International Biotechnology Sites

Base de Dados Tropical - Brazil (Tropical Data Base)
An international initiative to support the Convention on Biological Diversity sponsored by a Brazilian not-for -profit private foundation.

Biosafety Information Network & Advisory Service
BINAS is a project of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) which monitors global regulatory issues and changes in biotechnology.

Convention on Biological Diversity
International effort to make contractual agreements regarding biotechnology research activity, especially with developing countries.

European Federation of Biotechnology
EFB website, established by the London General Secretariat.

India Bioethics Discussion
The Biotechnology Monitor. An article which argues that the international discussion led by the West is a "bogus" discussion and that India needs food biotechnology to alleviate food shortages and suffering.

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
An organization established to promote the safe use of biotechnology world wide. This is an arm of UNIDO, United Nations Industrial Development Organization fostering biotechnology in the developing world and composed of 41 member states.

National Centre for Biotechnology Education (UK)
Holds Information about education and resources for teaching of biotechnology.

University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Centre
Good educational resources for explaining food biotechnology processes.

WWW Virtual Library
WWW Virtual library, biotech education. (It's very large).

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modified: December 22, 1998