Current Lab Members

Steven Vamosi (PI; - ecology, evolution, and conservation of insects, plants, and fish.

Chandra Venables (PhD candidate; 2009 - present) - phylogenetics of diving beetles.

Stephen Hausch* (PhD candidate; 2009 - present) - species coexistence and character displacement.
*Cosupervised with Jeremy Fox.

Doug Curley (Masters student; 2015 - present) - impacts of non-native species on diet specialization in stickleback.

Emma Carroll (Masters student; 2014 - present) - population genetics of native trout species.

Haley Glass (Masters student; 2015 - present) - conservation genetics of amphibians.

Hannah Kienzle (Masters student; 2015 - present) - impacts of non-native species on body shape evolution in stickleback.

Stevi Vanderzwan* (Masters student; 2011 - present) - local adaptation in Alaskan threespine stickleback.
*Cosupervised with Sean Rogers.

Allison Hay (URA, 2015 - present) - intraspecific variation in DNA barcodes.
Nicole Courchesne (URA, 2015 - present) - TBD.
Rachel Redick (NSERC URA, 2014 - present) - population genetics of non-native Scotch Broom.

Former Lab Members

Dr. Don Yee (PDF, 2007) - dispersal, intraguild predation, and niche differences in diving beetles.
Stefan Dennenmoser (PhD, 2009-2013), co-supervised with Sean Rogers; - phylogeography of prickly sculpin.
Bianca Wohlfahrt (PhD, 2005-2010) - interactions between diving beetles and odonates.
Cory Kremer (MSc, 2019-2013), co-supervised with Sean Rogers; - landscape genetics of brook stickleback.
Carly Silver (MSc, 2007-2010) - ecology of temporary ponds.
Daynika Schade (MSc, 2006-2008) - effects of larval competition on adult fitness in bruchid beetles.
Chandra Venables (MSc, 2005-2007; co-supervised with Derek Sikes) - testing for a rapid radiation in the genus Nicrophorus.
Rianne Diepstraten (NSERC URA, 2013) - comparing phylogenetic community structure metrics.
Alison Banwell (PURE URA, 2013) - status of DNA barcode data for Canadian diving beetles.
Garrett Oetelaar (PURE URA, 2010) - community structure in montane diving beetles.
Katelyn Shortt (URA, 2009-2010) - study of invasive legume (Caragana arborescens).
Susan Cousineau (PURE URA, 2008-2009) - Neotropical palms; coastal diving beetle communities.
Sacha O'Regan (NSERC URA, 2009) - feeding preferences of larval diving beetles.
Sierra Love (URA, 2008) - ecology of temporary ponds.
Catherine Gieysztor (URA, 2008) - community ecology of diving beetles.
Stacy Kallweit (URA, 2007) - multiple mating in bruchid beetles.
Stacy Taylor (URA, 2007) - habitat preferences in diving beetles.
Jared Rowell (URA, 2007) - ecology of diving beetles.
Cynthia Naydani (URA, 2005-2007) - environmental correlates of diving beetle distributions.
Meagan Russell (NSERC URA, 2006) - competition and fitness in female bruchid beetles.
Terra Lesack (URA, 2005) - larval competition and female fecundity in bruchid beetles.
Bryan Hensel (URA, 2005) - mineral provisioning and seed size in mustards and legumes.
Tiffany Taggart (URA, 2004-2005) - seed size of angiosperms from different floras.
Brad Jones (PGRA, 2004) - oviposition preference in female bruchid beetles.