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Welcome! The research conducted in my lab, although a bit of an eclectic mix, primarily considers the factors promoting the origin, maintenance, distribution and conservation of biodiversity. Currently, my students are studying: [1] adapation to young environments in threespine stickleback, [2] molecular phylogenetics of predaceous diving beetles, [3] the influence of traits on species coexistence in seed beetles, and [4] responses of threespine stickleback to the presence of non-native fish species. I also maintain active interests in community phylogenetics, geography of diversification, enemy-victim interactions, species invasions, and the ecology and evolution of angiosperm breeding systems. Keep up with me on Twitter.

Opportunities - please read before contacting me

Updated September 2014: In addition to inquiries from potential postdoctoral fellows with/competitive for external funding (see below), I have 1-2 graduate student openings in my lab for September 2015 (see below and also the Openings page for more details).

Postdoctoral Fellow openings: I do not have funds to support the stipend of a postdoctoral fellow. That said, inquiries from interested folks with external funding - or those that want to apply for external funding (e.g., NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships) with me - are always welcome.

Graduate openings: I am looking for students* with a strong interest/background in merging evolutionary and molecular ecology approaches to studying local adaptation and species interactions in northern temperate fish or flowering plants, especially in the context of non-native species invasions. Students with external funding (e.g., a Postgraduate Scholarship from NSERC) will be given priority, but I remain open to appropriately trained students with a strong CV; ideally, that means a GPA of 3.6 or higher, plus a publication or two for potential PhD students.

*Please note: for a variety of reasons related to supervising students that make heavy use of shared lab facilities, I cannot consider any students without at least one prospective academic referee that I know at least indirectly, with the fewer degrees of separation the better. The abilities to [i] be a responsible citizen in shared molecular and aquatic lab facilities and [ii] work independently will be weighed on par with demonstrated academic/research excellence. The latter I can make out from publication records, academic transcripts, etc. where I really need more for the former. Finally, form letters from prospective applicants with unrelated backgrounds (e.g., X-ray crystallography, biotechnology) will likely go unanswered.

Undergraduate openings: I am open to serious inquiries from strong candidates for Summer 2015. Over the past two summer, I have had the good fortune to be advisor or co-advisor to four stellar undergraduate student researchers supported by the programs mentioned next, and I am keen to repeat these experiences. I especially welcome students interested in applying for an NSERC USRA or a University of Calgary PURE in January and February 2015. For both awards, a strong GPA and a well-crafted project idea are essential - if you combine the former with enthusiasm, we can take care of the latter together.

Contact Information

Dr. Steven M. Vamosi
Associate Professor, Population Biology
2500 University Drive NW
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
Calgary AB
T2N 1N4 Canada

Phone: 403.210.8508 (Office) | 403.210.8466 (Lab)
Fax: 403.289.9311
Email: smvamosi+ucalgary.ca