Assignments, CPSC 418 / MATH 318, Winter 2020

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Policies and Guidelines

Format All written problems must be typeset using LaTeX. We recommend that you use the LaTeX template posted under each assignment. Additional LaTeX resources can be found on the latex page. Scans of hand-written work and solutions generated with a word processor such as MS Word or StarOffice will not be graded and will receive zero marks.
The top of the first page of each written assignment must contain the following information:
  • Course number and name
  • Assignment number
  • Your name (as it appears on D2L)
  • Your student ID number
Coding for the CPSC 418 programming problems must be done in Python.
Optional coding in support of any written problem, including any of the bonus problems common to CPSC 418 and MATH 318, can be done using any language or platform of your choice.
Appearance Neatness is essential. Use appropriate LaTeX formatting, math mode, display math etc. TAs may give reduced marks for messy or illegible work. Check and proof-read your solutions thoroughly for errors and proper formatting before submitting.
Presentation For the written problems, be sure to show all your work. Arguments must be succinct and proceed in a clear, connected, logical sequence. 'Correct' answers arrived at by faulty reasoning are not acceptable. Solutions containing statements which are false or nonsensical will be penalized. Credit will be given not only for a correct answer, but also for proper exposition.
For the programming problems, be sure to carefully follow the instructions specified on the problem sheet. Again, failure to do so risks penalties.
Originality Discussing problems with other students can be helpful. However, your assignment must be your own work, written in your own words. As a suggestion, when you are discussing assignments with others, do not take any writing away from these discussions to ensure your written work is truly your own. Any sources used to complete your assignment must be quoted. It is strongly suggested, however, that you develop your own solutions without the use of such materials. Copying without proper attribution from other sources (texts, articles, internet, online tutors, solution manuals, solution keys from other courses, previous solution keys from this course, solutions done by fellow students etc) constitutes plagiarism, as does letting other students copy your work. Plagiarism is subject to University regulations on academic misconduct (see Section K of the University Calendar).
Deadlines Assignments must be submitted on time by the due date and time specified on the problem sheet and this website. The online submission link will go down shortly after the deadline and the submission system flags late assignments. Late assignments will incur penalities if they are a few minutes late and not be accepted under any circumstances once the submission link is disabled.
We recommend that you start working on the assignments early, especially if you have multiple assignments and/or projects due around the same time.

ContentEach homework assignment will consist of the following:
  • Common written problems for both CPSC 418 and MATH 318.
  • Written problems for MATH 318 only; CPSC 418 students may do these for extra credit.
  • Programming problems for CPSC 418 only; MATH 318 students may do these for extra credit.
  • Zero or more common bonus problems for both CPSC 418 and MATH 318 students. These problems will be on material not covered in class and will require some independent reading and/or research on your part.
Bonus credit will only be awarded for perfect or near perfect solutions. The maximum possible score on any assigmment is capped at 125%.
Assistance Feel free to see your instructor for help. You are also very much encouraged to ask questions in the tutorials.

Specifications and Submission Procedure

Assignments are submitted online through Gradescope. You need to create a Gradescope account. Your user name must be your U of C e-mail adress as it appears on D2L. Then add our course to your account using the code 9GZZ3B. Written solutions and programming code are submitted separately.

Written Problems

Programming Problems

For the sake of fairness and respect for our TAs' time and workload, please follow all these instructions carefully. Assignments not conforming to the submission procedure or the format specifications will incur penalties of varying degree.

Assignment 1

Due: Wednesday, February 12 at 11:55 pm on Gradescope

Solutions to the written problems as well as fully functional code for Problem 6 are posted on on the Piazza Resources page.

Assignment 2

Due: Friday, March 14 at 11:55 pm on Gradescope *** second revised due date! ***

Solutions to the written problems as well as fully functional code for Problem 9 are posted on on the Piazza Resources page.

Assignment 3

Due: Saturday, April 19 at 11:55 pm on Gradescope *** revised due date! ***

Solutions to the written problems as well as fully functional code for Problem 8 are posted on on the Piazza Resources page.

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