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The frame concentrates on a picture of Kris' mother on the wall. Kris' father

[Talking of Berton] He's a tactful man. If he decided to come, it's because he considers this important.

Although, I admit, I'd rather not see anyone now.

You and I rarely get a chance to talk.
Sometimes you seem an accountant to me, fully taken up with his profit and loss accounts at the end of the year. Do you remember your mother? [Please note that a picture of Kris' mother is shown now!]. She used to rebuke you for the same reasons. Everybody say the Solaris case is a lost one. I don't understand your stubbornness, your persistence.

Now we see Kris in front of the large window who looks the children playing on the garden outside.

Kris I'm glad to hear you say that...Even if it's on the last day.

There's something going wrong at the station. We are getting unclear news. I have been instructed to go and see. They need me to do a report. Maybe

they will decide to dismiss the space station, I don't know...
A tracking shot reveals the father fiddling with his pipe. Kris' father The last day... But why send you there?
One always feels awful after a big farewell. A sixteen months trip is quite long... And you need to do it all by yourself.
Here comes your aunt. Here comes your aunt
Let's meet after lunch. We need to talk Listen, Kris, let's talk about this after lunch.
Kris Why did you have to invite this Berton today of all days? The matter is not only the Solaris station, but the limits to set for human knowledge.
Aunt Where are the guests going to sleep? Next to you, or in the room upstairs? (Shouting) So will you come for the lunch or not?!
Kris' father (to the aunt) Upstairs, I guess... [nervously] But wait for a moment!
Kris goes out. Kris (to his father) Well, I'm off to my meeting by the swing. To decide, father, I need to go and see.
Aunt Maybe... So what do you want me to do?
Kris' father Just a moment. You and your room can wait! Wait!
The aunt goes off the frame Father Listen, Kris... (shouting) I just told you to wait for a moment!