David P.M. Scollnik

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive, N.W.
Calgary, Alberta ( 1, 2, 3 ),
Canada ( 1, 2, 3 ), T2N 1N4

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 Educational Background :

Ph.D., University of Toronto, Toronto
- Department of Statistics
- My Doctoral Thesis
M.Sc., University of Toronto, Toronto
- Department of Statistics
Joint Honours B.Sc., University of Western Ontario, London
- Departments of Mathematics and Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
My Old High Scool, Martingrove Collegiate Institute, Etobicoke

 Professional Designations and Affiliations :

Associate of the Society of Actuaries, 1988

Academic Correspondent, Casualty Actuarial Society
Member, American Risk and Insurance Association
Member, Statistical Society of Canada
Member, American Statistical Association
Member, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

 Current Research Interests :

Actuarial Science, Bayesian Inference ( 1, 2, 3 ), Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Related Techniques

  Recent and / or Selected Publications :

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1998), On the Analysis of the Truncated Generalized Poisson Distribution Using a Bayesian Method, ASTIN Bulletin , Volume 28, No.1, pages 135-152.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1997), Inference Concerning the Size of the Zero Class from an Incomplete Poisson Sample.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1996), An Introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods and Their Actuarial Applications, Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society , LXXXIII, pages 114-165.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1995), Simulating Random Variates from Makeham's Distribution and from Others with Exact or Nearly Log-Concave Densities, Transactions of the Society of Actuaries , XLVII, pages 41-69.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1995), Bayesian Analysis of Two Overdispersed Poisson Regression Models, Communications in Statistics: Theory and Method , 24 (11), pages 2901-2918.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1995), Bayesian Analysis of Two Overdispersed Poisson Models, Biometrics , 51, pages 1117-1126.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1995), Bayesian Analysis of an Intervened Poisson Model, Communications in Statistics: Theory and Method , 24 (3), pages 735-754.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1995), Bayesian Analysis of Generalized Poisson models for Claim Frequency Data Utilising Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods, A.R.C.H. (Forum for the 29th Actuarial Research Conference Proceedings) 1995.1 .

Guttman, I., and D.P.M. Scollnik, (1994), An Index Sampling Algorithm for the Bayesian Analysis of a Class of Model Selection Problems, Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation , 23 (2), pages 323-339.

Scollnik, D.P.M., (1993), A Bayesian Analysis of a Simultaneous Equations Model for Insurance Rate-Making, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics , 12, pages 265-286.

 Favourite Brewery :

Big Rock Brewery

 Great Music :

Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, The Specials, Early '80s Song of the Week

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e-mail: scollnik@acs.ucalgary.ca
Phone: (403) 220 7677 or (403) 220 5202