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1997 Results: 

Tim Hortons National Track Championships 
Junior Women 
Junior Men 
Senior Men 
Senior Women 

Thursday Nights

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1997 Tim Hortons National Track Championships
Junior Women's Results
 Junior Women Match Sprints 
Gold Erin Carter,  Manitoba
Silver Jennifer Pilzecker,  Ontario
Bronze Tarra Mckenzie, NCTDC
Junior Women 500m 
Gold Erin Carter,  Manitoba 40.047
Silver Jennifer Pilzecker,  Ontario 43.195
Bronze Lysanne Delogne, NCTDC 44.305
Junior Women 2000m Pursuit 
Gold Erin Carter, Manitoba
Silver Jennifer Pilzecker, Ontario
Bronze Marie-Claude Lafond, Quebec
Junior Women 20kn Points Race 
Gold Erin Carter, Manitoba
Silver Marie-Claude Lafond, Quebec
Bronze Jennifer Pilzecker, Ontario