Great-granddaughter of a coppersmith†. My mouthfull of a family name means just that. Daughter of two hard scientists and gentle parents. Mother of two opinionated young men. Always a friend of her old friends, although not necessarily and definitely not only on Facebook.


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I am a Bulgarian-Canadian academic working at the University of Calgary in Western Canada. I am a professor in Communication at the Department of Communication and Culture. I study the Internet and digital media in their multiple social contexts and applications. I am interested in how people make sense of these media and look for the agency of users in the world of overwhelming technological abundance. I started my career as a journalist in Bulgaria in the mid 1980ies and then moved on to graduate studies initially in Bulgaria and later at Simon Fraser University in Canada. As a result of this continent leaping I have two doctorates one in media sociology and one in communication. The start of my academic life coincided with the massive uptake of the Internet as a communication medium and it was a logical choice to tie my fate to this object of inquiry. With my projects, I continue to shuttle between Europe and Canada and find it fascinating to be part of a cosmopolitan research community.


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    † - "Bakar" means copper in Turkish. "Bakardjia" is the craftsman who makes copper utensils, the coppersmith. As the crafts bloomed in Bulgaria during a period when the country was subbordinated to the Turkish Empire, many of them bear Turkish names. Finally, "Bakardjiev/a" (possesive case) is the son/daughter or any further offspring of the coppersmith.