Christian Reformed Campus Ministry - University of Calgary

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Welcome to the Christian Reformed Campus Ministry at the University of Calgary! We are a community of learners, and you're welcome to join us. You can follow some of the links to the various groups and activities that meet - or you can call or email Paul Verhoef, the Christian Reformed campus minister. He'd love to take you out for coffee, hear your story, and help you find ways to connect. Paul also sends out a weekly email with a brief reflection and reminders about up-and-coming events. If you'd like to be on the list, email Paul and let him know.

At this ministry, we believe that faith and learning go hand in hand. Whether we gather around a table to eat, to talk, to study, watch a movie, or to pray, we follow Augustine's motto: "faith seeking understanding", to celebrate and explore the places where faith and knowledge intersect.

But some of you may come here seeking faith itself. The faith in question is the long and deep tradition of the Christian experience, a way along which many have gone before us. In making our own way, we can follow some of the best guides, reflecting on their experience and our own in the light of scripture. Some of you may be trying to keep the faith; others may be wondering about it. All are welcome here, because we're all in the process of questioning what faith we have in order to better understand, and to know, or discover, the One at the centre of it all.

Paul Verhoef - 519-1202 -