LaTeX, CPSC 418 / MATH 318, Winter 2020

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About LaTeX

LaTeX is a powerful typesetting program that is particularly suited for typesetting mathematical symbols. Most research papers and textbooks in Mathematics and many in Computer Science are written using LaTeX, as are all the materials used in this course. You are required to use LaTeX to generate your assignment solutions.

LaTeX Resources

You can obtain your own LaTeX distribution free of charge, or work with LaTeX online. Here are a couple of useful links:

It can be frustrating to start creating a new LaTeX document from scratch, so a practice document is provided below. Additionally, templates that you can use for writing your homework solutions will be provided for each assignment.

It also helps a lot to heed the basic LaTeX tips below.

This detexify website allows you to draw a symbol and get its LaTeX code.

Basic Tips

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