Barbara Schneider, PhD



I conduct research and publish in several different areas: communication of health and illness, particularly the social and cultural aspects of schizophrenia; communication in organizational settings, particularly writing and decision making in organizations; and scholarship of teaching and learning. ...Read more.

Projects and Publications

List of Publications
List of Projects

  • A Place to Call Home: A Participatory Study of Housing for People with Severe Mental Illnesses
  • Communication Between People with Schizophrenia and their Medical Professionals


COMS 415: Research in Communication

In this course, we will study the major methods used to conduct empirical research in the field of communication studies. These methods will be studied in the context of the intellectual traditions within which they emerged and were applied to the study of communication. ... Read more.

COMS 605: Organizational Communication

This course examines traditional approaches and more recent developments in the field of organizational communication. It focuses on the central role of communication in the creation and sustaining of organizational settings and activity. ... Read more.

COMS 615: Communication Research Methods

This course is an introduction to the major research approaches used in the field of communications studies. ... Read more.