The Website of Roderick McGillis

Hello and welcome to "Gunsmoke and Mirrors," title and graphics courtesy of Sean Lindsay.  The title may not be mine, but I like it.  I suspect you have here my interests in popular culture (especially the western) and inwardness.  Smoke and fog, mirror and lamp, clarity and opacity--all the little binaries that generate the faculties to act.

Interests and brief bibliography:
a. Interests: children's literature, literary and cultural theory, Romanticism, film history and film theory, gender studies

b. Some publications:
"For the Childlike: George MacDonald's Fantasies for Children" (Scarecrow Press, 1991)

"The Nimble Reader: Literary Theory and Children's Literature" (Twayne, 1996)

"A Little Princess: Gender and Empire" (Twayne, 1996)

"Voices of the Other: Children's Literature, Colonialism, Postcolonialism and Neo-colonialism" (Garland, forthcoming 1999)

Students, or anyone who is interested, can find information about the courses I am teaching this semester at the University of Calgary.

 Information about westerns can be found in the wild wild west.

 Information about fantastic literature can be found in Wonderland.

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