The Second Shepherd's Play

Team Members: Rick Cherewko, Marlo Edwards, JD Kennedy, and Dave Teeuwen.

This play, written by the so-called "Wakefield Master," explores the story of three shepherds, sheep-thief Mak and his wife Gyll. The drama successfully blends comedy with high religious serious as a stolen sheep comes to symbolize the Saviour of humankind.


Incipit Alia eordem

primus pastor
Lord what these weders are cold : and I am yll happyd
I am nere hand dold : so long haue I nappyd
My legys thay fold : my fyngers ar chappyd
It is not as I wold : for I am al lappyd
----------In sorow
In stormes and tempest
Now in the eest now in the west
Wo is hym has neuer rest
----------Myd day nor morow
Bot we sely shepardes : that walkys on the moore
In fayth we ar nere handys : out of the doore


No wonder as it standys : if we be poore
For the tylthe of oure landys : lyys salow as the floore
----------As ye ken
We ar so hamyd // For taxed and ramyd
We ar mayde hand tamyd With thyse gentlery men
Thus thay lefe vs oure rest : oure lady theym wary
These men that ar lord fest : thay cause the ploghe tary
That men say is for the best : we fynde it contrary
Thus ar husbandys opprest : in pente to myscary
----------On lyfe
Thus hold thay vs hundur // Thus thay bryng vs in blond
It were greatte wonder // And euer shuld we thryfe
For may he gett a paynt slefe : or a broche now on dayes
Wo is hym that hym grefe : or onys a gane says
Dar noman hym reprefe : what mastry he mays
And yit may noman lefe : oone word that he says
----------No letter
He can make purveance // With boste and bragance
And all is thrugh mantanance // Of men that ar gretter
Ther shall com a swane : as prowde as a po
He must borow my wand : my ploghe also
Thou I am full fane : to graunt or he go
Thus lyf we in payne : Anger and wo
----------By nyght and day
He must have if he langyd // If I shuld forgang it
I were better be hangyd // Then oones say hym nay
It dos me good as I walk : thus by myn oone
Of this warld for to talk : in maner of mone
To my shepe wyll I stalk : and herkyn anone
Ther abyde on a balk : or sytt on a stone
----------Full soyne
For I trowe perde // trew men if thay be
We get more compane // Or it be noyne

Secundus pastor
Deuste and dus : What may this bemeyne
Why fares this warld thus : oft have we not sene
Lord thyse weders ar spytus : and the weders full kene


And the frost so hydus : thay water myn eeyne
----------No ly
Now in dry now in wete // Now in snaw now slete
When my shone frese to my fete // it is not all esy
Bot as far as I ken : or yit as I go
We sely wedmen : vre mekyll wo
We haue sorow then and then : it fallys oft so
Sely capyle oure hen : both to and fro
----------She kakyls
Bot begyn she to crok
To groyne or to clok
Wo is hym is oure cok
----------For here in the shekyls
These men that ar wed : have not all thare wyll
When thay ar full hard sted : thay sygh full styll
And wayts thay ar led : full herd full yll
In bower nor in bed : thay say noght ther tyll
----------This tyde
My parte have I fun // I know my lesson
Wo is hym that is bun // For he must abyde
Bot now late in oure lyfys : a meruell to me
That I thynk my hart ryfys : sich wonders to see
What that destany dryfys : it shuld so be
Som men wyll have two wyfys : and som anon thre
----------In store
Som ar wo that had any // Bot so far can I
Wo is hym that has many // For he felys sore
Bot yong men of wowyng : for god that you boght
Be well war of wowyng : and thynk in youre thoght
Had I wyst is a thyng : it sernys of noght
Mekll styll mowrnyng : has wedyng cach broght
----------And grefys
With many a sharpe showre // For then may cach in an owre
That shall sow the full sawre // As long as thou lyffys
For as euer rede I pystyll // I have oone to my fere
As sharp as thystyll : as rugh as a brere
She is browyd lyke a brystyll : with a sowre loten chere


had she oones wett hyr whystyll : she couth syng full clere
----------Hyr pater noster
She is as grean as a whall // She has a galon of gall
By hym that dyed for vs all // I wald I had ryn to I lost hir

primus pastor
God looke ouer the raw : Full defly ye stand

ijus pastor
Yee the dewill in thi mawk : so tariand
Sagh thou a wro of daw :primus pastor yee on a ley land
hard I hym blaw : he commys here at hand
---------Not far
Stand styll ijus pastor qwhy

primus pastor
For he commys hope I

ijus pastor
he wyll make vs both a ly
----------Bot if we be war

Tercius pastor
Crys[t]ys crosse me spede : and sant nycholas
Ther of had I nede : it is wars than it was
Who so couthe take hede : and lett the warld pas
It is euer in drede : and brekyll as glas
----------And slythys
This warld fowre neuer so // With mernels mo and mo
Now in weyll now in wo // And all thyng wrythys
Was neuer syn noe floode : sich floodys seyn
Wyndys and ranys so rude : and stormes so keyn
Som stamerd som stod : in dowte as I weyn
Now god turne all to good : I say as I mene
----------For ponder
These floodys so thay drowne // Both in feyldys and in towne
And berys all downe // And that is a wonder
We that walk on the nyghtys : oure catell to kepe
We se sodan syghtys : when othere men slepys
Yit me thynk my hart lyghtys : I se shrewys pepe
Ye ar two all wyghtys : I wyll gyf my shepe
----------A turne
Bot full yll have I ment // As I walk on this bent
I may lyghtly repen&t // My toes if I spurne
A ser god you save : and mastor myne
A drynk fayn wold I haue : and somwhat to dyne

primus pastor
Crystys curs my knaue : thou art a ledyr hyne

ijs pastor
What the boy lyst raue : abyde vnto syne
----------We have mayde it


Yll thryft on thy pate // Though the shrew cam late
Yit is he in state // To dyne if he had it

Tercius pastor
Sich seruandys as I : that swettys and swynkys
Etys oure brede full dry : and that me forthynkys
We ar oft weytt and wery : when master men wynkys
Yit commys full lately : both dyners and drynkys
----------Bot nately
Both oure dame and oure syre // When we have ryn in the myre
Thay can nype at oure hyre // And pay vs full lately
Bot here my trouth master : for the fayre that ye make
I shall do therafter : wyrk as I take
I shall do a lytyll ser : and emang euer lake
For yit lay my soper : neuer on my stomake
----------In feyldys
Wherto shuld I threpe // With my staf can I lepe
And men say lyght chepe // letherly sor yeldys

primus pastor
Thou were an yll lad : to ryde on wowyng
With a man that had : bot lytyll of spendyng

ijus pastor
Peasse boy I bad : no more Ianglyng
Or I shall make the full rad : by the heuens kyng
----------With thy gawdys
Where ar oure shepe boy we skorne

ijus pastor
Sir this same day at morne
I thaym left in the corne
----------When thay rang lawdys
Thay have pasture good : thay can not go wrong

primus pastor
That is right by the roode : thyse nygthys ar long
Yit I wold or we yode : oone gaf vs a song

ijus pastor
So I thoght as I stode : to myrth vs emong
----------ijus pastor I grauntt

primus pastor
Lett me syng the tenory

ijus pastor
And I the tryble so hye

iijus pastor
Then the meyne fallys to me
----------Lett se how ye chauntt

Tunc intrat Mak in clamide super toga vestitus

Now lord for thy naymes vij : that mayde both moyn and starnes
Well mo thou I can neuen : thi will lorde of me tharnys


I am all uneuen: that mvoes oft my harnes
Now wold god I were in heuen: for the wepe no barnes
---------- So styll

Primus Pastor
Who is that pypys so poore

Wold god ye wyst how I foore
Lo a man that walkys on the moore
---------- And has not all his wyll

Secundus Pastor
Mak where has thou gone: tell us tythyng

Tercius Pastor
Is he commen then ylkon: take hede to his thyng
---------- Et accipit clamidem ab ipso

What ich be a yoman: I tell you of the kyng
The self and the some, sond from a greatt lordyng
---------- And sich
Fy on you goyth hence: Out of my presence
I must haue reuerence Why who be ich

Primus Pastor
Why make ye it so qwaynt: Mak ye do wrang

Secundus Pastor
Bot Mak lyst ye saynt: I trow that ye lang

Tercius Pastor
I trow the shrew can paynt: the dewyll myght hym hang

Ich shall make complaynt: and make you all to thwang
---------- At a worde
And tell euyn how ye doth

Primus Pastor
Bot Mak is that sothe
Now take outt that Sothren tothe
---------- And ett in a torde

Secundus Pastor
Mak the dewill in youre ee: a stroke wold I leyne you

Tercius Pastor
Mak know ye not me: by god I couthe teyn you

God looke you all thre: me thoght I had sene you
Ye ar a fare compane: Primus Pastor Can ye now mene you Secundus Pastor---------- Shrew pepe
Thus late as thou goys What wyll men suppos
And thou has an ill noys of stelyng of shepe

And I am trew as steyll: all me waytt
Bot a sekenes I feyll that haldys me full haytt
My belly farys not weyll: it is out of astate

Tercius Pastor
Seldom lyis the dewill dede by the gate

Mak---------- Therfor
Full sore am I and yll If I stande stonestyll
I ete not an nedyll Thus moneth and more

Primus Pastor
How farys thy wiff By my hoode how farys sho

Lyis walteryng by the roode by the fyere lo


And a hoswe full of brude: she drinkys well to
Ill spede othere good: that she wyll do
---------- Bot so
Etys as fast as she can: And ilk yere that commys to man
She bringys furth a lakan And som yeres two
Bot were I now more gracyus and rychere be far
I were eten outt of howse: and of harbar
Yit is she a fowll dowse: if ye com nar
Ther is none that trowse nor knowys a war
----------Then ken I
Now wyll ye se what I profer
To gyf all in my cofer
To morne at next to offer
---------- Hyr hed maspenny

Secundus Pastor
I wote so forwakyd: is none in this shyre
I wold slepe if I takyd: les to my hyere

Tercius Pastor
I am cold and nakyd: and wold have a fyere

Primus Pastor
I am wery for rakyd: and run in the myre
----------Wake thou

Secundus Pastor
Nay I wyll lyg downe by For I must slepe truly

Tercius Pastor
As good a mans son was I As any of you
Bot Mak com heder betwene shall thou lyg downe

Then myght I lett you bedene: of that ye wold rowne
---------- No drede
Fro my top to my too Manus tuas commendo
Poncio pilato Crist crosse me spede
---------- tunc surgit pastoribus dormientibus et dicit
Now were tyme for a man that lakkys what he wold
To stalk prevely than unto a fold
And neemly to wyrk than and be not to bold
For he myght aby the bargan if it were told
----------At the endyng
Now ere time for to reyll Bot he nedys good counsell
That fain wold fare weyll And has bot lytyll spendyng
Bot abowte you a serkill as rownde as a moyn
To I have done that I wyll: tyll that it be noyn
That ye lyg stone styll: to that I haue doyne
And I shall say thertyll of good wordys a foyne
On hight


Ouer youre heydys my hand I lyft
Outt go youre een for do youre syght
bot yit I must make better shyft
---------- And it be right
Lord what thay slepe hard: that my ye all here
Was I neuer a shepard: bot now wyll I lere
If the flok be skard: yit shall I syp nere
How drawes hederward: now medys oure chere
---------- From sorow
A fatt shepe I dar say A good flese dar I say
Cft whyte when I may Bot this will I borow
How gyll art thou In: gott vs som lyght

Uxor Eius
Who makys sich dyn: this tyme of the nyght
I am sett for to spyn: I hope not I myght
Ryse a peny to wyn: I shrew them on hight
---------- Go farys
A huswyll that has bene
To be rasyd thus betwene
Here may no note be sene
---------- For sich small charys

Good wyll open the hek: seys thou not what I bryng

I may thole the dray the suek: A com in my swetyng

Yee thou that not rek: of my long standyng

By the nakyd nek: art thou lyke forto hyng
---------- As way
I am worthe my mete
For in a strate can I gett
More then thay that swynke and swette
---------- All the long day
Thus at sell to my lott: gyll I had sich grate

It were a fowll blott: to be hanged for the case

I haue skapyd I elott: oft as hard a glase

Bot so long goys the pott: to the water men says
---------- At last
Commys it home broken

Well know I the token
Bot let it neuer be spoken
---------- Bot com and help fast
I wold he were flayn: I lyst well ete
This twelmothe was I not so fain of oone shepe-mete

Com thay or he be slayn: and here the shepe blete

Then myght I betane: that were a cold swette
---------- Go spar


The gaytt doore Uxor Yis Mak
For and thay com at thy bak

Then myght I by for all the pak
---------- The dewill of the war

A good bowrde have I spied: syn thou can none
Here shall we him hyde: to thay be gone
In my credyll abyde:lett me alone
And I shall lyb besyde: in chylbed and grone
---------- Thou red

----------- Thou red
And I shall say thou was lyght
Of a knauechilde this nyght

Now well is me day bright
---------- That euer was I bred
This is a good gyse: and a far cast
Yit a woman avyse: helpys at the last
I wote neuer who spyse: agane go thou fast

Bot I com or thay ryse: els blawes a cold blast
---------- I wyll go slepe
Yit slepys all this meneyeL And I shall go stalk preuly
As is had neuer bene I that carried caryed thare shepe

Primus Pastor
Resurrex a mortruus: have hold my hand
Judas carnas dominus: I may not well stand
My foytt slepys by Jesus: and I water fastand
I thoght that we laid vs full nere Yngland

Secundus Pastor
---------- A ye
Lord what I have slept weyll
As fresh as an eyll
As lyght I me feyll
---------- As leyfe on a tre

Tercius Pastor
Benste be herein so me qwakys
Myhart is outt of skyn, whatso it makys
To the dowore wyll I win Harke felows wakys
---------- We were fowre
Se ye awre of Mak now

Primus Pastor
We were vp or thou

Secundus Pastor
Man I gyf god avowe
---------- Yit yede he mawre

Tercius Pastor
Me thoght he was lapt: in a wolfe skyn

Primus Pastor
So ar many hapt: now namely within

Secundus Pastor
When we had long napt: me thought with a gyn


A fatt shepe he trapt: bot he mayde no dyn Tercius pastor Be styll
Thi dreme makys the woode// It is bot fantom by the roode

primus pastor
Now god turne all to good// If it be his wyll

ijus pastor
Ryse mak for shame: thou lygys right lang

Now crys holy name: be vs emang
What is thus for sant Iame: I may not well gang
I trow I be the same: A my nek has lygen wrang
Mekill thank syn yister euen// Now by sant strevyn
I was flayd with a swevyn my hart out of sloghe
I thoght gyll began to crok: and trauell full sad
Welner at the fyrst cuf: of a yong lad
For to mend oure flok: then be I neuer glad
I haue tow on my rok: more then euer I had
----------A my heede
A house full of yong tharmes// The dewill knok outt thare harnes
Wo is hym has many barnes// And therto lytyll brede
I must go home by youre lefe: to gyll as I thoght
I pray you looke my slefe: that I steyll noght
I am loth you to grefe: or from you take oght

ijus pastor
Go furth yll myght thou chefe: now wold I we soght
----------This morne
That we had all oure store

primus pastor
Bot I will go before
let vs mete// ijus pastor whore

ijus pastor
At the crokyd thorne

Vndo this doore who is here: how long shall I stand

Vxor eius
Who makys sich a bere: now walk in the Wenyand

A gyll what chere:it is I mak youre husbande

Then may we be here:the dewill in a bande
----------Syr gyle
lo he commys with a lote//As he were holden in the throte
I may not syt at my note// A hand lang while

wyll ye here what fare she makys:to gett hir a glose
And dos noght bot lakys:and clowse hir toose

why who wanders who wakys: who commys who gose
who brewys who bakys:what makys me thus hose
----------And than
It is rewthe to beholde// Now in hote now in colde Full wofull is the householde//A That wantys a woman


Bot what ende has thou mayde:with the hyrdys mak

The last worde that thay sayde: when I turnyd my bak
Thay wold looke that thay hade:thare shepe all the pak
I hope thay wyll nott be well payde:when thay thare shepe lax:
Bot how so the gam gose// To me thay wyll sr suppose
And make a fowll nayse / And cry outt apon me
bot thou must do as thou hyght: Vxor I accorde me thertyll
I shall swedyllhym right: In my credyll
If it were a gretter slyght: yit couthe I help tyll
I wyll lyg downe stright: com hap me Mak I wyll
---------- Vxor Behynde
Com call and his maroo
Thay will nyp vs full naroo

Bot I may cry out// haroo
----------The shepe if thay fynde

Harken ay when thay call : thay will com onone
Com and make redy all : and syng by thyn oone
Syng lullay thou shall :for I must grone
And cry outt by the wall : euer mary and john
----------For sore
Syng lullay on fast // When thou heris at the last
And bot I play a fals cast // Trust me nomore

Tercius Pastor
A call goode morne: why slepys thou nott

primus pastor
Alas that euer was I borne: we haue a fowll blott
A fat wedir haue we lorne: Torerus pastor
mary godys forbott

ijus pastor
Who shuld do vs that skorne: that were a fowll spott
---------- primus pastor Som shrewe
I haue soght with my dogys //All horbery shrogys
And of rv hogys// Fond I bet sone ewe

ijus pastor
Now trow me if ye will : by sant thomas of kent
Ay ther mak of gyll : was at that assent

primus pastor
peasse man be still : I sagh when he went
Thou sklanders hym yll : thou aght to repent
----------Goode spede

ijus pastor
Now as euer myght I the// If I shuld euyn here de
I wold say it were he// That dyd that same dede

ijus pastor
Go we theder I rede : and ryn on oure feete
Shall I never ete brede: the sothe to I wytt

primus pastor
Nor drynk in my heede: with hym tyll I mete


secundus pastor
I wyll rest in no stede: tyll that I hym grete
----------my brother
Done I will hight/// Tyll I se hym in fight
Shall I now slepe one nyght/// Ther I do anothere

tercius pastor
Will ye here how thay hak: oure syre lyft croyne

primus pastor
Hard I now crak: so I fere ont of toyne
Call on hym ijus pastor mak: Vndo youre doore soyne

Who is that spak: as it were noyne
----------In soft
Who is that I say

ijus pastor
Goode felowse were it day

As far as ye may
----------Gosd spekys soft
Dis a seke womans goode: that is at mayll easse
I had poid be dede: or she had any dyr oarse

Go to an sthero stede: I may not well crwoarse
----------So hee
Ich fote that ye trode: goys thorow my nere

primus pastor
Tell vs mak if ye may
How fare ye I say

Bot ar ye in this towne to day
----------Now how fare ye
Ye have ryn in the myre: and ar woyll yit
I shall make you a fyre: if ye will sytt
A nores wuld I hyre: thynk ye on yit
Well qwytt is my hyre: my dreme this is itt
----------A sefon
I have barnes if ye know// Well mo thou enowe
Bot we must drynk as we brow// And that is bot resou
I wold ye dynyd as ye yade: me thynk that ye swette

Secundus pastor
Nay naw thor mondys oure mode: drynke nor mette

Why I alys you aght bot gosde: Tercius pastor yee oure shepe that we gott
Ar stollyn as thay yede: oure los is grette

----------fyrs drynkys
Had I bene thore// som shuld have bot it full fore

primus pastor
Mary som men trowes that ye ware// And that vs for thynkys

ijus pastor
Mak som men trowys: that it shuld be ye

ijus pastor
Ay thor ye or youre spouse : so say we

Now if ye have suspowse :to gill or to me
Com and rype oure gowse: and thou may yere
----------Who had hir
If I any shepe fott
Ay thor cow or stott
And qyll my wyfe rose nott
----------here syn she lade hir


As I am and true and lose:to god here I pray
That this be the fyrst mele: that I shall ete this day

primus pastor
Mak as have I coyll: A vyse the I say
he lernyd tymely to steyll: that comth not say nay

----------I swelt
Butt the fyr fro my wonys
Ye com to rob vs for the nonys

Here ye not how she gronys
----------youre hartys shuld melt

Butt the fyr fro my barne:nogh hym not thor

Wyst ye how she had farne: youre hartys wold be sore
ye do wrong if you warne: that thus comys before
To a woman that has farne: bot I say nomore

----------A my medyll
I pray to god so mylde// if euer I you begyld
That I ete this chylde// That lygys in this crodyll

poarse woman for godys payn: and cry not so
Thou spyllys thy brane:and makys me full wo

Secundus pastor
I trow oure shepe be slayn: what fynde ye two

ijus pastor
All wryk wom vayn: As well may we go
----------Bot hatters
I can find no stosh// hard nor nosh
Salt nor fresh // Bot two tome plators
Wagik catoll bot this: tame nor wylde/
None as have I blys: as lowde as he smylde

No so god me blys: and gyf me joy of my chylde

primus pastor
We gave unkyd amye: i hold vs begylde
----------ijus pastor Syr done
syr oure lady hym sand
Is youre chylde a knane

Any lord myght hym have
----------This chyld to his son
Whou he wakynshe kyrpys: that joy is to se

ijus pastor
In good tyme to hys hyrpys: and in cole
Bot who was his gorsyrpys: so sond rode

So fare fall thare lyrpys: primus pastor hark now a lo

So god thaym thank


Parkyn and gybon waller I say
And gentill John horne in good fay
He made all the garray
----------With the greatt shank

ijus pastor
Mak freyndys will we be: For we ar all oone

We now I hald for me: for mendys gett I none
Fare well all thre: all glad were ye gone

iijus pastor
Fare wordys may ther be: bot luf is ther none
----------yis yere

primus pastor
Gaf ye the chyld any thyng

ijus pastor
I trow not oone farthyng

iijus pastor
Fast agane will I flyng
----------Abyde ye me there
Mak take it to no grefe: if I com to thi barne

Nay thou dos me greatt reprefe: and fowll has thou farne

iijus pastor
The child will it not grefe: that lytyll day starne
Mak with youre leyfe: let me gyf youre barne
----------Bot vj pence

Nay do way he slepys

iijus pastor
Me thynk he pepys

When he wakyns he wepys
----------I pray you go hence

iijus pastor
Gyf me lefe hym to kys: and lyft vp the clowtt
What the dewill is this: he has a long snowte

primus pastor
He is merkyd amys: we wate ill abowte

ijus pastor
Ill spon weft Iwys: ay commys foull owte
----------Ay so
He is lyke to oure shepe

iijus pastor
How gyb may I pepe

primus pastor
I trow kynde will crepe
----------Where it may not go

ijus pastor
This was a qwantt gawde: and a far cast
It was a hee frawde: iijus pastor yee syrs wast
Lett bren this bawde: and bynd hir fast
A fals skawde: hang at the last
----------So shall thou
Wyll ye se how thay swedyll
His foure feytt in the medyll
Sagh I neuer in a credyll
----------A hornyd lad or now


Peasse byd I what : Lett be youre fare
I am he that hym gatt : and yond woman hym bare

primus pastor
What dewill shall he hatt : Mak lo god makys ayre

ijus pastor
Lett be all that : now god gyf hym care
----------I sagh

A pratty child is he / / As syttys on a wamans kne
A dyllydowne perde // To gar a man laghe

iijus pastor
I know hym by the eere marke : that is a good tokyn

I tell you syrs hark : hys noyse was brokyn
Sythen told me a clerk : that he was forspokyn

primus pastor
This is a fals werk : I wold fayn be wrokyn
----------Gett wepyn

He was takyn with an elfe // I saw it myself
When the clok stroke twelf // Was he forshapyn

ijus pastor
ye two ar well feft : sam in a stede

iijus pastor
Syn thay manteyn thare theft : let do thaym to dede

If I trespas eft : gyrd of my heede
With you will I be left : primus pastor syrs do my reede
---------- For this trespas
We will nawther ban ne flyte
Fyght nor chyte
Bot have done as tyte
----------And cast hym in canvas
Lord what I am sore : in poynt for to bryst
In fayth I may no more : therfor wyll I ryst

ijus pastor
As a shepe of vij skore : he weyd in my fyst
For to slepe ay whore: me thynk that I lyst
iijus pastor
----------Now I pray you
lyg downe on this grene

primus pastor
On these thefys yit I mene

iijus pastor
Wherto shuld ye tene
----------Do as I say you

Angelus cantat gloria in exelsis postea dicat

Ryse hyrd men heynd : for now is he borne
That shall take fro the feynd : that Adam had lorne
That warloo to sheynd : this nyght is he borne
----------he be hestys
God is made youre frynd : now at this morne
At bedlem go se / / Ther lygys that fre
In a cryb full poorely
----------Betwyx two besstys


primus pastor
This was a qwant stevyn : that euer yit I hard
It is a meruell to neuyn : thus to be skard

ijus pastor
Of godys son of heuyn : he spak vpward
All the wod on a leuyn : me thoght that he gard

iijus pastor
He spake of a barne // In bedlem I you warne

primus pastor
That betokyns yond starne Let vs seke hym there

ijus pastor:
Say what was his song : hard ye not how he crakyd it
Thre brrfes to a long : iijus pastor Yee Mary he hakt it
Was no crochett wrong : nor no thyng that lakt it

primus pastor
For to syng vs emong : right as he knakt it
----------I can

ijus pastor
Let se how ye croyne Can ye bark at the mone

iijus pastor
Hold youre tonges haue done // primus pastor Hark after than

ijus pastor
To bedlem he bad : that we shuld gang
I am full fard : that we tary to lang

iijus pastor
Be mery and not sad: of myrth is oure sang
Euer lasstyng glad: to mede may we fang
----------Withoutt noyse

primus pastor
Hy we theder for thy / / If we be wete and wery
To that chyld and that lady -- we have it not to s lose

ijus pastor
We fynde by the prophecy : let be youre dyn
Of david and I say : and mo then I myn
Thay prophecyed by clergy : that in a vyrgyn
Shuld he lyght and ly : to slokyn oure syn
----------And slake it
Oure kynde from wo / / For I say sayd so
Ecce Virgo // Concipiet a chylde that is nakyd

iijus pastor
Full glad may we be : and abyde that: day
That lufly to se : that all myghtys may
Lord well were me : for ones and for ay
Myght I knele on my kne : som word for to say
----------To that chylde
Bot the Angell sayd : In a cryb was he layde
He was poorly arayd Both mener and mylde

primus pastor
Patryarkes that has bene : and prophetys beforne
Thay desyrydto have sene : this chylde that is borne
Thay ar gone full: clene : that have thay lorne


We shall se hym I weyn : or it be morne
----------To tokyn
When I se hym and fele Then wote I full weyll
It is true as steyll That prophetys haue spokyn
To so poore as we ar : that he wold appere
Fyrst fynd and declare: by his messyngere

ijus pastor
Go we now let vs fare : the place is vs nere

iijus pastor
I am redy and yare : go we in fere
----------To that bright
Lord if thi wylles be // we ar lewde all thre
Thou grauntt vs somkyns gle // To comforth thi wight

primus pastor
Hayll comly and clene : hayll yong child
Hayll maker as I meyne: of a madyn so mylde
Thou has waryd I weyne: the warlo so wylde
The fals gyler of teyn : now goys he begylde
----------Lo he merys
Lo he laghys my swetyng A welfare metyng
I haue holden my hetyng // haue a bob of cherys

ijus pastor
Hayll sufferan sauyoure : For thou has vs soght
Hayll frely foyde and floure : that all thyng has wroght
Hayll full of fauoure that made all of noght
Hayll I kneyll and I cowre: A byrd haue I broght
----------To my barne
Hayll lytyll tyne mop / / of oure crede thou art crop
I wold drynk on thy cop Lytyll day starne

iijus pastor
Hayll derlyng dere: full of godhede
I pray the be nere: when that I haue nede
Hayll swete is thy chere: my hart wold blede
To se the sytt here: in so poore wede
----------With no pennys
Hayll put furth thy dall // I bryng the bot a ball
Haue and play the with all // And go to the tenys

The fader of heuen: God omnypotent
That sett all on seuen: his son has he sent
My name couth he neuen: And lyght or he went
I conceyuyd hym full euen: thrugh myght as he ment
----------And now is he borne
He kepe you fro wo
I shall pray hym so
Tell furth as ye go
----------And myn on this morne


primus pastor
Fare well lady : so fare to beholde
With thy childe on thi kne : ijus pastor Bot he lygys full cold
Lord well is me : now we go thou behold

iijus pastor
For sothe all redy : it semys to be told
----------Full oft

primus pastor
What grace we haue fun /

ijus pastor
Com furth now ar we won

iijus pastor
To syng ar we bun
----------Let take on loft