Colloid and Interface Science Articles

Technology Development for Conventional Petroleum Reservoirs (.pdf format)
Surfactants Book, Index and sample section (.pdf format)
Foams Can be Effective in the Presence of Oil !
Structure/Performance Relationships for Surfactant Stabilized Foams in Porous Media (.pdf format)
Microgravity Research for Oil Recovery
Capillary Flow in Porous Media Under Microgravity (High-Altitude Aircraft and NASA Space Shuttle) (.pdf format)
Interfacial Tension in the Hot-Water Process for Recovering Bitumen from the Athabasca Oil Sands (.pdf format)
Temperature Effects in the Conditioning and Flotation of Bitumen from Oil Sands (.pdf format)
Towards the Improvement of the Efficiency of Oil Sands Froth Treatment (.pdf format)
The Effect of Bitumen Extraction Shear Conditions on Froth Treatment Performance (.pdf format)

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