BP Canada Trading Competition September 30, 2017

Top Ten Traders for 2017

  1. Tom Widdowson, wins $1000 from BP
  2. Joel Adams, wins $1000 from BP
  3. Brandon Hrycenko
  4. Ian McKenzie
  5. Shane Wilson-Murray
  6. Parminderpal Dhami (Top Rookie)
  7. Micheal Ly
  8. Ivan Steklov
  9. Lorenzo Bondad
  10. Bruce Levy

We have some strong Traders returning from last year and some promising new Traders.

BP Canada Support

BP Canada assisted us with the competition. It provided food, as well as prizes for the top traders. This year, they awarded two prizes of $1000 each for the top traders.

This competition uses our Haskayne licence to the Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) software to simulate trading environments in stocks, commodities, futures and derivatives. The RIT software also has extensions to trade physical goods (crude oil, gasoline) as well as the assets used to manage these physical goods (storage, refineries and pipelines).

BP Canada uses this software for their own in-house training of traders and is kindly supplying the Haskayne School with the funding to acquire a licence to use the RIT Software.

Competition was Open to All University of Calgary Students

The competition was sponsored by BP Canada and the Haskayne School of Business, but it was open, to any University of Calgary student. We had competitors from Haskayne, Engineering and several other Faculties.

Here is the poster for the 2017 Competition, in case you want a souvenir. It looks best on Tabloid paper..

Competition Regulations and Schedule for 2017

Competition Regulations and Schedule

BP Competition Cases and Support Documents

We ran the following four cases:

Looping Practice Cases

The computers in the Main Lab downstairs have the RIT client and experienced RIT traders can use this client to log into practice cases that are looping on the Trading Lab Server, which has an IP Address of and the following ports access the following cases:

10000 Price Discovery 0
10001 Commodities 2
11000 Futures 2 (Contango)
12000 Commodities 1
13000 Agency Trading 1 VWAP Strategies (Not used in the Competition)

Practices to Form WITC and RITC Teams

All University of Calgary students are invited to practice and try out for two Haskayne-led trading teams:

Information about last year's weekly practices and team selection process for the WITC 2016 (held in Calgary) and the RITC 2017 (held in Toronto) is here.

The Haskayne School will cover all regsitration costs for Univesity of Calgary students selected to the WITC teams. It will also pay for participation (registration and 75% of travel costs) by Haskayne students in one or two RITC teams (Gold and Red) of 4-6 students. Students from other faculties may be chosen for the team, and the team manager (Gordon Sick) will lobby the faculties or departments that are home to these students to provide comparable funding to those students to participate in the competition.

Lab Competition

Top Ten Traders in 2016

  1. Joel Adams (wins $1000 from BP)
  2. Chase MacDougall (wins $1000 from BP)
  3. Tom Widdowson
  4. Kristen Campbell
  5. Ian McKenzie
  6. Brandon Hrycenko
  7. Felicia Specht
  8. Micheal Ly
  9. Ivan Kosivchenko
  10. Alfredo Bangloy

Top Ten Traders in 2015

  1. Joel Adams (wins $1000 from BP)
  2. Branden Lewis (wins $1000 from BP)
  3. Carter Ensign
  4. Ranjot Sandhu
  5. Tom Widdowson
  6. Yunlong Hou
  7. Felicia Specht
  8. Chase MacDougall
  9. Ian McKenzie
  10. Jingwen (Danica) Lu

Top Ten Traders in 2014

  1. Georg Jalkotzy ($1000 Scholarship)
  2. Yunlong Hou ($1000 Scholarship)
  3. Taylor Ronsky
  4. Brett Lomore
  5. Chase MacDougall
  6. Branden Lewis
  7. Felicia Specht
  8. Constantine Zakrasov
  9. Scott Woldum
  10. Ever Motis

Top Ten Traders in 2013

  1. Taylor Ronsky ($1000 Scholarship)
  2. Jason Chen ($1000 Scholarship)
  3. Georg Jalkotzy
  4. Constantine Zakrasov
  5. Joel Carston
  6. Lisa Qiu
  7. Jason King
  8. Furla Lau
  9. Gabriel Fiorenzano
  10. Matthew Hlidek