly, branded homophobic... This is another failing of the book: at one point it propounds the old idea that everyone is bisexual and that it is damaging to define ourselves as homosexual and heterosexual. There's no such thing as gay, according to the great minds that have contributed to this volume, it's all just a delusion. Well, pardon me for dissenting, but I am definitely gay. Or homosexual. Or six on the Kinsey scale. I don't have a heterosexual or bisexual cell in my body, and I'm not just saying that. Believe me, I know. I've tried..."

Intelligent and well worth reading (Re: Gore Vidal: Sexually Speaking: Collected Sex Writings by Gore Vidal): "Another reservation is that it is time that Vidal stop insisting that everyone is bisexual and that exclusive homosexuality does not exist when he himself has been exclusively homosexual for several generations. Rather than admit that he was wrong about this proclamation which he made back in the sixties, Vidal plows ahead, sounding more and more absurd each time he says it. Vidal's viewpoint on sexuality is pragmatic and free of guilt and superstition. He is very much in line with the rationalist/utilitarian school of Western philosophy." - Growing up in a world where male homomosexuality is the rule, not the exception. - Could you be bisexual? Like blogs and iPods once were, this is the new buzz today. Everybody is saying that everyone else is ‘bi’. Nilanjana Sengupta on whether it is possible for us to be so inclined.

John Forbes Nash Jr.: 'Beautiful Mind' lies about homosexuality. - A Beautiful Mind. - Man behind 'Beautiful Mind' denies rumors of homosexuality, anti-Semitism N/A. - An example of "bisexual" erasure - as in "bisexual" being made into "gay": "A Beautiful mind". - Appendix B of the Gay Tantra book rough draft N/A: "In effect what I am saying is that everyone is homosexual (and heterosexual) to some degree, but our language and social conditioning prevent us from acknowledging this fact even to ourselves. It could be so complicated. From a Tantric spiritual perspective it makes sense that we are models of the Divine which contains all potentials and all sexualities."

Kurt Cobain - "All Apologies": "Everyone is gay". - Eminem: "I think many people fail to see the point that Eminem really isn't all that offensive and controversial, just as offensive and controversial as a mainstream act can get. All I see in him is wasted potential, a solid rapper with good flow who wastes it writing songs about how important he is, how everybody is gay, and how controversial he is. - Sir Ian McKellen: "Well, I tend to think everybody IS gay, but straights tend to think everybody is probably straight, and the truth is somewhere in between I expect."

Ain't Misbehavin'?: Sex and the Dumaguete College Student: "Alfay Vintola is the same. He carefully avoids the trappings of being perceived a bisexual by looking and acting very much a heterosexual. In the July 17, 1995 issue of Newsweek, John Leland calls bisexuality as the “wild card of our erotic life.” The concept of having it both ways is strange and new to many; intellectuals however have acknowledged it for many years now. In retrospect of his short story The City and the Pillar, novelist Gore Vidal claims “everybody is bisexual.” Sigmund Freud theorized that we are really all bisexual, even pointing out that exclusive heterosexuality was a problem. “What I like is the [appreciation of my own] maleness itself,” Alfay says. He silently protests that his being bisexual does not arise from any desire to become another gender. As one bisexual puts it: “I don’t desire a gender. I desire a person.”

Bisexual Males? How many of these? ...: Public Communication by the APA: New Study Links Homophobia with Homosexual Arousal. - It has long been held that, deep down, homophobes are really self-hating homosexuals. Now comes evidence to support that notion. - Penile Turgidity and Homosexuality: The Long and Short of it. - Outside the BOX: Bisexuals confuse a society obsessed with categorizing people: "And, though there are those, such as Gore Vidal and Sigmund Freud, who believe that everyone is bisexual to some extent, many others dismiss bisexuality and bisexual relationships..."

Some are born Bisexual, some achieve Bisexuality, and some have Bisexuality thrust upon them... - Bisexual: "Many gays believe sexual orientation is defined at birth. Conservative Christian groups that want to help gays "return" to heterosexuality, insist it's a choice. They're both wrong." - Activist explores bisexual voices, bisexual history.

Hypertext and Queer Theory: "My understanding of hypertext recently got a jolt from a situation which developed far from my computer screen. Outside my office door, which is located in a busy and heavily travelled hallway, I posted a sign with the contradictory slogans "Everyone is Bisexual" and "There is no such thing as bisexuality." I knew this was a provocative act, but it's one that's completely in character since I think of the teacher as the agent provocateur...

The Earth Is not Flat? Most Men Say  they are 100% heterosexual? What Is  "The Heterosexuality"  These Men Claim To Have? Was "IT" Learned? Could they be bisexual or maybe...? How big is the male homosexual/bisexual closet? - Feminism means choice: against `politically correct' sex. - What do women really want?.....another woman?!

Evolutionary biology: Genetics and bisexuality: "A population-genetic model indicates that if there is a gene responsible for homosexual behaviour it can readily spread in populations. The model also predicts widespread bisexuality in humans."

The Social Construction of Male Homosexuality and Related Suicide Problems (Alternate Link): Sexual Orientation: Binaries and Definition Problems (Alternate Link). Male Homosexuality: From Common to a Rarity (Alternate Link). - Lesbianism and Female Bisexuality in Ancient Literature- Cultural Construction(s) of Same Sex Sexual Relations (PDF Download) N/A. - Allies in Exile: Deviant Groups and Social Stigma.

Commentaries: "i was having one of those late night conversations with my daughter and her friends, and their opinion is that pretty much everyone is bisexual, just some are more repressed than others. other than the one who's 20 and has never even kissed anyone, all the non-virgins (these are girls i'm talking to here) had been with women as well as men, and would do it again. they don't feel confined by having to look for "the right man"." - Partly Gay? For Some Teen Girls, Sexual Preference Is A Shifting Concept N/A (Washington Post Feature article): " Social scientists say that 5 percent to 7 percent of young people are gay or lesbian, and that teenagers are starting at younger ages to have same-sex sexual experiences: 13 for boys, 15 for girls. But those figures don't begin to tell the full story about today's girls because girls, more often than boys, experiment with their sexuality and resist being placed in any particular group."

Sophie B. Hawkins: "I've always been aware that women love women and men love men and should be able to do so as openly, deeply and practically as heterosexual relationships are expected to be expressed. My mother didn't hide her love affairs with women, and my father always said, "Everyone is bisexual," so I didn't feel bad about my crushes on men and women, ever..."

Jordan: "I’m pretty lucky. Both my parents are ministers and I always grew up with the Kinsey model – that everyone falls somewhere on a scale of 1 to 6, 1 being totally heterosexual and 6 being totally homosexual. I was always taught that everyone’s bisexual, it’s just a matter of degree. For me, there was never a coming out. My family always assumed I was bi, that I’d either bring home Bob or Barbara."

True Nature: A Theory of Human Sexual Evolution. Part 1: "A historical review of homosexuality in diverse cultures reveals that significantly many cultures have existed where (male) bisexuality has been rather universal and that all cultures have condemned exclusive homosexuality, either legally or with the threat of social rejection. Neither of these facts can be rationalized using the ballpark ‘10%’ statistic for homosexuality believed to be representative of human beings..." - True Nature: A Theory of Human Sexual Evolution. Parts 2–4. - People in a World Between: Psychodynamic Themes in the Treatment of Bisexual Patients: Culture and Psychoanalytic Theory: "Normal sexual behavior is on a continuum—with homosexuality at one end, heterosexuality at the other, and bisexuality at the midpoint. Most people have some bisexual potential."

Are Human Beings "By Nature" Bisexual? "In this paper, I first survey the ways in which bisexuality was understood by late 19 th-century sexologists, by Freud and his followers, by Alfred Kinsey, and by contemporary social scientists and political activists."

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Writings on Bisexuality

Queer politics and bisexuality: "The topic considers the politics of bisexuality in some detail as an example of one of the ‘alternative sexualities’ that are seen as central to queer politics... Queer also symbolised a separation of a new generation of gay men and lesbians from an older generation who had become coopted, according to queer activists, by the straight world and were no longer sufficiently revolutionary... Queer politics and queer theory have been criticised by socialist gay academics and activists.." - Angie Bowie's Lecture on Bisexuality. - Queer Wars: " In a ghetto far, far away...  It is a period of civil elections. Rebel tickets, striking with a revolutionary platform, have won their first victory against the evil GayActing Empire. During the lead up to the election, rebel bi's managed to publish letters to the editor of the ghetto's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR OBSERVER, a weekly publication with enough power to destroy an entire board." - Bisexuality and beyond

Bisexuality: A Contemporary Paradox for Women. by Paula C. Rodriguez Rust (Journal of Social Issues, Summer 2000): "The cultural construction of "lesbian" and "heterosexual" women in late-nineteenth-century European cultures created both the possibility of conceiving the "bisexual" woman and the belief that bisexuality cannot exist. Social scientists have suggested several alternatives to dichotomous constructions of sexuality to facilitate the conceptualization of and therefore empirical research on, bisexuality." - Fluidity and relating: Accounting for relating practices and sexual identity in a bisexuality discussion group (PDF Download). - Beyond Gay or Straight: Increasing our Choices About Sexual Identity. - Outside the BOX: Bisexuals confuse a society obsessed with categorizing people.

Identity/politics; Conceptualizing Bisexuality - A University Course and Related Resources. - Writings on bisexuality and writings from - Bisexuality, Queer Theory and Mary Dorcey's Biography of Desire: An Outlaw Reading. (Alternate Link) - Afterbite: Is Bisexuality So Radical? - Bisexuality Politicised: Radical Bisexuality and the Politics of Choice. - A New Hybridity? Bisexuality, Queer Theory, and Mary Dorcey's Biography of Desire.

Coming Clean About Bisexuality: A male perspective by Garrett Jones. - Unresolved Issues In The Psychoanalytic Theory of Homosexuality and Bisexuality. - A Feminist Methodology of the Personal: Bisexual Experience and Feminist Post-structuralist Epistemology. - Traditional, indigenous, non-western, pre-colonial sexuality and gender and what happens to them in the European imperialist period and the modern and post-modern setting? - Postmodern Chaos...The Frightening Spectre of Bisexuality: "Why is bisexuality suddenly the in thing on campus? Actually, it doesn't end there...."

Fluidity and relating: Accounting for relating practices and sexual identity in a bisexuality discussion group (PDF Download): "This exploratory study investigates the social process of accounting in a bisexuality discussion group meeting, paying special attention to how dominant ideological forces of heterosexism and monosexism enable and constrain various assumptions about bisexuality and how bisexual relaters account for the legitimacy of bisexuality and/or disguise their sexuality in their everyday interactions."

A Queer Geography - 1996 - by Frank Browning (Review: A Queer Co-Optation: Looking for Identity in All the Wrong Places "We knew, always should have known, that there were many times more bisexuals than homosexuals." A Queer Geography: Journeys Toward a Sexual Self N/A: "Actually, Browning doesn't doubt that homosexuals - people attracted to others of the same sex - exist; in fact, he doesn't really doubt that gay people exist. He does question, though, how 'gay' is created."

Robyn Ochs: Bisexual speaker, workshop leader, teacher, writer, and activist. Writings - Papers. book chapters.

Bisexual Men in Culture and Society (Journal of Bisexuality, 2-1): PDF Download of Abstracts. - Bisexuality as a Concept in Finland among Young Bisexuals. - Bisexuality vs. Psychology. - Bisexuality and Psychology. - Bisexuality and Theology.

Famous bisexuals. - Famous Bisexual Females with links to related information. -  Commentary on famous 'gay' individuals in history and other "bi" issues. - Bisexuality in Movies, Television and Music. - Bisexuality and Celebrity. - Maybe, Maybe Not-Today's Filmmakers Reject Bisexual Label.

Professional Resources

Adolescent Sexuality, Gender and the HIV Epidemic: "While male-to-male sex exists in every culture, the activities concerned are rarely understood as "homosexual" still less as "gay" (McKenna, 1996). More likely than not, they will not be widely talked about, or named only within local vernaculars often inaccessible to outsiders (Aggleton, Khan and Parker, 1998). That said, in many countries of the world a not insubstantial number of young men have their first sexual experience with other men, and for some this may be the beginning of a longer lasting bisexual behavioural repertoire. For example, 50 per cent of male university students recently interviewed in Sri Lanka reported that their first sexual experience had been with another man (Silva et al, 1997), and there are well documented studies of behavioural bisexuality among men in countries as diverse as the Philippines (Tan, 1996), India (Khan, 1996), Morocco (Bourshaba et al, 1998), Brazil (Parker, 1996), the Dominican Republic (de Moya and Garcia, 1996) and Peru (Cáceres, 1998). While it would be quite wrong to see male bisexuality as a purely "adolescent" phenomenon or triggered by men's lack of access to women, the restrictions many cultures place on socialisation between the sexes may have an important role to play in facilitating this alternative means of sexual expression."

Kirsten McLean is a Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University: "Where am I? Bisexual Invisibility in the Classroom", Redress, September 2000. "Too Hard for The 'Too Hard Basket'?: Bisexuality, Young People and Schooling", forthcoming article in Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli (ed) Coming Out of the Too Hard Basket, Sydney, Finch Publishing, 2002. "Living Life in the Double Closet: Young Bisexual Speak Out," Hecate, Vol 27, No 1, August 2001: "We develop our bisexual identities within a context in which the homosexual/ heterosexual dichotomy is institutionalised and enforced socially, politically and linguistically... The pervasiveness of the heterosexual/homosexual binary, and the lack of understanding about the meaning of bisexuality, creates intense pressure on bisexual people to refrain from public admission of their bisexuality, or mask their true identity by referring to themselves as gay, lesbian or heterosexual...For this study, 22 young bisexual people living in and around the Melbourne metropolitan area were interviewed. Their ages ranged from 18 to 25, and 14 were female, and 8 were male... Part of the reason young bisexual people believed such secrecy and hiding was necessary was the perception that if they did reveal themselves as bisexual, they would be discriminated against. This discrimination, however, was seen to come also from the gay and lesbian community, in which many of those interviewed spent considerable time."

Working With the Bisexual Client: How Far Have We Progressed? by B. Grant Hayes (Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education & Development, 40(1): 11-20, 2001: Eric Reference). "After spending years of attempting to deny their same-sex thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, bisexual individuals find self-acceptance a very difficult process (Myers, 1991). If and when this self-acceptance is achieved, acceptance from others is often difficult to realize. The individual may feel exposed and humiliated if family, friends, and coworkers know their orientation. Because of what sociologists call "marginality," bisexual individuals have no group to which they clearly belong (Matteson, 1996). As noted earlier, bisexual individuals receive negative feedback from both homosexual and heterosexual communities... What skills are helpful when working with bisexual clients? ... Individuals will often seek the assistance of a counselor in facing these aforementioned situations. Because the current literature and counselor training programs provide scarce data, counselors must diligently search for reliable information and intervention strategies."  [This paper is a part of a special issue on GLBT issues. Listing of all paper given.] - Resources for counselors working with bi clients.- Guidelines For Working With Bisexual Students On Campus.

Bisexuality and Transgenderism: Intersexions of the Others (Haworth Press: Reference, Barnes & Noble Reference, Reference) - 2004 - edited by Jonathan Alexander and  Karen Yescavage (Also published as the Journal of Bisexuality, 3(3/4), Haworth Press: Journal Reference - Abstract / Contents: Soon to become available.). - Some papers: Bisexuality and Transgenderism: InterSEXions of the Others. GL vs. BT: The Archaeology of Biphobia and Transphobia Within the U.S. Gay and Lesbian Community. - Pomosexual Play: Going Beyond the Binaristic Limits of Gender? - Bisexual and Transgender Identities in a Nonclinical Sample of North Americans: Suicidal Intent, Behavioral Difficulties, and Mental Health Treatment. - Looking Toward the InterSEXions: Examining Bisexual and Transgender Identity Formation from a Dialectical Theoretical Perspective. - Butch-Femme Interrupted: Angelina Jolie, Bisexuality and the New Butch Femme. - Living More "Like Oneself": Transgender Identities and Sexualities in Japan. - Walking Through Walls: An Immodest Proposal for Transcending Sexual Orientation. - We Are All Others: An Argument for Queer...

Current Research on Bisexuality (Haworth Press: Reference, Barnes & Noble Reference, Reference) - 2004 - edited by Jonathan Alexander (Also published as the Journal of Bisexuality, 3(1/2), Haworth Press: Book Reference - Abstract / Contents). - Some papers: - The Bisexual Experience: Living in a Dichotomous Culture. - Bisexuality Among Self-Indentified Heterosexual College Students: "For women college students, the rate of bisexuality was fairly consistent across both studies and the three geographic regions sampled with approximately 30% reporting same-sex feelings. The findings for heterosexually identified college women suggest considerable sexual variability exists for this population, thus challenging predominant constructs and measurements of sexual orientation." - The Intersection of Race and Bisexuality: A Critical Overview of the Literature and Past, Present, and Future Directions of the ”Borderlands” "However, the research on sexual orientation has been predominantly focused on gays and lesbians from an overwhelmingly White, middle-class population...Sexual identity research on ethnic minorities has outlined how a person of color establishes a dual identity as a sexual minority and as a person of color. However, surprisingly little research has investigated the influences of ethnicity on sexual identity development. - Mental Health Services Experiences of Bisexual Women and Bisexual Men: An Empirical Study: "Overall, participants urged providers to validate bisexuality as legitimate and healthy, to be accurately informed about bisexual issues, and to intervene proactively with bisexual clients."...

Bisexuality Research Today Archives: Bisexuality Research Today is a free monthly online journal that collates and summarizes the latest research about Bisexuality, including details on male and female, statistics, trends, psychology.

Bisexuality, Not Homosexuality: Counseling Issues and Treatment Approaches. by Janna L. Horowitz & Michael D. Newcomb (Journal of College Counseling, 2(2): 148-162, 1999). "The most obvious oppression experienced by bisexuals is characterized by the denial of the very existence of bisexual people... the specific role that the counselor can play in the lives of bisexual people has been largely neglected... There is a relative paucity of research on bisexual identity and counseling issues, as compared to notable research in the areas of homosexual identity and counseling issues... Books on gay and lesbian psychology often omit bisexuality completely, as if the bisexual population were invisible or had no relation to gay and lesbian concerns... There is a growing literature that describes bisexuality as a healthy and flexible sexual orientation (Bohan, 1996; Firestein, 1996; Klein, 1993; Rust, 1993). However, little is offered in the way of understanding bisexual identity formation. In a recent book, Psychology and Sexual Orientation (Bohan, 1996), the literature review on bisexual identity relied heavily on a model proposed by Weinberg, Williams, and Pryor (1994). Their bisexual identity model was developed from an extensive study conducted in the San Francisco area. These authors stated that "to our knowledge, no previous model of bisexual identity formation exists" (p. 27). Clearly, the area of bisexual identity formation is in its infancy. For this reason, the existing information on bisexual identity will be presented in some depth." (Janna L. Horowitz's review of "The Bisexual Option" - Alternate Link) - Health Needs of Bisexual and Transgender Communities (PDF Download). - Health Care Needs and Access Issues for Bisexual Women. - Theorizing the bisexual: bisexuality and the politics of invisibility. - Bisexuality awareness training. - The positioning of bisexuals and 'men who have sex with men' in sex, sexuality and sexual health research, 1990-2004.

Abstracts From Sage: - Beyond ‘MSM’: Sexual Desire among Bisexually-Active Latino Men in New York City. - Hiding in the closet? Bisexuals, coming out and the disclosure imperative.  - Bisexuality in the Mythology of Ancient India. - The Androgynous and Bisexuality in Ancient Legal Codes. - Bisexual Women, Non-Monogamy and Differentialist Anti-Promiscuity Discourses. - Lesbians and Bisexual Women in the Eyes of Scientific Psychology.  - The Fixity of Sexual Identities in the Public Sphere: Biomedical Knowledge, Liberalism and the Heterosexual/Homosexual Binary in Late Modernity.  - Sexology, the Homo/Hetero Binary, and the Complexities of Male Sexual History. - Risk Comparison Among Youth Who Report Sex With Same-Sex Versus Both-Sex Partners.

Abstracts From PubMed: - Black sexuality, social construction, and research targeting 'The Down Low' ('The DL'). - Troubling the canon: bisexuality and queer theory. - Historicizing (bi)sexuality: a rejoinder for gay/lesbian studies, feminism, and queer theory. - Evolutionary biology: genetics and bisexuality. - Sexual behavior in high-functioning male adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder. - Sexual identity formation and AIDS prevention: an exploratory study of non-gay-identified Puerto Rican MSM from working class neighborhoods. - Exploring HIV prevention needs for nongay-identified black and African American men who have sex with men: a qualitative exploration. - Estimating the number of men who have sex with men in low and middle income countries. - An exploration of the down-low identity: nongay-identified young African-American men who have sex with men. - Focusing "down low": bisexual black men, HIV risk and heterosexual transmission

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) Policy Institute (PI) Bisexual Publication (PI Bi Pub): Introduction and key project documents - First drafts of the publication, October 2002 - Meeting & conference call minutes. - Contact information for the editors. Drafts of the publication: - Notes on Language N/A. - Bisexual History N/A. - Bisexual Theory – 2nd Draft N/A. - Bisexual Issues: Research N/A. - Arts and Bisexual Culture Evolving Outline N/A. - Bisexual Health N/A.- Summary of present and future of bisexual organizing N/A. - Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory Home Page. - Bisexuality: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. - GLBTQ: Bisexuality

Jennifer's Resources: "Over the last few years I've been doing bisexuality awareness training for both lesbian/bisexual/gay phoneline/centre volunteers and (mostly straight) nurses. In the process of doing this I've designed some "beginners' guide to bisexuality" stuff that I think is quite cool, though I say it myself." Jennifer been doing bisexuality awareness training for both lesbian/bisexual/gay phoneline/centre volunteers and (mostly straight) nurses. In the process of doing this she has designed some beginners' guides to bisexuality: Index Page. - Attracted to men? Attracted to women? Attracted to both?? - Behaviour / feelings / identity : 3 aspects of sexuality. - Possible reasons for picking your sexual identity. - Bi diversity. - Bisexuality and relationships. - Seven popular myths about bisexuality. - Some classic elements of bi-prejudice. - Five basic ways to be supportive of someone who's coming out as bi. - A few key political issues for bi people compared and contrasted to those of lesbian & gay people. - Queer vs bi identity. - New Bisexuality Info Line. - Research on bisexuality.

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Upcoming Bisexual Conferences.The First North American Conference on Bisexuality, Gender, and Sexual Diversity (NACB 2001) is quite possibly the most broadly-based conference on the continent addressing issues of bisexuals and other sexual minorities. - News from BiCon 1996. - 1998 BiWest/SoCal Bisexuality Conference. - 5th Annual Bisexual Conference Draws Hundreds N/A. - 7th International Conference on Bisexuality 2002. - Fitting and misfitting in the bi community: account of a workshop at BiCon 2002, with transcriptions of interesting writings from the workshop - & - General musings on my principles of running workshops. - 9th Bisexual Conference: 2006. - Report on the Noshers' Network at BiCon 2002: how it worked and why it was invented. - The idea of "Community Info Zones": a possible plan for BiCon 2003. Past and Future International Bisexual Conferences (World Map) - Notes on 1st workshop on bisexuality at ILGA Europe conference N/A (Word Document Download): Workshop 12: Diversity in Europe, a bisexual perspective. - ILGA Bisexuality Information Pool. - Theorizing Desire Conference. - ILGA Regional Working Group On Bisexuality - Latin America. - The Asian and Pacific-Islander Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Conference.

Internet Resources

Resources: - McGill Student Health Services LBGTM's Information Index N/A. - BiWorld International News. - BiSpace (University of Texas):  - Resources for counselors working with bi clients. - Bisexual Links & Resources. - Links to other bi groups. - Bisexualité: liens. - L'association Bi Unité Montréal. - Bisexual Women of Toronto.- Let it bi.- Vereniging Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit. - Wel Jong Niet Hetero. - Bisexuality Resources for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender communities. - Articles related to bisexuality. - Articles / Papers. - Bisexuality and Women: A Reference for Social Workers. - DC Bi Women. -'s Bisexual Coming Out Resource. - New Zealand Bisexual Network. - ColorBiNumbers: "a social network of bisexual men, women and couples of all races coming together to celebrate diversity while networking and socializing. We are african american, asian, latin and bi-racial people who welcome all people of color and those who enjoy relating to people of color."

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Lambda Literary Award (Wikipedia): "Lambda Literary Awards (also known as "Lammies") are awarded yearly by the US-based Lambda Literary Foundation to published works which celebrate or explore LGBT themes." Winners from 2002 to 2005 are listed. - Lambda Literary Award Nominees And Winners - Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: 1989-2002.


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