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Wed Dec 31 11:40:11 MST 2003 Documentaries.html: added the Belkacem Bazi / William Aldridge documentary to the bottom of the Documentaries section.
Wed Dec 31 02:02:48 MST 2003 TheTopics.html: moved the Homages and Tributes section into The Topics (previously found in Graphics section). Added tribute by J. Burtin — thanks Gonzalo Blasco.
Tue Dec 30 19:04:24 MST 2003 Festivals.html: added poster for the November 2003 Barcelona Tarkovski Conference... poster submitted by Thanks Gonzalo Blasco!
Tue Dec 30 17:40:13 MST 2003 Roqueni.html: added bachelor thesis of Pilar Roqueñí.
Tue Dec 30 16:57:40 MST 2003 misc_gallery.html: added this largely unknown photo of AT with Vilgot Sjöman.
Tue Dec 30 13:25:56 MST 2003 journalbib.html: added references to two journal articles by Donato Totaro.
Tue Dec 30 13:25:56 MST 2003 TheLinks.html: added links to two Offscreen articles by David George Menard (at the end of the Analysis section). Also added to the DVD Review section a RusCiCo Stalker DVD review by Totaro.
Tue Dec 30 01:32:14 PST 2003 TheLinks.html: restored more dead links, this time it's "Iskusstvo Kino"'s turn to move directories around their server. Added a link to the third installment of Olga Surkova's "Khroniki" (about Stalker), to a Russian translation of a "Dagens nyheter" 1981 interview with Tarkovsky, and to a couple of texts by A. Knyazhinsky: a TV interview transcript and excerpts from his diary (Stalker again).
Mon Dec 29 20:29:43 PST 2003 TheLinks.html: restored a couple of dead links (Russian interviews with Marina Tarkovskaya and Andrei Andreievich Tarkovsky — they were moved to a different directory on Izvestia's server) plus Konchalovsky's two books (courtesy of Internet Archive).
Sun Dec 28 15:09:17 PST 2003 TheDiaries.html: activated the corresponding link (duh).
Fri Dec 26 12:03:01 PST 2003 tempo.html: added the Tempo di viaggio diary thread.
Tue Nov 11 13:14:19 MST 2003 Rance.html: Added today's Chicago Tribune comment by Becker.
Sun Nov 9 15:21:23 MST 2003 pal2ntsc.html: Added article: Should I buy the PAL or the NTSC version?.
Tue Nov 4 02:23:17 PST 2003 Added the credits for Nostalghia to the topics page.
Thu Oct 30 22:48:20 MST 2003 TheBibliography.html: Applied Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to all bibliography pages. Graphics section next.
Fri Oct 17 20:54:39 MDT 2003 RusCiCo_SubsOff.html: Added featurette: Help! I can't get rid of my RusCiCo subtitles!.
Wed Oct 15 22:55:54 MDT 2003 OffretSoundtrack.html: Added this page, and linked it into The Topics section. May be useful to some.
Wed Oct 8 23:23:23 MDT 2003 DVD_Covers.html: Added link to image from RusCiCo Stalker missing gunshot scene (also did so in DVD recommendations' section), and added extensive set of framegrabs from the menus - submitted by Kimitoshi Sato, Japan (see Japan edition of Stalker for the whole list).
Wed Oct 8 22:40:11 MDT 2003 DVD_Recommendations.html: Updated section on The Sacrifice.
Wed Oct 8 22:33:21 MDT 2003 DVD_Covers.html: For title The Sacrifice (all three discs): Added link to our analysis/comparison.
Wed Oct 8 22:30:03 MDT 2003 DVD_Covers.html: Added Boris Godunov DVD cover to this section. Also added improved scan of Irina's notes. Also reproduced on the Godunov page (also added VHS tape scan on that page, for the historical record...). Thanks to Ben Halligan and Charalampos Goyios.
Wed Oct 8 22:20:33 MDT 2003 lars-olof_gallery.html: Added photos "Around the camera II," "Portrait V," and "Portrait VI." Submitted by Gregory Young of Melbourne.
Sat Oct 4 12:20:33 MDT 2003 OffretDVDs.html: Added article comparing three The Sacrifice DVDs.
Wed Sep 24 01:24:34 PDT 2003 Fixing more alignment problems in the Diaries section. Grrr...
Thu Sep 11 15:40:10 MDT 2003 DVD_Covers.html: Implemented Cascading Stylesheets on this page.
Mon Sep 8 03:35:55 PDT 2003 Added extra table alignment attributes to several of the diary pages as Opera 7.11 for Linux seems to presume align="center" unless told otherwise.
Sat Aug 30 18:21:05 MDT 2003 Overscan.html: Added some typical Tarkovsky examples to the page, and added some hints on how to select a DVD player.
Mon Aug 25 23:45:55 MDT 2003 BumpCuts.html: added page on a certain common technical annoyance.
Mon Aug 25 14:55:54 MDT 2003 Overscan.html: Added our Overscan exposé on how a technological quirk shape artistic decisions and leaves the viewer shortchanged to boot.
Wed Aug 6 02:22:56 PDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added the opening credits for The Sacrifice.
Tue Aug 5 23:01:57 PDT 2003 Changed the mysterious binary characters from several of the Diaries files and replaced them with "—" (that's what they were). Let me know if there are any left anywhere else...
Mon Aug 4 21:35:47 PDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added frame grabs of the opening credits for four films in the "Miscellaneous" section. TB continued.
Fri Aug 01 00:00:00 MDT 2003 index.html: Site hit counter: Number of hits Aug 01 2001 to Aug 01 2002 was 30,000. Number of hits Aug 01 2002 to Aug 01 2003 was 64,000.
Sun Jul 27 17:25:01 MDT 2003 Offret_Photos.html: added several publicity stills to the bottom of the page. Thanks Burkhard.
Sun Jul 27 17:20:53 MDT 2003 misc_gallery.html: added several great photos to the top of the page, submitted by Burkhard. He also submitted improved versions of some other photos, posters, and Russian VHS tape covers — installed all these in their respective sections.
Tue Jul 15 20:22:50 PDT 2003 AT_On.html: added a short sundry note re. exp. cinema. (Brakhage? :-) )
Fri Jul 11 00:51:49 MDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added To Journey Within, Gideon Bachmann in conversation with Tarkovsky.
Mon Jul 8 00:54:09 MDT 2003 Walther_gallery_ii.html: added a second page to the Walther photo gallery. Thank you Burkhard!
Mon Jul 7 23:41:61 MDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added this touching testimony by Giuseppe Lanci. Exclusive translation by David Stringari.
Mon Jul 7 23:41:60 MDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added interview with Tarkovsky, conducted by Natalia Aspesi. Exclusive translation by David Stringari.
Mon Jul 7 23:41:59 MDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added interview with Tarkovsky, conducted by Maurizio Porro. This is inspiring stuff. Exclusive translation by David Stringari.
Mon Jul 7 23:41:58 MDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added interview with Tarkovsky, conducted by Gian Luigi Rondi. This is very good stuff. Exclusive translation by David Stringari.
Mon Jul 7 23:41:57 MDT 2003 TheTopics.html: added interview with Tarkovsky, conducted by Tonino Guerra. This is dynamite stuff! Note comments about Stalker soundtrack. Exclusive translation by David Stringari.
Sun Jul 6 02:04:18 PDT 2003 Went through entire Links page, fixed a couple of URLs, found more dead links, redirected some of them to the Internet Archive instead. Still trying to locate those not available at the Archive.
Tue Jul 1 00:43:24 PDT 2003 Added quickie English summaries of the articles by Skurativsky and Pomerants. Added the relevant links to Links as well.
Sat Jun 21 00:37:30 PDT 2003 Added a translation of a letter to father by the very young Andrei (as reproduced in Book of Tarkovsky's "The Killers").
Tue Jun 17 02:18:21 PDT 2003 Added AT's letter to father to the Topics page (the Miscellaneous section).
Wed Jun 4 14:26:04 MDT 2003 bookbib.html: added two Tarkovsky-related Rosenbaum articles. Thanks, Jonathan!
Wed Jun 4 14:15:33 MDT 2003 bookbib.html: added book: Gangar, Amrit (Ed.) Andrei Tarkovsky: A Homage. Screen Unit, Mumbai, India, 1987. Thanks Amrit!
Fri May 9 05:03:52 PDT 2003 TheLinks.html: added a link to the stunning (I do not mean it lightly) Library of Congress online exhibit of colour photographs from pre-revolutionary Russia (1905–1915) taken by Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky. Check this one for example (taken in 1909!)
Mon Apr 28 22:00:02 MDT 2003 journalbib.html: added German article (unknown magazine, unknown author) [ pg 1 | pg 2 | pg 3 ]. Also added Suchánek book to the Books Bibliography, with TOC and synopsis. Thanks Petr!
Mon Apr 28 21:02:59 MDT 2003 DVD_Covers.html: added full set of Dutch and Italian DVDs (mostly RusCiCo).
Fri Apr 18 17:11:34 MDT 2003 Multimedia_Covers.html: added Eugene's latest CD-ROM.
Fri Apr 18 16:41:30 MDT 2003 misc_gallery.html: cleaned up (i.e., made all images 128px wide and added a 1px black border around each image).
Fri Apr 18 00:36:31 MDT 2003 misc_gallery.html: cascading stylesheet implemented. Not yet cleaned up.
Thu Apr 17 00:20:18 MDT 2003 Godunov.html: cascading stylesheet implemented. Cleaned up.
Wed Apr 16 23:15:09 MDT 2003 terrance_gallery.html: cascading stylesheet implemented. Cleaned up.
Wed Apr 16 22:32:15 MDT 2003 Walther_gallery.html: cascading stylesheet implemented. Cleaned up.
Wed Apr 16 21:02:15 MDT 2003 lars-olof_gallery.html: cascading stylesheet implemented. Cleaned up.
Wed Apr 16 00:33:01 MDT 2003 lars-olof_gallery-c.html: cascading stylesheet implemented. Cleaned up.
Mon Apr 14 23:30:36 MDT 2003 Solaris_PressPhotos.html: added Solaris press photos, provided by Alex Asp.
Fri Apr 11 20:14:34 PDT 2003 Tidied up (CSS) the short HTML files containing the scanned photos linked from sacrifice.html.
Sat Mar 29 21:50:38 PST 2003 TheLinks.html: added links to articles by Vadym Skurativsky and Aleksei Vasilyev.
Tue Mar 25 00:34:07 PST 2003 stalker.html: added border="0" attribute to the image as some browsers display an ugly rectangular border around it otherwise. Same with sacrifice.html. Re. the absolute URLs issue: there are a few left, mostly that red square plus some in the Offret section.
Sat Mar 22 21:13:12 PST 2003 Piero.html: made footnote references linked to the footnotes themselves for easier navigation.
Mon Mar 17 18:32:31 PST 2003 TheLinks.html: added link to the next installment of Olga Surkova's series in "Iskusstvo kino". The publishers seem to be slowly making them available online one by one.
February/March 2003 NOTE: Site is currently undergoing a major overhaul. Related changes are too numerous to be logged here. Logging of normal updates on this page will resume at some point in time. We ask for your patience in the meantime. We welcome feedback on our new design as work progresses. Are the fonts too small? Too large? Perfect? Is anything misaligned as seen in your browser? NOTE: Your browser must now support cascading stylesheets (CSS) for to display correctly. All modern browsers now support CSS.
Mon Feb 10 23:56:06 MST 2003 journalbib.html: added two articles [ I | II ] provided by Viktor Popovic. Thank you Viktor!
Mon Feb 10 23:31:10 MST 2003 bookbib.html: added entry for the Serbian edition of Sculpting in Time (w/cover scans), kindly provided by Viktor Popovic.
Mon Feb 10 22:58:21 MST 2003 Nostalghia.html: added chirashi scan supplied by Kimitoshi. New print of Nostalghia being shown in Japan.
Mon Feb 10 22:27:48 MST 2003 journalbib.html: Jan may have forgotten to say "hi" while in Amsterdam, but Olga Surkova still emailed us... Added 10 Surkova article references, supplied by the author via email.
Sat Feb 1 01:00:25 PST 2003 russian_bibliog.html: adding notes. To be continued...
Tue Jan 28 21:53:33 PST 2003 Added Olga Surkova's article Khroniki Tarkovskovo from the June 2002 issue of Iskusstvo kino to the Links page. We should use portions of this. And to think I was in Amsterdam few weeks ago and did not say "hi"!
Tue Jan 21 20:40:14 MST 2003 Soundtracks.html: added a Japan-only CD on the London label, Cinema Classics: Andrei Tarkovsky, containing classical music used in Tarkovsky's films. As usual, the Japanese excel in every respect. How many years did it take us to track down the title of the Purcell piece in Mirror, again? And it's all right here! Many thanks to Shihlun Chang in Taipei.
Tue Jan 21 18:30:48 MST 2003 Programs.html: added Schloss Neuhardenberg Tarkowskij 70. Geburtstag invitation.
Tue Jan 21 18:20:39 MST 2003 Festivals.html: added Montenegro festival poster. Thanks to Viktor Popovic in Belgrade!
Sun Jan 19 21:39:17 PST 2003 atinterview.html: compared against the Russian original which we now have here. Turns out only minor changes were applicable: s/bar/café/, splitting a paragraph, italicising a word or two, etc. The Polish translation was quite accurate.
Sat Jan 18 17:22:39 MST 2003 TheLinks.html: added three interesting Russian articles to Articles section [ I | II | III | IV ]
Thu Jan 17 02:24:20 PST 2003 Journals_Russian.html: continuing adding title info. I'll fix the slightly inconsistent look later (still having fun with the jetlag).
Fri Jan 17 00:05:41 MST 2003 russian_bibliog.html: added this comprehensive bibliography [Russian]. It's Friday already?
Thu Jan 16 23:25:00 MST 2003 Programs.html: Added to the memorabilia page a cover scan of the premier issue of Imagekeeper Monthly, the most important film journal in Taiwan during the early 1990s. Issue No. 1. was dedicated to AT. Thanks to Shihlun Chang for this scan.
Thu Jan 16 23:23:07 MST 2003 journalbib.html: added cover scan for the Positif October 1981 special dossier on Tarkovsky. Thanks to Dolf and his new scanner.
Thu Jan 16 18:02:14 PST 2003 Journals_Russian.html: continuing adding title info.
Sun Jan 12 22:28:28 MST 2003 DVD_Covers.html and other pages: added several RusCiCo and IVC Japanese DVD cover scans. Changed all copyright footers on the site to read ©2001-2003 instead of ©2001. Removed the last occurrences of the Becker (third-reich) font. Accordingly, created new banner for Legal and About pages — the good ol' Times font now used in all header banners.
Sun Jan 12 10:06:16 PST 2003 Fixed the remaining files by adding <blockquote>. This hopefully takes care of the <p> problem.
Sat Jan 11 21:00:56 PST 2003 DVD_Covers.html: added the Artificial Eye Nostalghia DVD cover.
Added a note regarding the new Mirror DVD to page RusCiCo_Mirror_Review.html (bottom).
Sat Jan 11 20:03:17 PST 2003 Fixed a dozen or so files by adding <blockquote> for proper rendering on different browsers.
Sat Jan 11 19:15:13 MST 2003 Tributes.html: Added Tarkovsky homages by Garbarek (CD track), and Tickmayer (vinyl LP).
Sat Jan 11 18:52:01 MST 2003 journalbib.html: Added a dozen journal references, and also six new books (to bookbib.html) submitted by Dolf Mulder (mulder-additions#8).
Fri Jan 10 10:08:04 PST 2003 Journals_Russian.html: continuing adding title info.
tolstoycomplex.html: continuing adding links to the corresponding page scans.
Wed Jan 8 20:04:13 PST 2003 Journals_Russian.html: began adding the title info.
tolstoycomplex.html: added links to the corresponding page scans.
Sun Jan 5 21:35:52 MST 2003 DVD_Covers.html: Added Nostalghia (Japan, R2, NTSC) cover scan.
Fri Jan 3 22:23:27 MST 2003 On_Color.html: Added article; linked to The Topics.

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