Comments and Annotations

This page represents my attempt to keep this web developing rather than static. Rather than try to maintain an "active" version of this entire web, I intend to keep the main beast on the Kairos server and build new material out from this node. I will maintain this page on my own site so that I can add comments from readers, updates as my ideas evolve, and links to other work on the subject.

If you have reached this page by clicking the "enter the active version of this hypertext" link on the bridge page, you have probably arrived too early. You will want to go to the main archived version and come back here later when you have spent more time in the main web. This page is linked from the introduction and index nodes as "Comments and Annotations."

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Matt Kirschenbaum's "Teaching Literary Narrative in an Information Age"  This class, spotlighted in the "Kairos Interactive" section of Issue 2.2, features interaction between Kirschenbaum's students and my Rhetorics of the Web article.
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