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A Digital Exhibit: Tale of Lady Karaito (Karaito Soshi) (2017-10)
100 Classical Kana Words in Motion (2016-06-22) 
      iOS app (2016-11-17); Android app (2017-02-06)
劇画・絵師草紙(Comic: A Painter's Story) (2016-08-27)
・ Third volume with students: Old Japan Redux 3  (2017-02-24)
100 Life Scenes in Classical Painting (2016-01-18)
・ A blog: 日本語作文ボード (5 students in 2017)
・ A new page for Senshu 2014 and Photo Diary. (2014-04-25)
・ Related links in the Essay section. (2012-07-31)
・ Two titles, A Heroine in Revenge (敵討義女英) and Akimichi (あきみち) added to "Narration: Japanese Picture Scrolls"
・ My blog, 絵巻三昧. It is all about picture scrolls (update weekly) 

  Personal News (more..

・ Exploring at Facebook (Jie Yang) and Twitter (@xjieyang). 
・ Keynote Speech, Kansai University, Feb. 2018 (2018-03-20) 
Canada Japanese Video Cotest (2018-01-16)
Old Japan Redux, video and the 4th volume (2018-03-20)
・ A chapter, Searching for Digital Scroll-illustrations(2018-03-20)
・ Two talks: Poem scroll; Digital development. (2017-11-09)
・ A paper presentation at JSAC, 2017
・ A chapter, classical pictures on dreams
Order of the Rising Sun (Reception, UToday) (2016-04-29)
・ "A Miracle at Morihisa's Execution", Lovable Losers  (2015-10)
・ Jointly edited a book on digital humanities. (my chapter).
・ A journal article: "A Grammar of Medieval Picture Scrolls"

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