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The online curriculum is a resource for undergraduate students and faculty providing ready access to the curriculum content of the veterinary medicine program.

The curriculum will be built around a Clinical Presentation model (see Objectives). Cases representing common diseases or clinical conditions introduce students to basic concepts and information normally presented in basic science lectures. The curriculum will have two components

The Integrated Foundations Course uses case presentations to introduce the student to most of the concepts required for approaching clinical problems. The Comparative Systems Course gives the students a broader range of clinical situations providing the depth of understanding required for graduation.

The online curriculum uses a standard scheme for background colors to guide the student.

    Light Grey: determines the minimum level of knowledge and understanding of the basic sciences expected by the end of the Integrated Foundations Course

    Light Yellow: determines the minimum level of knowledge and understanding by the end of the Comparative Systems Course

Students must also access the more detailed descriptions and explanations provided on:

  • linked pages (light blue)
  • online textbooks
  • external resources such as
    • lectures
    • references
    • textbooks
in order to gain a full appreciation of the information and concepts outlined in the designated pages.

In addition to sub-headings and links to other pages, the online curriculum pages include the following features:

  1. A comment button, intended for faculty to input modifications or additions to the current web page.
  2. A question button, intended for undergraduate students who need further clarification or explanation. The question and answer is sent to the entire class.
  3. A problem button, should any of the features of the web page not function.
  4. A search button, for rapid searches of the online curriculum content.

Membership of Integrated Foundations Committee as of March 2005

Committee Chair:
    Jack Manns (Physiology)

Committee Members:

  • Kim Crisanti (Clinical & General organization)
  • John Bertram (Anatomy)
  • Jan Bystrom (Pathology)
  • Hallgrímur Benediktsson (Pathology)
  • Joe Goren (Biochemistry)
  • Tony Schryvers (Microbiology)
  • Hugh Semple (Pharmacology)
  • Eva Harre-Molineaux (Clinical)
  • Diane Fothergill Armstrong (Vashti Communications)


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