Miscellaneous Oldsmobile Stuff

A Picture of a Toronado with no rear wheels This is the illistration from an article on load equalizing hitches  My brothers worked for a welding shop that would enter a car set up like this to demonstrate the hitches they sold.  I just found it interesting to finally find a picture of one in Popular Science.

Jerry Flint's speech on the problems at GM The language is strong and so are his opinions but if you have the gut feeling that losing Oldsmobile is only the start of the bad news you might find that this guy puts into words some of the things you've been thinking.

A link to RocketTalk chat A good Oldsmobile chat room. Usually busiest Thursday-Sunday nights but always active.

The 1999 Rocket Round-Up Pictures from the 1999 Rocket Round-Up showing some other Albertan cars.

Ball Joint Tool is a handy little tool for separating the upper and lower ball joints. Courtesy of Charles A. Dempsey.

1966 Cutlass Wiring Diagram.  Courtesy of Chris Fair.  You will probably want to download the image and print it from a smarter program than your browser.

1969 Factory Paint Colors, 442 Interior Trim Colors and Styles, 442 Optional Equipment, and Recommended Interior and Exterior Color Combinations.   All courtesy of Kerry Kroger.   In addition, 1970 Factory Paint Colors can be found here courtesy of Bobby Etzel and 1968 and 1972 Factory Paint Colors can be found here courtesy of Chris B. Spark.

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe from the Oldsmobile Mailing List. The Oldsmobile mailing list is a group of people who share eMail about Oldsmobile related stuff.  No string jokes, no politics, and no other makes of automobiles.

What the Desktop Dyno Estimates the new engine will do. The results of running Igor Todorovic's and my new engine configurations through the Desktop Dyno program.   This is an estimate of how much power the engine will generate.  Now if I can just figure out why it's a dud. :(

The long saga of the rebuilt motor.A long story about getting a little more poop under the pedal.  With pictures!

Caution: Beyond Here Thar Be Attempts at Humour.

How the Q-Jet Carb was Designed. Recently the shocking true story of how the most popular G.M. carburator was designed has been revealed.

The Real Use of Tools. This page is designed to help people understand how to properly use their tools.

What Your Car Says About You. Just a quick guide to why people drive the cars that they do.

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