Project Description

The Cotton Nero A.x Project is a collaboration between an international team of scholars with the collaboration of the British Library. We are using digital technology to improve the accessibility of British Library MS Cotton Nero A.x (art. 3) (in high-quality digital images and in extremely detailed transcription) and to create critical editions of the four poems it contains.

Cotton Nero A.x (art. 3) is the only known manuscript containing the famous 14th century poems Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The goals of the project are first of all to make available high-quality digital photographs of the entire manuscript; second to transcribe the entire manuscript at the highest possible level of accuracy and detail; and finally to produce editions of each of the individual poems in which the digital facsimiles and the new transcriptions serve as a basis for a standard critical and reading text with glossary, full textual and explanatory notes, and other supports for readers.