Japanese Language and Culture Program 2007  (JPNS 309/311/313)

Program Date (May 8 - June 7, 2007)Course Schedule
Senshu University (専修大学)

- How to get to the International Students' Dormitory
- Photos of classrooms and the dormitory
- 2006春期日本語・日本事情プログラム, カルガリー大生ら25人参加
- 『研修館便り・カルガリー編』 
    by国際研修館RA  (バックナンバー

-  Students group at Facebook

and Lacey became winners at the Alberta Japanese Speech Contest!
An article at OnCampus, Vol. 3/Issue 7.

Students List

 Lorita Yung-Lin Chiu     Justin Koon Seng Liong
 Felix Chow                   Stephanie Yuen Ying Lo
 Susan Hepburn             Evelyn May-May Ma
 Sarah Ito                     Joukin Luis Mak Chan
 Lacey Ga Young Kim     Stephen Mo 
 Hyoeun Jenny Kim        Jenn So
 Jenny Ching-Ju Ko       Raymond Tse
 Michael Joey Lam         Steven Tse
 Allen Gretzky Philip Lee    Hoyee Wong
 Joyce Ka Pui Lee         Vienne Wong


           X. Jie Yang ブログ・日本語の風景

  自動販売機 (Lorita Chiu/Steven Tse) BLOG
  トイレ  (Stephanie Lo/Jenny Ko)
  Engrish (Susan Hepburn/Stephen Mo)
そこ、知っていますか (Lacey Kim/Jenny Kim)
  マップ・地図 (Jenn So/Joyce Lee)
  携帯電話 (Raymond Tse/Vienne Wong)

  建物 (Michael Lam/Hoyee Wong)
  広告 (Justin Liong/Allen Lee/Evelyn Ma)
  娯楽 (Justin Liong/Allen Lee/Evelyn Ma)
  食事 (Felix Chow)
  デパ地下 (Sarah Ito)
  靖国神社 (Luis Mak Chan)

Research Projects

   Photo Diary (May 9 - June 8)

if you have Google Earth installed in your computer, save this KML and take a first look!