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Welcome! Despite their economic importance as pests of legumes and rich history as model organisms in ecology & evolution, comparatively little information is available on the Web about bruchid beetles (Coleoptera: Bruchidae).

This web site attempts to fill some of the gaps by providing information on bruchid natural history, laboratory methods, researchers, and scientific literature. Feel free to contact me ( with suggestions, questions, experimental protocols, references, etc.

Interested folks should also visit Bean Beetles, a nice web site specifically geared towards the use of bruchids in teaching. They have been nice enough to link to us on their Research page.

Recent news: (2008-02-15) - Nothing too exciting happening currently, but I did update parts of this site. I have added a new link to Bruchiteam -- this site is definitely worth a visit. Locally, our third bruchid paper has been published (by Evolutionary Ecology Research). This is our second investigation into direct effects of competition on female fecundity, development time and longevity. These results lead us to believe that the direct (i.e., mass-corrected) effects of larval competition on fitness, especially in those species that do not typically feed as adults, have been largely underappreciated thus far. At present, Daynika has wrapped up her experiments and is writing up her thesis, which focuses additional attention on the causes and side effects of potentially reduced condition in female bruchids exposed to larval competition.

For all citations, go to our Publications page and drop me a line (e-mail given below) if you would like a PDF of any of our articles (Vamosi 2005; Colgoni & Vamosi 2006; Vamosi & Lesack 2007).

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