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Development of the Mouse

The mouse embryo is the embryo of choice for the study of mammalian development. Not only has the embryology of the mouse been studied extensively, but mouse genetics and genetic manipulation are readily conducted.

One of the most powerful techniques for the study of mouse development is targeted mutagenesis, or the gene knockout.  One of the first steps in a gene knockout experiment is the insertion of stem cells into a mouse blastocyst. The stem cells containing the knocked out gene will be integrated into the the developing embryo.  This movie is a sampler from an educational video prepared by Cogito, demonstrating the microinjection of stem cells into a mouse blastula.

Magnetic resonance microscopy has been used to obtain images of mouse embryos.  Study this informative link.  

Movie:  Growth.mov

  • Examine the movie of progressive stages of mouse development from 9 days gestation to birth. Stop the movie at a stage comparable to that of a 10-mm pig embryo and identify as many structures as possible. Also, examine carefully the formation and development of the appendages during development.

Dynamic Development at a Glance
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