This section has pictures which I have personally taken of "stars" such as Mick Jagger, Cher, Donald Sutherland, etc. It is not widely known that I was a professional photographer in the late 1970's, freelancing for the Globe and Mail in Toronto, as well as being "House Photographer" for "Heaven's Nightclub/disco", a hangout for the so-called "stars", which was at the corner of Young and Bloor. All photographs are copyrighted in Ottawa. I still play around with photography, but mostly from a personal perspective.

Mick Jagger, taken in Buffalo New York at the Some Girls Tour in the late '70s. This one was published in the Premier issue of New Music magazine in Toronto. I had other shots of the Stones published in the second issue as well.

Mick Jagger, again from the same tour.

Mick, yet again.

Bob Dylan, taken at a Toronto concert in the late 1970's.

David Bowie, taken at a Toronto concert in the late 1970's.

Cher, taken at Heaven's disco in 1978.

Arlo Guthrie, taken at a concert in Toronto in the early 1970's.

Paul Anka toasting me at the Heaven's disco, again in the late 70's. That's a strawberry in his Champagne.

This is a shot of Peter O'Toole that I took when I was doing the photography for the interview with him for the Globe and Mail during his Royal Alexandria production of Uncle Vanya in the late 1970's. I think that I captured his soul in this one.

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