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Colophon, or About this Site
Behind the html curtain

This site began as my alternative to photocopying assignments and other information for my students, and has become much more than that: while you'll still find syllabi and writing guides in the Teaching section, I've added Research and Administration sections to make it a veritable online CV (if you will) of research projects and other details. The front page has grown into a commonplace book -- and a resource for my students during term-time.

Sources The photos atop each page (which rotate randomly within themed sets) are all in the public domain. Most are from Flickr. FeedRoll powers the RSS feeds to the sidebars of most pages, including Pepys' Diary in daily doses on the home page, and other feeds like the London Review of Books. See this page or this one for introductions to RSS.

Software I designed and maintain this site with SubEthaEdit for html and css files, and I use CyberDuck to transfer files.

Sites Designed
1998 - 2006

Religious Conflict and Toleration in the Early Modern World
The Folger Institute

This site from early 2005, for a Folger Institute seminar of the same title, began with a CSS template. Seven essays by different scholars incorporate scanned title-pages from relevant books in the Folger Library (Washington).

The Centre for Reformation & Renaissance Studies
University of Toronto

In 2003, I designed the web site of the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at the University of Toronto. [For screen shots, click here.] This site added online book displays; descriptions of CRRS events categories; an enhanced Events Calendar; a search function; and a site map. It reorganizes the material and updates the aesthetic of our former site. It also uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for most of its visual elements, with the exception of layout -- something for my next project.

The Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science
Princeton University

This site, for a research institute at Princeton, was my first to use CSS for all of its visual elements: type, layout, and colours. It combines the best elements of the CRRS site (search engine, randomized home-page image) with a spare, two-column layout and two separate publications pages. I designed it in early 2004.

Verticals of Troy
McGill University

This site (now offline) began in 1998 as the first site I designed, for an independent reading course at McGill University. Someday, I may expand it into a larger resource on the Troy myth in Western culture -- as soon as I find a free decade or two to address this subject properly.

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