LaTeX Resources, CPSC/PMAT 418, Fall 2017

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LaTeX is a powerful typesetting program that is particularly suited for typesetting mathematical symbols. The textbook for our course was written in LaTeX, for example. You should use LaTeX to write your solutions to the assignments.

Good free LaTeX downloads can be obtained from the following sites:

Here are some useful resources on Latex:

It can be frustrating to start writing a new LaTeX document from scratch. So here are some resources specifically designed for assignments in this course. Note that the template and sample files are different for CPSC 418 and PMAT 418, so please be sure to use the correct one. Please do NOT use the default assignment class provided by LaTeX, but download the customized one from this site! Instructions: Download the class file "assignment.cls" and put it in your working directory or folder. Also download the assignment template file "assignment.tex" and write your assignments using this template. Be sure to edit the appropriate lines in this template to include your name, UCID and the assignment number in the correct places. You can use the sample assignment source file "sample.tex" as a guide.

Some basic LaTeX tips:

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