Barager on Form in Information Retrieval

This is a link to the second chapter of Gail Barager's Master of Communications Studies thesis on scholarly publication in hypertext. It is the last section of this chapter, headed "Practical Literature," that is the most relevant here. It provides a useful overview of the literature on navigational strategies and hypertext design in text chiefly concerned with information retrieval.

A link out to Gail Barager's Literature Review
A link out to Barager's References
Hypertext Rhetorical Forms Some preliminary speculations on what specific principles might guide HT form.
Hypertext Rhetorical Functions A discussion of how HT forms grow out of different HT functions.
Hypertext Theory as if the WWWeb Matters Link out to an interesting digression on WWW design by Jorn Barger; also chiefly concerned with information retrieval

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