University of Calgary
Student Comments

1. He is the definition of a great professor.

2. He's enthusiastic and frighteningly learned. If every prof were like him university would be a breeze.

3. Anis is the king. he loves the material and he loves to pass it on to the students. he is engaged, informative, in-depth, and an excellent communicator.

4. Dr. Haque is amongst the best professors I've had a chance to work with. Great enthusiasm, unbelievable planning and structure, insightful assignments and fair testing. A model professor. If he were to instruct both 463 and 465, fourth year ENEL students would be circuit solving machines.

5. This prof knows his material so well, it is staggering! He can explain it well and genuinely cares about the students’ understanding.

6. Dr. Haque is a good prof--I like his teaching style, and I am so sososososo glad for two things: 1. I am glad he did a detailed review of ENEL 463 concepts at the beginning of the semester, allowing us to consolidate everything. 2. I am glad that Dr. Haque makes a point to watch the faces of his students as he's teaching, so he can readily determine when we do not fully understand what he is teaching, and that he goes through every step of a process so as to make sure we do not get at all confused at any point along the way to an answer. THANK YOU! Dr. Haque was so thorough and it was a HUGE breath of fresh air!. We always seemed to work on exactly what everyone was having trouble with. Lots of good tips and tricks were learned.

7. One of the best professors that one can come across during their undergrad Engineering Studies. Knows his stuff very well. Has opportunities for questions after class. Makes us do many practice problems during class. Prepares his own assignments (which very few of them do). BEST PROF!!! Don't miss the opportunity to listen to his childhood stories.

8. Dr. Haque always laid out problems so I could see how to solve circuits. Tough course, very well taught.

9. Never gave solutions without making me think and try it myself which is the key to successes.

10. Dr. Haque was the most excellent professor, he taught the course with enthusiasm and it was obvious that he cared about our education. Every professor should be like he is. I believe he put forth a strong effort to aid our understanding of material and he was always responsive with questions.

11. This course was taught very well. Professor Haque communicated the course in a well manner. He was very organized, clear, and concise. His notes were easy to understand and his presentation was good. I really liked how he did not have too many notes to take down as other courses. This allows you to listen to him explain the notes rather than scrambling to write down everything.

12. You deserve personal recognition for your obvious commitment to the success of students. I have learned a lot more in this class. Your positive demeanor and enthusiastic approach were very helpful in my learning, and I would go as far as to say that I looked forward to attend your class everyday.

13. I was really impressed with your teaching style and dedication. What impressed me the most though was your enthusiasm. Your interest for the subject was evident in the way that you always answered our questions and you simplified the lecture material through class interaction and feedback.

14. I’ve never had a professor so committed in teaching a course as you are and for that I am grateful.

15. Please reward Dr. Haque for being very approachable, organized, and for being so knowledgeable about the material.

16. Dr. Haque is an outstanding professor. He genuinely cared about the students and their knowledge of the material being taught, going out of his way to make sure we understood it. His teaching method was great. He didn't mind taking the extra time to teach us the things that we should have learned. Haque is the kind of professor that should be expected in a third year course, a great professor!

17. Dr. Haque was extremely communicative. He was always willing to help a student in need and answer any advanced questions asked in class. His teaching presence is essential in understanding the concepts in the course. The notes given in class were essentially useless the lectures were attended.

18. Dr. Haque has proven to me to be a very good instructor. He has tried his best to assist us in lots of ways. Example, he is more than willing to go over hard concepts to help us understand better. I believe it went from a not-so-good start of (3% quiz average) to a very VERY good instructor. Thank-you, Dr Haque.

19. One of the best instructors I have ever had. Always there to answer questions when needed and lectures were clear and organized.

20. I really like how Dr. Haque teaches this course - with lots of examples. The quality of instruction is great, and he really cares that his students do well. I will recommend him to anyone else who has to take this course.

21. Professor Haque was very enthusiastic and helpful, he cared about the success of his students and treated them with respect. Questions were answered and examples were given to help with the theory Was an enjoyable course, I learned many thing which I’m sure will be extremely useful.

22. Dr. Haque is a great professor who you can see cares about his students. he does everything he can to make sure we understand the material. he definitely loves what he does.

23. I really liked Dr. Haque's organization of his notes, they were easy to follow and his tutorials were very helpful. He was always able to respond to questions asked and overall taught the course very well.

24. He was clear, concise, and made class fun to be in. He was great at showing step by step solutions and various methods.

25. Professor Haque is an excellent professor. He is very good at teaching the course contents and was very excited about teaching the course. He knew all of the material inside out and answered all questions appropriately.

26. The professor emphasized on understanding the techniques of circuit analysis, and to understand how each circuit element worked. Professor Haque was an excellent instructor - very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

27. where should i start... Amazing prof. very clear in his teaching. Will answer any question, even if he had just answered it 5 secs earlier. His tests are marked based on your understanding of the concepts not on how often ur internal calculator malfunctions. Very important to attend and follow every lecture... ask him his theory on "Human Nature"!

28. How can i describe his teaching... very organized, has vast knowledge about circuits. Like an ideal OPAM he is ideal for this course . We all LOve you Sir...