evolutionary ecology lab

Welcome! The research conducted in my lab, although a bit of an eclectic mix, primarily considers the factors promoting the origin, maintenance, distribution and conservation of biodiversity. Currently, my students are studying [1] responses of threespine stickleback to the presence of non-native species, and [2] chemical ecology of rough-skinned newts in the presence/absence of invasive signal crayfish. I also maintain active interests in community phylogenetics, geography of diversification, and the ecology and evolution of angiosperm breeding systems.

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Opportunities - please read before contacting me

Updated October 2017: I am currently recruiting 1-2 graduate students (see below).

Postdoctoral Fellow openings: I do not have funds to support the stipend of a postdoctoral fellow. That said, inquiries from interested folks with external funding - or those that want to apply for external funding (e.g., NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships) with me - are always welcome.

Graduate openings: With two graduate students expected to graduate in 2018, I am recruiting 1-2 graduate students for a September 2018 start. Candidates should have a background in conservation genetics, molecular ecology and/or field work in aquatic systems.

Undergraduate openings: I am looking to recruit an undergraduate project student for summer 2018.

Contact Information

Dr. Steven M. Vamosi
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Professor, Population Biology
2500 University Drive NW
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
Calgary AB
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Phone: 403.210.8508 (Office) | 403.210.8466 (Lab)
Fax: 403.289.9311
Email: smvamosi+ucalgary.ca