Past and present, this is a list of all the students that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Georgia Gaden
In progress.
Title: The Social Construction of Blogging Genres.
Candidacy Exam passed: December 10, 2008.
Note: Georgia Gaden is working as a research assistant with me on conducting focus groups with bloggers. We have presented one co-authored conference paper and have co-authored one journal article.

Trang Pham
In progress.
Title: Rural Internet use in Vietnam

Andrea Jonahs
In progress.
Title: Online Discourses of Interracial Relationships

Christina Neumayer (ITU of Copenhagen, Co-supervisor)
In progress.
Title: Rebels of Today: A Critical Analysis of Radical Right and Left Discourse in Digital Media

Pimonpan Chainan (Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Co-supervisor)
In progress.
Pimonpan visited me at the University of Calgary for a year (June 2001-June 2012).
Title: Online Social Media and Political Communication of Thai Youth

Sabrina Krivan
In progress.
Title: Facebook Identity Formation: Observing the Dramaturgical Evolution of ‘Self’

Todd Andre
In progress.
Title: The Phenomnon of Human Computer Interaction Design.
Note: Todd has worked with me as a research assistant preparing literature reviews and organizing focus groups with Facebook users.

Na Hu (Fiona)
Defense date: April 13, 2010.
Title: Understanding the Human Flesh Search Phenomenon in China

Naziat Choudhury
Defense date: August 26, 2008.
Title: The Internet as an Empowering Tool for Women in Bangladesh.
Note: Naziat has assisted me with literature reviewing and focus groups with bloggers.

Carol Neuman
Defense date: June 17, 2008.
Title: Chips Ahoy? Reading Resistance to RFID Tags.
Note: Carol assisted me with the conducting of a focus group in the rural community of Thorsby, AB.

Yvonne Poitras-Pratt
Defense Date: June 9, 2005.
Title: All My Online Relations: Aboriginal Community Participation In Planning For Alberta SuperNet Broadband Technology.
Note: Yvonne worked as a research associate for the Supernet Research Alliance Project as well as a research assistant for my At Home with the Internet project. We have co-authored a conference paper

Shea Ellingham
Defense date: June, 2003.
Title: Internet Lifestyles: Teens and the Online Experience.
Note: Shea Ellingham worked as a research assistant for my At Home with the Internet project. She used part of the data collected in the project in her own thesis.

Janis Goldie
Defense date: June, 2003.
Title: Virtual Communities and the Social Dimension of Privacy.
Note: Janis Goldie worked as a research assistant for the NSF funded Human Values in the Design and Use of Computer Networks project for which I was a co-investigator. Her thesis research was related to the project. We have published one co-authored chapter.

Rebecca Dunne
Completed (no defense): May 2010.
Title: Seeking Health Information Online in a Northern Alberta First Nations Community: A Case Study

Jian Jiao
Defense date: May, 2007.
Title: Understanding Organizational Members’ Use of Communication Media from Organizational Culture Perspective: A Case Study of A Wireless Router Company in China

Jana Hands
Defense date: April 18, 2003
Title: Computer Mediated Communication: A case study of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation’s online mentoring program and the impact of Computer Mediated Communication on relationship commitment between mentors and protégés.

Kathleen Sitter
Defense date: April, 2002.
Title: The Interpersonal Internet: A Case Study.

Angela Barclay
Defense date: January, 2002.
Title: A Room of Our Own: Discussing Feminist Science Fiction in Cyberspace

Kristin Atwood (Department of Sociology, University of Calgary)
In progress: Maintaining ‘the Family’ during Deployment: Presence Work by Military Families

Geoffrey Glass (Simon Fraser University)
In progress.
Title (tentative): Creativity in the Online Commons

Paul Lawton. (Department of Sociology, University of Calgary)
In progress. Passed candidacies.
Title: Computer-Mediated Health Work: Lay and Professional Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Treatment of Diabetes

Sharon Mah
Completed: May 12, 2011.
Title: Considering Telehealth in First Nation Community Medical Practice.

Delia Dumitrica
Completed, June 30, 2011. Title: Nationalism and the Internet.

Robin Downey
Completed: September 8, 2008.
Title: Controversy, Innovation And Social Movements: Stem Cell Research Paths in Canada.
Note: I have prepared numerous letters of reference for Robin, most recently supporting her in her job and post-doctoral applications.